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Howard Stark "My Greatest Creation... Is You" (Scene) - Iron-Man 2 (2010) Movie CLIP HD

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Howard Stark's message to Tony Stark - "My Greatest Creation Is You" - Iron-Man 2 (2010) Movie CLIP HD [1080p 60 FPS] TM & © Paramount (2010) Fair use. Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use. No copyright infringement intended.
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Text Comments (2300)
Aidan Grover (14 hours ago)
Rewatched Iron Man 2, this scene brougth tears after seeing endgame
Stampylong nose (18 hours ago)
On mcu wiki and everything canon it says Tony isn’t even called tony his real name is ‘Anthony Edward Stark’ so why does he call him Tony in this clip when he is talking to him as a kid
Alexo 11 (21 hours ago)
And now.....the greates creation is gone 😭
Tyler Lashkari (21 hours ago)
Who watching this video because of endgame
n8opot8oW (1 day ago)
"So from all of us here at Stark Industries, I would like to personally show you... my ass" They really got the blooper reel feel down xD
imobeus1 (1 day ago)
I don't know why, but when Howard is sipping on that alcohol, he reminds me of Ron Burgundy. lol.
John Striker (1 day ago)
I love this scene 3,000
Pain (2 days ago)
What’s the OST?
Route 1 (2 days ago)
How come people didn’t like this film???
Gaming Super (2 days ago)
MCU : my greatest creation Is you, iron man
Masteryker (2 days ago)
I've always loved this scene
TheGoldminor (2 days ago)
He really is howards greatest creation
Helicopter Man (2 days ago)
I'd like you show you my ass
Ghost227 (2 days ago)
His worst invention
Hi ‘ (2 days ago)
Roses are red Violets are blue My greatest invention is you Love you 3000😭
Chris (2 days ago)
always wanna cry when I see this
stingraydelta (3 days ago)
Howard to Tong: What is and always will be my greatest creation is you. Tony to Morgan: I love you 3000.
shey lim (3 days ago)
"And everything you’ll need in the future can be found right here" Then Tony appears. Yeah, he's everything we need.
AL TRUS (3 days ago)
Hi im Howard Stark, i want to personally show you my ass
Arttu Hypén (3 days ago)
60 fps in movie clips is obnoxious enough, but it gets ridiculous when apparently even old film copies have this frame rate
David (4 days ago)
I dont understand what does he means
Cromwell Castaneda (4 days ago)
when you can pirate endgame but it's not in good quality 2:07
Justin Paul Uy (4 days ago)
what howard stark's life work is creating a source of energy that is similar to the tesseract. unlimited. possibly why the tesseract is shown on his notes. arc reactor is just a stepping stone.
ok then (4 days ago)
Tony 100% got inspiration from this scene to make a bunch of hologram videos for Morgan
Zilla rex (4 days ago)
"I'd like to personally show you......my Ass"💀😂😂
Anthony Hunt (4 days ago)
0:35 To anyone not familiar, the illustration on the right hand page is a 2D representation of a tesseract. After seeing Endgame and the context of it in this film, it's mostly like THE Tesseract, which is how Tony knew where it was in 1970. What a wonderful little connection for what seemed like such a throwaway moment here.
Man. This has been known since 2010 xD. Stark's New Element comes from the analysis of the Tesseract.
Jordan Aconito (5 days ago)
After seeing EndGame these old scenes hit way harder then before 😥😭😭😭😭
Taha Esat (5 days ago)
How come the same Howard stark is not played in captain America first avenger
Juggernaut Pro (5 days ago)
"What is and always will be my greatest creation Steve Rogers" - Howard Stark
Dylan Hazard (5 days ago)
Appreciate this scene much more after endgame
RIP IX (5 days ago)
I cried.
Morgan Lasch (5 days ago)
So that's his way of saying I Love you
Il Papa Vitielo (5 days ago)
"From everyone at Stark Industries, I'd like to show you, my ass" Howard is truly Tony's father, both got the same clear style about them lol.
Not to sound like someone with dad issues but I wish he had told me this once at least.
Abraham Rivera (6 days ago)
‘That shield doesn’t belong to you,you don’t deserve it,my father made that shield!’
