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Nvidia GTX 970 4G How to UNLOCK MAX memory clock power up to 4200 MHz

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GTX 970 4G 3004 MHz problems? How to UNLOCK MAX memory clock power up to 4200 MHz for mining Ethereum and other cryptocoins
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omg thanks
Aleksandrs Komkovs (1 year ago)
Hello) I found same used card and it give me only 5.223 Mh/s. and after your settings no any changes((( any ideas? card no good? will be happy with your any instructions.... Thank you.
Zlendy (1 year ago)
I hate miners, they disgust me.
Justin (3 months ago)
Im actually glad GPU miners exist. They helped lower the price of previous GPU's after the mining craze. Problem is, it takes patience to buy a GPU during the craze.
GamersPit (7 months ago)
i hate disgusters, they mine me.
Ahmed Al Braik (1 year ago)
The highest I can go is 3700. Which nets me 275 sol/s.
Victor Unbea (1 year ago)
You can go higher by climbing in a plane and jumping out of it mid flight without a parachute. It will net the human race one less miner...
Ahmed Al Braik (1 year ago)
Miner crashed. I reduced MC to under 4k. Sol/s is at 282!
Ahmed Al Braik (1 year ago)
Thank you so much for this guide! I managed to increase my Sol/s from 244 to 264! Let's hope this isn't gona break my GPU or crash the miner xD
Lukas The Infinite (1 year ago)
Colin (1 year ago)
Can't find the old software I only can find the new sortware
L G (1 year ago)
My memory clock go back to 0. Some help pls
Nirala Crypto (1 year ago)
I do not know MSI After Burner mV is always says "0" and i have overclocked it but still from claymore I am getting Max at 3.0Mh/s, any suggestions will be much appreciated
After all the bla bla bla, we see miner is for a RX 480...so what is the purpose of announce gtx970 Mem OC when you dont show it working ?
Dillon Turner (1 year ago)
This worked initially, saw my SOLs (zcash mining) go upto 300. Lingered around there for a bit then dropped back to the old SOL of 280. Precision XOC still shows that its running at 4050mhz on the memory but SOLs say differently
JDM Imports (1 year ago)
you don't need such a high power limit in my opinion, I turn it down to 70% the card runs cooler and will draw less power .. less power means less heat
Malik Mohamed (1 year ago)
Higher powerlimit won't damage your card or even cause self-degradation. If you set your PL to let's say 150% and the card only need 70% of the tdp to be fully utilized, it will only use that percentage no matter what PL ratio you're setting
6IN9R (1 year ago)
or get better cooling :P
Arno Nym (1 year ago)
You're the best!! =) Very good video, thank you for that. Did it once after watching your vid and forgot how to do it. Thanks again! At least now I know what u meant with 'mining'. I started to mine ETH, too. ;D
Алмас (1 year ago)
Thanks man
Dávid Kertész (1 year ago)
So, I did this, the Mh/s barely changed but the cards are't heating up, they are at 30C, but I get 64 Mh/s with 4 cards. any advice so I can get my space heater back? (I want them to work as hard as they can :D)
Dávid Kertész (1 year ago)
yep, It doesnt do anything but ethminer still reports a hashrate, no submints thoe
swooshtx (1 year ago)
your video doesn't let the system run long enough to show the actual operating temps.
Davide Rutigliano (1 year ago)
How come your miner recognises an AMD RX 480?
Infodiversao (1 year ago)
can you put your miner to download?
Edwar Torrealba (2 years ago)
de esta manera de overclockear tan extrema no se te ha danado ninguna tarjeta??
SYN TECH (2 years ago)
That overclock is highly unstable you should test it in a benchmark unstable overclock a are useless also.
Vertigo (2 years ago)
Why did your memory value and gpu clock value dropped when you moved memory up to 618? When I move mine up it increases all my values. My Current clock is now at 1435, with 4131 Mhz memory. GPU clock 1220 Mhz and memory 4123 Mhz, and Default clock 1114 Mhz, Memory 3505 Mhz. How come my asus gtx 970 strix OC shows in Nvidia Inspector a Memory Clock max value of 4000 MHz aftter clicking unlock max, when both of yours each shows 6000 MHz? Im only getting 19.9 mh/s
apologiz tome (2 years ago)
how do you keep the temp under 50? mine is at 80 are you watercooling?
Ronald Mccdonald (1 year ago)
apologiz tome same bro
apologiz tome (2 years ago)
how much you make aday i make 1,3$ only using nicehash any tips
KhaiDan Tri VN (1 year ago)
Matthew Anglin hi am a newbie can u show me..which tools do u use for OC? I got 1 evga gtx 970 ssc and one is evga gtx 97 sc.. thx
Matthew Anglin (1 year ago)
apologiz tome my evga geforce gtx 970 ssc oc to core clock at 130 mhz, 520 mhs memory clock, and no voltage added makes about 23.5 mh and $2.75 a day on equihash
Vertigo (2 years ago)
Can someone do a video on how to do this in linux? im only getting 18.2 mh/s stock, and 19.4 mh/s with my ASUS GTX 970 Strix OC edition after doing 'sudo nvidia-smi -ac 3506,1456'. These are the highest values that can be plugged into nvidia-smi
Carlos Eduardo (2 years ago)
l don't know why but i can't change memory clock over 3500mhz
Carlos Eduardo (2 years ago)
Thx, but i fixed the problem closing afterburner and using only nvidia inpector :).
karma SJ (2 years ago)
mine still doesnt take anything over 3500.. any tips?
karma SJ (2 years ago)
restart pc then first put +400 on mem in MSI afterburner and click OK. then startup Nvidia inspector and go to gtx 970 - show overclock - P2- unlock max overclock. Then apply your overclock to the mem and only then startup your miner. then it will take the OC. you have to do this every time you startup PC
SplendidPlays (2 years ago)
karma police my friend I have solution for your problem Some graphic cards are locked on clocks but they can be unlocked If you want to see the solution subscribe to my channel I am going to upload it in one or maybe two days It would definitely work on every graphic card My YouTube Channel- Ultimate Tech India
Kjell Stoelinga (2 years ago)
Same stuck at 3505, if I push it any further it resets to 3505MHz
Elliot (2 years ago)
It works, thanks very much, but then if it crashes I can't up the memory clock till a restart. Any fix?
Stefan Novovic (1 year ago)
its unstable above 3905 in stock bios, so dont push it above. also ur degrading gpu in such extreme OC. so my recc is to stay at 3505-3905
Rakso (2 years ago)
Thank you so much! This helped me alot
Mainchain (2 years ago)
Which driver do you use in this video?

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