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dear ex best friend - original song by tate mcrae

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dear ex best friend - original song by tate mcrae ENJOY. lemme know what you wanna hear down below! don't forget to subscribe:) love you guys! Lyrics: Yea i wonder if My name has ever crossed ur mind Even for a second Know its been a second since we last talked Or faced each other eye to eye Know its been hectic Ya I shoulda said this It kinda hurts cuz its insane Yea we walk by and its like I don't even know you Like I've never met you I see our pictures on my phone And question why we didn't try But we were just habits Thought we'd always have it So to my ex best friend I thought I'd know til the end Sorry I know things aren't going as we planned To my once ride or die The one who always knew me right We would swear it'd always end up you and I we really messed up this time We really messed up this time What about all the nights Where we'd talked about our lives We were just wishing Wish I would of listened It kinda hurts cuz its insane Yea we walk by and its like I don't even know you Like I've never met you I see our pictures on my phone And question why we didn't try But we were just habits Thought we'd always have it thought I know to the end So to my ex best friend I thought I know til the end Sorry I know things aren't going as we planned To my once ride or die The one who always knew me right We would swear it'd always end up You and I we really messed up this time
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Tate McRae (2 months ago)
ily guysssss!!!!! 🖤 follow my ig : @tatemcrae
ruby mckennon (1 day ago)
Eiyf Malfoy (1 day ago)
Tate McRae can u share the guitar chords for this? I really love tour songs
RainbowCutie Yt (1 day ago)
+Nataly Cardenas me to
Eve Snelham (1 minute ago)
U are soooo amazing at singing and ur songs are amazing as well. I especially love this one ❤️💕💕
Gacha Tenry (3 minutes ago)
So, it’s like Dear Future Husband but better :)
K-World Channel (16 minutes ago)
One thing really gets on my nerve... THAT LITTLE "I"
Joy Jbeily (21 minutes ago)
Very beautiful voice ! ;)
Nana Ann (21 minutes ago)
you know what, one of my bestfriends has left us and forgot us and even ignore us. She is no longer with us. This just happened to us few days ago. And when I see this video, I feel like I wanna cry.. she is happy with her new friends and i hope she will not do something like she has done to us to her new friends.. To be honest, we still hope she will come back. But.. yeah, never mind.. i still have 4 bestfriends...
Emma Hailes (28 minutes ago)
Its ok da funny that this was posted on the day my girlfriend and I broke up and we used to be best friends before and during. We do t talk anymore though
Thunder Omar (36 minutes ago)
Sub to me if u think her voice is litttt
Thunder Omar (36 minutes ago)
Damn ur voice is lit
Ivaine Star22 (46 minutes ago)
My best friend died 2017 💔
Rania Bouzari (1 hour ago)
Ill send this when i get 200 likes wich Will never happen
emma qq (1 hour ago)
I really really miss my ex Best friend Oona 💔
Ashley Poll (1 hour ago)
Oml yes this is amazing
helenna zera (1 hour ago)
I feel u
Kaleb Sawatzky47 (1 hour ago)
i related to every single word of this song:( and how my bsf abandonned me for other people. we were friends for 10 years and all the sudden its like my bestfriend left and got replaced by someone else. she took my soul and tore it up into shreds! not gonna lie i miss all the good moments but i dont want it back. (also 100 LIKES AND I'LL SEND THIS TO HER)
Kaleb Sawatzky47 (1 hour ago)
100 likes and i'll send this to my ex-bestfriend (probably not gonna happen but i'll see)
Anna T. Riis (1 hour ago)
This is amazing! Your ex best friend don't know what he/she missing. I don't know you. But I am sure you are a wonderful person!
lovexxoxooo xx (2 hours ago)
I am scared to lose my BFF bc everybody is trying to break our friendship 😞
Mehry (2 hours ago)
B Blæææ (2 hours ago)
Get this om Spotify
conquering galaxies (2 hours ago)
is this spotify??
