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Why Do We Fall - Motivational Video

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Text Comments (21984)
danielle goulet (44 minutes ago)
la vie est un combat alors combattons
Icy Hype (44 minutes ago)
i just cried on this video...
samantha villar (10 hours ago)
I will reach my goal weight and I will get into the school of my dreams. I’ll be right back.
AnOnYmOuS uSeR (10 hours ago)
This is how many people cried watching this ⬇
Michael Zweig (12 hours ago)
Why do we fall? So we can learn to pick ourselves up.
Huldar Londoño (15 hours ago)
Gran video, ah, hpta que chimba!!!
YewToobUh (20 hours ago)
...So that we can learn to pick ourselves back up. ;)
emo kid (22 hours ago)
Go lift today pussies!!
GodsFirstPrototype (1 day ago)
Or you was born with a flawed body and all the things you want that would make you happy you arent capable of Maybe in the next life
Tera Baap (1 day ago)
Meh. Not for me.
norbert malecki (1 day ago)
One day I will come back here and edit my comment after I will have achieved success.
Gianni Cena (1 day ago)
Need real motivation? Found it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MOWGC0NPWGw
Just an A.i (2 days ago)
*Speech 1000*
PETER ZARI (2 days ago)
"A man is not defeated when he falls, he is defeated if he quits" ---Richard Nixon
Edluis Rivera (3 days ago)
Got to be able to take the hits and keep moving forward 😤
Jim Mcewan (3 days ago)
I see Rose a couple if times on here! He's my American cousin!
T.Bayram (3 days ago)
You achieve the biggest kind of freedome when you stop giving a shit about what other people think of you.
ıt's m3 (3 days ago)
"Pain is temporary" Love you guys
Alexis Santana (4 days ago)
This channel was truly the only place that has opened my eyes to get where I am in my life. Its crazy how many channels are doing these motivational videos, but this one means so much more to me. Wow how time flies...
Kiran M (4 days ago)
I am Trying from years still not able to taste success
Jordan Verbeek (4 days ago)
"And something else will take its place." Belief - You will return. Pride - You will win the battle. Strength - You will achieve the impossible. Confidence - You will want it all . . . and more. Success - You will be better than yesterday.
Mike Liu (4 days ago)
You want something? Go fucking get it. Period.
Phi Hong (4 days ago)
Why do we fall? Batman: So we can learn to pick ourselves up.
Alexis Santana (4 days ago)
Love it!
Unlucky Luke (4 days ago)
It's kinda funny that's not my family who's trying to support me to chase my dreams but people from movies and people I am never going to meet in my life. Still I am motivated to get out of this depression, my sickness and run until I can't no more.
Unlucky Luke (23 hours ago)
+Alexis Santana I thank you deeply for your kind words, I rarely experience such kindness and I hope that you will continue to cheer people up. I wish you a happy and healthy life.
Alexis Santana (4 days ago)
I support you! I wish nothing but the best for you, i really do! Dont let the mind control you but let YOU control the mind! :)
TXF Clan (4 days ago)
Jovan Manojlović (5 days ago)
Stop dreaming be the dream jovan manojlović
Lefteri Desipris (5 days ago)
Hey can someone tell me where the opening scenes are from? Is it a movie??
Lefteri Desipris (4 days ago)
+Alexis Santana ah sorry I should have been more clear. Around 16 seconds when the man stands up. Though rocky is a great series and those words are real. Thank you for your helping! Though yeah if anyone knows where the man walking around 19 seconds in is from
Alexis Santana (4 days ago)
I can try! If your talking about the person speaking in the beginning I believe its from Rocky IV. Truest words I've ever heard! Any who take care!
Oh Suga! (5 days ago)
To future me I am going to do better by you starting today (05/16/2019). I will make you proud, believe it.
Ali Noorani (5 days ago)
ive listened to these so many times on hardstyle playlists on soundcloud and let me tell ya, workouts become emotional...
Tone Man (5 days ago)
I WILL pass the CPA exam... let’s get to work
Alexis Santana (4 days ago)
Good luck!!!!
Estarrosa (5 days ago)
I almost made a new universe watching this
Cortex 0003 (5 days ago)
When I Achieve My Goals. I will edit this comment.
Cortex 0003 (3 days ago)
+HungryChicken I Play Video Games , It's Great. But My Goals Are Bigger Than That. I will do my best to fulfill my dreams. Just work on yourself.
