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Introduction to the U.S. Legal System

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This Introduction to the U.S. Legal System course covers how law is found, made and changed in the United States. Students learn by resolving a practical client problem with U.S. legal sources, methods and institutions. The course covers common law, statutes and regulations, constitutional law and case law, applied enacted law, trial by jury and the importance of procedure.
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ZODIAC (10 months ago)
if u are poor and not proven guiltly the judge will rob u by giving u a fine for something u did not do this happens thousands of times in usa
ZODIAC (10 months ago)
i found the biggest criminals in usa are the judges and police
ZODIAC (10 months ago)
u ever realize in this sick savage country usa if a middle class or rich american savage victimizes the poor by paying them much less
Susannah (1 year ago)
I am interested about to learn from you about US legal system
Priya Agnihotri (2 years ago)
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Nama Default (2 years ago)
Its greats Place tO learn english for Lawyer

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