Backup 54 (6 days ago)
It would have been so cool if Howard Stark would have said “Tony I love u 3000” but the line he said is fine too not complaining.
Dvorak (6 days ago)
Funniest part: "So from all of us at Stark Industries...I'd like to personally show you...my ass..i'd like..." Emotional part: "What is and always will be...my greatest creation, is you."
Vincent F (6 days ago)
Mr Auditore (7 days ago)
"And anything you'll need in the future can be found right here" *tony shows up in the background* *as an adult snapped thanos and saved the universe* THIS IS THE MOST BRILLIANT WRITING
ThexBorg (7 days ago)
Oh! Bingo! Guess who made a diary for his daughter.... he made her a blue suit of armour.... and he has many messages for her., just like Howard had left for Tony.
DJKhali AnotherOne (7 days ago)
Very Inspiring Miss You 3000 Iron Man/Tony Stark :(.
JSChickFillaYZ (7 days ago)
I really hope we get something like this from Tony to Peter in FFH. Although Tony's sacrifice was a perfect ending to his arc, I feel Peter never really got to say a proper goodbye. All Tony needed was a little push, and that came in him realizing his dad wasn't actually a jerk the whole time and that he actually loved him. Hopefully in FFH we get something like this where Tony kind of passes on his legacy onto Peter, and much like this scene, a little motivation could go a long way, and that could greatly develop Peter's arc. Idk, just a thought.
Jill I (7 days ago)
1:15 I would personally like to show you....my ass Looollll
enzomattatorres (7 days ago)
That’s what my dad tol- o wait he left me :”)
Crunkboy415 (7 days ago)
Howard Stark always had the mustache, but notice his resemblance to Walt Disney? And his model has a replica of Disneyworld's EPCOT sphere.
THANOS (7 days ago)
Should I feel bad? Naaahhh he killed me
Robert Mchaney (7 days ago)
Man it was so heart warming when Tony hugged his dad back in 1945. I could tell he missed him very much😭😭😭
Adam Godfrey (7 days ago)
Stan Lee~‘ My greatest creation is you ’ Tony Stark~’ I love you dad and I know you did the best you could.’ Stan Lee Certainly did the best anyone could. I miss you 3000
Paradox Messenger (7 days ago)
Not to trash on the scene, but why is the video quality crappy like if it was 50's footage, but the audio is in HD?
guilherme cunha (8 days ago)
I imagine hologram tony last words for his daughter would be “what am I even tripping for ? Everything will work out exactly the way it’s supposed to ,but if something happens and you see this Morgan remember , what is and always will be my greatest creation is you, I love you 3000
LUCKY JOHN (8 days ago)
One you will change the world what is what will be is marvels greatest creation in tony
Brayden Wormer (8 days ago)
Howard Starks creations: Captain America Stark Industries SHIELD His greatest creation: Tony
Víctor Chapa (3 days ago)
I would only argue that he didn't create Captain America; that was all Dr. Erskine. However, Cap's shield, uniform and equipment is all Stark's.
NinjaOnANinja (8 days ago)
Limited by tech, I know the feeling man.
Jaiden Rivera (8 days ago)
In “Captain America: The first avenger” Howard stark looks nothing like this 😭
Jaiden Rivera (6 days ago)
Can't think of a name yea that’s true
Can't think of a name (6 days ago)
Well, he was younger. He was like in his late twenties in Captain America: The First Avenger which took place in the 40s. This takes place in 1970s-1980s.
Darkness Deranged47 (8 days ago)
“What is and always will be, my greatest creation is you.” After seeing Endgame, this line has so much more importance and hits us hard. 😭😭
Ser Gav (8 days ago)
If Tony is done, hope Harley Keener will continue Tonys legacy
Kathryn Orozco (8 days ago)
Peter or Morgan will continue Tony ‘s legacy
pokecards 97 (8 days ago)
Watching after endgame is so heartbreaking
austinrrrodrigues (9 days ago)
*I’d like to personally show you... my ass*
Ichihime Sakegari (9 days ago)
"I love you dad, and I knew you did the best you could."