Leah Silcox (2 hours ago)
If this gets to 200 likes I'll send this to my ex bff
maresha whoop (2 hours ago)
broo i miss my bestfriend so much😭😭
Alia Tengku (2 hours ago)
My bestfriend just left me cause she want follow her boyfriend
Brave Banana’s (2 hours ago)
I lost my Best Friend before. I don’t know why but I just won in the game and she got so mad. I don’t get why she was so mad for a small matter.She kept ignoring me. A few weeks later, I never saw her again.
this song is so amazing a beautiful i made a nightcore version... don’t worry tate i credited you and whoever sees it to check it out 💗💖 also whoever is going through pain right now... don’t worry. it’ll all be good soon as one of my friends told me when i couldn’t take life anymore and wanted to end it all. just remember there are people who love you dearly even if you think not! ❤️
Kayli adams (3 hours ago)
This is so sad 😭 😢😔
Alex Olayres (3 hours ago)
S C (3 hours ago)
This happened to me with my two best friends. They just stopped talking to me the summer after 8th grade. We were best friends since kindergarten then they ghosted me. Like three years later, she sent me a PM on Instagram and I asked her why and she said she didn't remember. I had cried for months after that and they clearly didn't even care. I remember thinking that I wasn't good enough for anyone to want to stay because my dad had also just left. However, I got a job, realized that I have a good work ethic and my managers are the only people who always want me to stick around. 4 years later and I don't have any friends, but I have great jobs and great grades. Maybe when I'll be able to get friends in college.
Eloise Jackman (4 hours ago)
can someone leave me the chords to this please? xx
Elizabeth Anderson (4 hours ago)
Battles (4 hours ago)
Ajla Dedić (4 hours ago)
I lost my BFF and he is a boy and I have a crush on him,but tommorow I'm going to ask him to be BFF'S again...Imma tell you what happened...
Rebecca Romero (4 hours ago)
Th is song made me cry because me and my best friend just T got into a huge fight
Savannah’s World (4 hours ago)
I love your singing, it’s so emotional but calming at the same time💖💖 I’m a pretty good singer myself, but I wish I was as good as you🥰🥰
Sofia Márquez (4 hours ago)
I Will send this to my ex best friend, she dont even know english, so i want to se her confusión face xd
Leilani Zamani (4 hours ago)
Have you ever thought of trying out for the ex factor?!?!?
priya lama (5 hours ago)
Riley oosthuizen (5 hours ago)
I lost my best friend it really hurts
_Wäfflë • Gïrl_ (5 hours ago)
All the comments just have likes but 0 dislikes get this to 10 dislikes
I lost many of my friends😢💔
nemoto kylie (5 hours ago)
i lost my boybestfriend and its hurt a lot my half memory is about him and i cant forget that coz he's the one who always here for me
Savage Wolfpack (5 hours ago)
I think you should be a popular singer
Jana Matanovic (5 hours ago)
It s prfekt 🌼🌼💮🌸
Kashvi Bansal (6 hours ago)
This song made me remember my best friends 😭😭
iconic emily (6 hours ago)
It feels like it was just yesterday that we were laughing together.. and smiling.. but now it’s as if we don’t know eachother... we’re just some strangers that don’t know eachother.. it’s hard because I kinda ruined our friendship over some dumb lies..💔 and I regret it so much..💔 I can’t smile without her.. I can’t laugh without her.. I can’t even think straight without her.. I made the wrong choice... my ex-crush ruined our friendship with lies💔 and I regret believing them💔 I love her so much💔 Thanks for taking time out fo your day to read my quick rant💔
AnnieLeblanc Super fan (8 hours ago)
Thx this give me a inspiration
Mimi Adilla (8 hours ago)
im crying :)
Maddie’s Vlogs (8 hours ago)
Her voice is so beautiful 🤧
Lovely Mae Arquiza (9 hours ago)
to my best friend for 11 crazy years😭
AnnieLeblanc Super fan (9 hours ago)
I wish Hayden Summerall and Annie Leblanc’s friendship could restart Cause they messed up they were together but weren’t meant to be If you and your crush aren’t meant to be there’s still friendship so For of them they’re EXes If they can’t be together again they just should restart they friendship or remake their friendship
Jana is real (9 hours ago)
This song made me cry sooooooooooooooooo much
Lara MABROUK (9 hours ago)
Ok my closest friend lost me about a week ago, it’s kinda hard to live without her cuz I used to love her a lot but she she betrayed me even tho she said we would be together till we die but I never knew she would do that (omg I’m crying while typing this, I rlly didn’t know I was gonna cry but she hurt me a lot)💔😞
Foxhill 4 (9 hours ago)
I found the secret to recovering at least this is how i recovered Forget about the past and most of them don't even stay with you forever and most of them just want you out of their lives most of them were fake we never know we just have to forget about the past and push no matter what
Isabelle Garjalian (10 hours ago)
So relatable
Madi 香織 (10 hours ago)
“The worst pain in the world goes beyond the physical. Even further beyond any other emotional pain someone can feel. It gets to a point where you can’t even feel anymore, you close yourself off to emotion. It is the betrayal of a friend.”
