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LWS011 Week 1 Australian Legal System

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robb (2 months ago)
wow the more i watch the worse this illegal system trying to operate - no State law can stand over any Constituitional Law as per 1905 with out peoples approval - ie Royal seal of Approval - Australia not a nation We are a State to England / Mother Land, Only when we become a nation - that will these nazi communist teachings take play in Australia . U people Study Law ? wow we are F/d if we accept this as Law. Exactly why the common People need to stand up against tyranny this private government.
robb (2 months ago)
Could u please enlighten ? As mentioned the states have LIMITED ability to imply laws that are for the good of the PEOPLE, As I understand it .These acts / State laws are then put forward to the attorney general His Approval to a Request or act brought forward . Must be seen to Comply with the supreme law of the people / Commonwealth Of Australia - act of 1905 - Before being passed with the royal stamp .No state is Individual In Law, Which is also the reason of the Constitution - implies Unity from state to state .
Bianca Costea (3 months ago)
Great video, very well explained. Thank you!
hossain sakib (1 year ago)
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sonu deeda (1 year ago)
such a great lecture, yoyoyo
Ajang Bior (1 year ago)
It is a very understanding and helpful legal overview for sure. Thanks my learned Lecturer.
Gizzy Taye (3 years ago)
very helpful

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