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Financial Ratio Analysis| (Liquidity Ratios)

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#financialratios #financialratioanalysis #liquidityratios
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More ratio analysis are needed.
Swapnil Kale (9 days ago)
Awesome teaching mam.....U just rock....
Deva Raj (11 days ago)
Awsome teaching... Cristal clear voice... You beauty, you are explaining the topic very clearly...
Kalva Rishitha (20 days ago)
where can i find activity ratio analysis??
nikhil janugama (20 days ago)
Peela Ravi (1 month ago)
Pls upload reamianing ratios madam . Pls
ABHIRAM KUMAR (4 months ago)
At first , You should must explain about capital structure (wrkng cptal , crrnt asst/lab, etc ) of a company .
bk suresh (5 months ago)
Awesome teaching skills. We request to teach for next level ratios in finance
Sure. Very soon. Stay tuned.
Vagicherla Mahesh (5 months ago)
Thank you mam .try to make videos on rest of the ratios as soon as possible .waiting for it .....
Nishant Ingle (5 months ago)
#SUPERB video. You look cute !!!
Anisha K (5 months ago)
superbbb.. plz upload more videos on financial management
Bob Banerjee (6 months ago)
Thank u, Neha. Go ahead. Again thank u.
Shubhali Shrivastava (10 hours ago)
+easyCBSE commerce lecturesMam...is there any video for activity ratio which u had discussed in Ur liquidity ratio video
My pleasure. Keep supporting...

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