Emma Hu (10 hours ago)
How do you create a song without an instrument?
Siennamoon (10 hours ago)
Who else lost there best friend but lost them to someone else but you lost them to a popular fake group 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭💔💔💔💔💔💔💔 i miss you ..................hope your happy .......................Cassidy ...................you said you will always be there for me well ....where are you now .....????
Miraculous Ladybug (10 hours ago)
My bestest friends left me but after I saw so many peopl lose Their bffs I feel a little better like if u feel the same way
Graceiscool (10 hours ago)
I had a best friend for 6 years and last year we were separated in different classes and we never talk anymore and now we are in the same class and she never talks to me and it’s like I don’t even know her
Gacha Lizzie (11 hours ago)
I feel this sm........... 😭💔
C.A.T. S (11 hours ago)
I miss you Haley.
avakaddo (11 hours ago)
i was gonna write a song similar to this but i’ll just send him this 🤷🏼‍♀️
Julian Sanguino (11 hours ago)
Nice song
Jonalyn Gonzales (11 hours ago)
C.A.T. S (11 hours ago)
This song was hard for me. It made me cry even before it started playing
Alayna Fiorenza (11 hours ago)
Am I the only one who is crying bc they can relate to this song
Melissa Klundby (11 hours ago)
I cried tears
Crazy Blossom (12 hours ago)
This happened to me...she was using me and she left me for other friends...I wish I could just go back in time but I can’t...😔
Aline Soriano (12 hours ago)
I’m not crying you are🥺🥺🥺 this is so accurate and beautiful at the same time
TinyNPewee Ramos (12 hours ago)
I've lost one of my besties 😭 and I sent her this
Poopyy Dooo (12 hours ago)
This is actually the exact Same situation with me and my ex-best friend, it’s been two years now...if I could turn back time I would go back and apologize for the silly situation I don’t even remember, but that silly situation costed my best friend. And I will regret it for the rest of my life.
Jaylee Davila (12 hours ago)
Your mom gave you a gifted voice
Favorite songggg🤩💗
xxFlowerxx 218 (12 hours ago)
this made me cry cus i've lost more than three bff
jassy&angie Queen's (13 hours ago)
Me and my ex best friend were the baddest of all and it was just us we had big dreams of the same college and living with each other but she forgot about me and started to be mean to my sister and she replaced me but I have my own friend and replaced her to but she is starting to be mean to me and my friends she was fake but it's okay
Alyssa Gil (13 hours ago)
Put this on spotify!!!!