HungryChicken (3 days ago)
+Cortex 0003 good for you my dude, don't suppose you like video game channels btw?
Cortex 0003 (3 days ago)
+HungryChicken I Will Start My Mission Now !!!
HungryChicken (3 days ago)
How's it going?
Liquid Tension2 (4 days ago)
Go get em
DXnielBeAr (5 days ago)
When someone needs help with music bc he want to be an rapper or music artist just comment here. I have only 88 followers on IG but im free to help the ppl who make music.
joe rocky (5 days ago)
What are you waiting for!? -cindy
Pedro Brasil (6 days ago)
Cadê os brasileiros dessa chibata em 2019?
Hunts (6 days ago)
I always watch this when I’m working out.. been on a two week streak now and in 2 months I look forward to feeling better, looking better, and just being better in general.
blabla moekd (6 days ago)
One day i will edit this comment when i have made it
blabla moekd *I feel the exact same, one day’s gonna be our day! STAY STRONG!*
blabla moekd (3 days ago)
Maurizio Sarri C.F.C Manager thankyou
Kono savage
Kono (4 days ago)
blabla moekd keep going - u R not alone
PiggyPorkChops (7 days ago)
- OTAKUYAROO - (7 days ago)
Who else came here after proposing love to his girl and received a reject ?
Kyle Hall (8 days ago)
What a video! 💪👊
Vladimir Goh (8 days ago)
The Kingdom of God is within man, not within one men nor a group of men, but in ALL men, you the people have the power to make this life free and beautiful. Take it from the Most-Abused-Person: Jesus-Christ-GohWeiShu ^_^ It is true. Bring it, fuckers. HAHAHA.
queen queen (8 days ago)
I want to live my life freely now matter how many time my family shuts the door of freedom for me im gonna make it one day i will edit may cmnt when i will chase my dream....pray for me(10:19am)(13/may/2019/monday)(ramzan mubarak)(8th fast)
Oaxis G (9 days ago)
I’m going to be the greatest boxer
Tyler Saintval (9 days ago)
2019 anyone?
Sarah sarah (9 days ago)
I hope that you here reading this, yes you ! I hope you will get successful and happy and remember never give up, never be afraid to try Just do it you will make it I’m sure you will 💫
Sarah sarah (9 days ago)
And if nobody is there for you, if nobody is supporting you I will 👆🏼
Die Antwort (9 days ago)
5:57 Holy crap
maya avy (9 days ago)
I remembered people always say im dumb cause im dyslexic and i have problems reading and pronouncing thing till this day but I wanted to get those damn good grades so I can get new stuff since I rarely do I almost gave up but I endup working hard till I made it im happy i got straight A's im happy i can prove others wrong Im happy I MADE IT. Sorry english is not my first language
Yusuf Uzun (10 days ago)
https://youtu.be/g5YH57iiXds Du wirst unnormal reich alter, klick Ma drauf
robux Man_yt (10 days ago)
This almost made me cry
Gamer fr (10 days ago)
Film name Please? 1:36❤❤
footballfanbpl 1 (10 days ago)
10k people unliked? 10k people who don't want to change their lives. And don't have the courage to do it!!!
Autism Speaks My Voice (10 days ago)
TEG NANDO (11 days ago)
vicmmch (11 days ago)
#epic #epic #epic
Chad Kase (11 days ago)
April 2019, anyone?
The Frosty Trex (11 days ago)
What has this world became unreal
Dennis Merinov (11 days ago)
I Love this Motivation 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Abrham Schlesinger (11 days ago)
It gives me so much motivation even though naturally I would keep looking back, but now and "only now" I will keep looking only forward, with GOD'S help only, bless you all, all the best. PS. Everyone has the Navy seal mentality of be able to take hits and keep going & moving on with life, you only have to utilize it. Thanks for such a good video!
David Grandlion (11 days ago)
Because we dont follow prescriptions of doctor
Ironfist (11 days ago)
Lmao do anyone watch that fucking retarded annoying ad?
Roshan Zameer (11 days ago)
Why do we fall. Time. And all The dark knight trilogy soundtrack. So inspiring and like a propellent towards action. Thank you hans zimmer and nolan. Ps: from your crazy fan.
Uto Resa 519 (12 days ago)
It's alright to die while trying to achieve your goal.Its honorable and you will remembered in a great way.The only mistake you can do is not give your 100%,otherwise it's a win win situation.Become a punching bag for life,you will become tougher,fall again and again but keep getting up,it's not over till you win or die.
