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How to get free Unique Articles for my blog in 2 minutes | Part 2

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How to get free Unique post for my blog Why Unique Content Is So Important Unique content is like your brain: you’re aware of its importance, but few people actually understand the inner workings of what makes it important. Really, you want to craft unique content for two reasons: 1. The search engine optimization (SEO) payoff is enormous. 2. The value your current and future readers will receive gives your site an aura of authority. From the SEO standpoint, unique content is key to your site’s overall quality. Content is one of the three pillars of SEO, which means search engines highly value quality offerings. At the end of the day, you want visibility on a search engine. To get there, a lot of factors come into play — factors unique content can lend itself to. Ranking in select keywords is one way to gain that visibility. Weaving important keywords into a popular piece of content in strategic spots will signal to search engine crawlers that you want your content to be known for those select keywords (more on that later). Search engines will also shoot you up the rankings if your piece of content is seen as “authority.” This is generally a combination of a few things: • Link equity via other sites linking to your content • A steady, large number of visits over a long period of time • Time visitors spend on page • Existing domain-level URL authority on a certain topic Nailing a combination of these attributes (not necessarily in that order) will help search engines see your content as an authentic and helpful “authority” piece. But it’s not just search engines that will see you as an authority — your readers will too when you create unique content. Case in point: take a look at your bookmarked sites. How many of those did you bookmark because you read something from a third party and followed that content back to the source? I bet you’ve got a couple examples that fit the bill. Heck, I bookmarked some of my favorite websites that I now read daily all because of a single piece of valuable, unique content. Once you create something unique, you plant the seed of curiosity in a reader’s mind — which transitions to long-term repeat readership. Unfortunately, many people don’t do the research required to create unique content. That’s when you get into serious trouble. What Happens When You Aren’t Unique Run-of-the-mill articles are already fighting an uphill battle from the moment you write your first word. Let’s look at a concrete example. Say you’re in the business of marketing consultation. You want to write a post on a topic that could demonstrate your knowledge in a specific communication vehicle. Hey! What if you wrote a post on how to make a podcast? That’s a highly-searched phrase AND it’s something people would find helpful. Not so fast. Take a look at what comes up when you search for “how to make a podcast”: It seems like everyone thought it would be a good idea to write on that topic, too. One of the main problems with generic content is the competition it will immediately face. Take a look at the websites on that search result: • Apple • HowStuffWorks • WikiHow • Microsoft • Smart Passive Income These are all big-time heavy hitters. It’s so competitive on that first page that Microsoft is the last result. Bigger companies can get away with publishing this general, overarching content because their link authority will more often than not push any content to the top of a search result. So if that’s the case, how do you compete? You don’t. Well, not in the head-to-head sense. You can’t go tit-for-tat with these established sites on identical content because their generic content will trump anything of equivalent value. What you have to do is be unique. How to Create Unique Content STOP! At this point, it is highly recommended that you download the free “How To Create Unique Content” Worksheet in order to follow along and create your own unique content. You can click here to download. Other sites tell you how to come up with ideas, but few actually show you how to research and create that valuable content. So few, in fact, that I’ll show you how to make a unique piece of content with this very blog post as the example. Be warned: this is an intensive, multi-step process. A lot of work goes into crafting unique content, and it certainly isn’t easy. But if you’re ready for some serious results, I’ll show you how to create content that will stand out from the crowd every single time. Step 1. Idea Generation What a shocker, right? In order to create unique content, you need to have an idea for said content. Also, the sky is blue and the sun is hot. Now that we got the obvious out of the way, let me share something a little less obvious: you already know what you want to create. You have the knowledge to create something masterful in your chosen profession.
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