Rayyan Sheikh (13 hours ago)
God, this song literally reminds me of me and my ex bff. We were so close and for the longest time. But I ended up making a huge mistake... it ruined everything. This song literally made my heart throb. 😔 Things will get better tho.. hopefully! 😊
Foxhill 4 (6 hours ago)
What happend
carLa’s Life (13 hours ago)
Worst feeling ever
Aud XoX (13 hours ago)
There are two types of ex friends.. 1) the type that hates each-other 2) the ones that miss each-other
Valery Rios (13 hours ago)
I lost my bsf that I really loved and still love even tho we dont even talk and we are going to graduate this week and I'm not going to be happy bc she said we were going to be bsf forever
BarBara La ChanGita (13 hours ago)
I lost one of my friends last year because her parent wanted to move far away from us... she moved to Texas... This year I am going to lose one of best friends because she is moving...To Texas My other friend said she might be moving because her mom got in jail for no reason..I seen her fake smile also seen her cry.. My other friend said she might move in 2 years for some family reason.... I’ve seen then all cry.... This really breaks my heart seeing my 4 best friends that I known for 5 years cry because we are going to be separated
LifeAsKenzie (13 hours ago)
Ava Ramirez (13 hours ago)
If this gets 10 likes i will talk to my ex-best friend im lm not lying
Samantha Herrera (14 hours ago)
I go to sleep listening to this over and over every night reminiscing on all the great times i had with my best friend. breaks my heart everytime but i can't stop thinking about her🤷🏽‍♀️
vargotee (14 hours ago)
2 likes t send this to her :(
Slime Sierra (14 hours ago)
Me and my best friend got in a argument and I watched this video and cried. We are best friends still, but next year we are going to different schools... :(
Slime_Oligy_ (14 hours ago)
This song triggers me like I hear it and I break out crying I feel this shit
BTS MOCHI :3 (14 hours ago)
This song reminds me if my ex best friend she stop talking to me for no reason I try to act happy but I can't hide it no matter how hard I try I really do miss her but she moved on 😔
Citlalli Cureno (14 hours ago)
I felt this a lot I lost my best friend my last year of hs over a petty argument. She took away my bf at that time who is now my ex. I told her sorry a bunch of time but she never wanted to hear it. I still miss her but I doubt I've crossed her mind
If this gets 10 likes I’ll send this to my best friend (this is some is so beautiful but heartbreaking bc it hits so close to home. Anything I would have ever wanted to say, she said. I cry every time I listen to it but I love it so I listen it this at least once a day) love you ♥️
Sanjna Doad (14 hours ago)
I had a best friend, I moved away and everything changed. She started ignoring my text messages...not answering my calls and I just looked back at it and all I saw was me trying to get a hold of her by saying “hey!” “Hii” “hello!” But nope...I even tried Snapchat, nothing. So if you see this ex best friend, hope we get back in touch soon. ❤️😭
Glow with Nafesa (14 hours ago)
To dear ex best friend shadia and najlla you missed out on me😔🤷‍♀️ You guys really messed up.
Doctor slime 101 (1 hour ago)
500k I will send to her or 10 likes on my comment and I will send it to her and I know is won’t happen. I don’t know my life is messed up she says that she considers me as her friend but we don’t talk we don’t even look at each other it’s weird when we talk she was my best friend I did everything with her
LemonRoses (14 hours ago)
I feel like a terrible person. My ex best friend was so mean, and so I ended the friendship. I don't know why I feel guilty, but I do.
Laney Reboul (14 hours ago)
i lost my best friend yesterday because i found out that she’s a mean girl and she’s talking bad about people. i told her that she’s making my life miserable and that we couldn’t be friends anymore. now i’ve been crying day on end because this pain hurting me, and the pain is us breaking apart 💔 R.I.P laney and carolinas friendship 😔
Maya Austero (14 hours ago)
Omg I started crying no joke😭
Internet weirdi (14 hours ago)
Tell me why this song was in my recommendations!? Like why today specifically? I actually hung out with my ex best friend today...it hurts because there was no vibe whatsoever. She’s moved on and I’m just the weird loner again.
Elizabeth Dalton (15 hours ago)
My bff for 5 years we stopped being friends last year and today I told her about everything why we separated and were friends again and she said this song reminds this of us

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