David Kilman (12 days ago)
Will always be the best motivational video on youtube. Still watching in 2019
Raj Styloxz (12 days ago)
Great💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪. 🦁 🦁 🦁
Anurag Nigam (12 days ago)
Where is Matuesz M now? Why isn't he posting anymore?
di vk (12 days ago)
materialgod666 (12 days ago)
You are useless just as jesus.
Pieke Van der Weerd (12 days ago)
responsible for 30% of the views on this video
Dr Michael Luchen (13 days ago)
Taurus to every point
Dr Michael Luchen (13 days ago)
Thank God I am as good as them with my sales game. Water goes from hot to boiling in 1 degree. Yes life hits hard not a coincidence successful as much as air as much as I want to breathe nothing else
Micah English (13 days ago)
Watch this before every single basketball,football,track. I get fired up to rise up,to be great,and to win
Larry H (13 days ago)
We are powerful beyond measure. Talent can reach the goal. Genius can reach a goal nobody knew was there.
Renew __ (13 days ago)
The best motivation video that i‘ve ever seen
Jeremiah Spiceland (13 days ago)
Nishanta Baishya (14 days ago)
Me: why do we fall? God: You fall to pick your self up
The End (13 days ago)
Nishanta Baishya that’s right mate
FoXy YD (14 days ago)
Tomorrow tomorrow tomorrow ain't no such thing as tomorrow we only got today.
FiroAro (14 days ago)
Glad to know just one man, one YouTube video, one courage to upload this video has helped 60 mil
Tronald Dump (14 days ago)
Perseverance is often ones greatest strength or ones greatest liability
aaron johnson (14 days ago)
This is got to be my favorite motivational video
BESTER BOYS (14 days ago)
Best motivational speech video ever so good
The End (14 days ago)
Life is hard but you can MAKE it easy.....
Hollywood Movies (14 days ago)
Still listening to this after 6 years
Amri Marwa (15 days ago)
I don't know if you're doing the videos or you're just publishing them, but in both of cases you saved me from giving up many times thank you and keep going !!
Chris MZ (15 days ago)
When i feel low and discourage i come here.
Sham F (15 days ago)
Anyone know what the boxing movie part of this video is? They guy at the start giving blood?
LARULES100 (6 days ago)
The pursuit of happiness I believe.
Henry Nguyen (16 days ago)
such an amazing video. it's motivated me to edit together my own motivational videos too on youtube! :)
Sarah Biebeer (16 days ago)
2019 anyone?
Patrick Lovett (16 days ago)
2019 anyone??
The End (13 days ago)
Patrick Lovett forever
Jamie Lee (16 days ago)
You can do it. Even if I don’t know you, you will succeed. Just do it.
jasmin ibrisimovic (16 days ago)
And dont ever kill yourself.. better kill trump or somebady else
jasmin ibrisimovic (16 days ago)
When i feel sad i smoke a lot weed hahaha
Jacinta Mc laughlin (17 days ago)
Success is hapiness. money never gave the rich what they need in life money is only temporary happiness. Charlie Chaplin's speak I heard a little clip his speech is just motivating it puts shivers through me
noobshowking (17 days ago)
Happiness will not come to those who work for it. deep down you want that dream to come true playing games does not make you a man hard work and merit does.And remember pain is temporary.Humans are weak huh is that what you think the only ones that are weak are the ones with no spirit the human spirit is strong
Patrick Simpson (18 days ago)
4 years ago I had $7 in my bank account. Today, I have $13. Ya'll thought this was going to be motivational? lol nah I'm still broke AF. But this video helps me feel better about that.
1Cespino (18 days ago)
This motivates me for baseball
Train Hard (18 days ago)
Through action, a man becomes a hero. Through death, a hero becomes a legend. Through time, a legend becomes a myth. Through hearing a myth, a man takes action.
Train Hard (11 days ago)
+Nathan Xabrera no problem bro i love it too
Nathan Xabrera (11 days ago)
Train Hard i love this quote and i do enjoy it, its just that ive seen it literally everywhere. I mean no harm, ofc.
Train Hard (11 days ago)
+Nathan Xabrera problem fool? just enjoy stop hating
Nathan Xabrera (11 days ago)
ahhhh why is the tsfh copypasta everywhere
23TheFiasco (17 days ago)
Damn. This is a good one
Navdeep Singh (18 days ago)
I fail only when i stop trying
Davin Moore (18 days ago)
copy write from "i Am Legend" and other movies

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