Kriz Yamz (9 days ago)
Hey Howard, still no flying cars smh
Blue Knuckles (9 days ago)
stark ass Now america ass
W345 89 WOW (9 days ago)
remember that marvel fans will love u 3000 stark
Jac C (9 days ago)
Always and forever
Jac C (9 days ago)
Jac C (9 days ago)
He is iron man, and he will always be
Jac C (9 days ago)
Uncle Luke me too
Uncle Luke (9 days ago)
Jac C I’m gonna be real after seeing Endgame and watching this scene here on YouTube made me cry!
PizzaLikesCheese (9 days ago)
we just ignoring 1:10 ? lol
Anthoni SA (9 days ago)
Too bad he's not the real son...
dart vader (9 days ago)
that's the comics.
ElcrazyMadafaca XD (9 days ago)
I love how his father left this message to him, and how he left his message in almost the same way to his daugther, "I love you 3000❤"
Pow Media (9 days ago)
This makes much more sense after endgame
Kaci Walters (9 days ago)
RIP Iron Man
Dingerz117 (10 days ago)
The “I love you 3000” is the run time for all MCU movies added together.
Rejuvenating Rhythms (10 days ago)
Iron man 2 was the weakest link out of the three But these scenes are something called a blessing
Aida lopez (10 days ago)
Rip Iron Man
Aida lopez (10 days ago)
Amazing to watch after endgame
Stefan Pupaleski (10 days ago)
I almost cried and this wasn't even with watching the whole movie from the start, because I get more emotional if I watch everything so far.
Asura (10 days ago)
from the marvel universe : Tony Stark , Peter Parker and Logan are my favorite , and yea...... kill everyone of them ...
noob araf (10 days ago)
so emotional😢
Stephan Monroy (10 days ago)
"Alphonso, you were my greatest creation." ~Alternate-Universe Howard Stark
Everything for you (10 days ago)
' you are gonna be good Father ' Tony to Haward Endgame😊
and he not only changed the world, he save the universe. Rip Tony Stark
Manoj Shan (11 days ago)
We miss you Howard Potts 😭❤️
Vladimir Goh (11 days ago)
actually fuck yeah ima get something cold to drink haha thanks tony
Vladimir Goh (11 days ago)
I do not think i can do this alone. sorry for helping out
Emiya Shirou (11 days ago)
"And I...am...Iron-man."
Cool ScreenName (11 days ago)
The original ' I love you 3000'
Seyi Kaja-Gbadegesin (12 days ago)
Still crying
grimmSOL (12 days ago)
After Endgame, I'm pretty sure 99.9% of the scenes in the MCU either are more meaningful or make so much more sense. And others, like this scene, is simply both.
christine o'mahony (12 days ago)
and he did a video like that for his daughter omg im so emotional
Mary Angelica Emano (12 days ago)
I'm crying right now 😭😭😭
Ayush Kulshrestha (12 days ago)
LOVE YOU 3000😔
Sasu Path (12 days ago)
Yeah, he really change the future with one snap😢😢😢
Annalea (12 days ago)
I love this scene for so many reasons, but one of my favourite things about it is they modelled Howard's scene on a video of Walt Disney talking about Epcot. I'm pretty sure it was the last thing he filmed before he died. You can find it on YouTube, and if you go back and watch it you'll see the visual parallels between that and Howard's presentation 😁😁
BoRn LegacY (12 days ago)
Love u 3000....❤️
Ben Cruise (12 days ago)
His dad kinda looks like nikola tesla.. or am i high?
Nodel Oliver (12 days ago)
All a son wants to hear from his father.
Kathryn Orozco (8 days ago)
Or daughter
_My ass_
Unit_Artemis (12 days ago)
love you 3000
Juls c (12 days ago)
Love this scene 3000👍
Tyler Mansell 30 (12 days ago)
Every time I watch this scene it makes me cry
TheGooseinator (12 days ago)
God Downey is so good. The way he can’t help but look at the screen even though he’s feigning disinterest for the sake of nobody is so true to what people feel with parents like this
cc12_ (12 days ago)
Howard Stark: *My Greatest Creation... Is You* Tony Stark: *I Love You 3000* Morgan: *_Guacamole Nigga Penis_*
ladydruyear (12 days ago)
No I'm not crying there is just a lot of dust here on the internet.
He did change the world r.i.p stark will be missed 3000

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