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2013 session 1 Introduction to the Australian Legal System final

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Ajang Bior (13 days ago)
Clear and a great presentation of difference between criminal law and civil law.
sam77275 (26 days ago)
Yes an overview of how the system works but does not mention how statute law is actually maritime law, law of the sea which they use to try and get rid of common law which is the law of the land. Under our common law we the people all agreed that no one individual could judge another hence the reason for jury trials but corrupt slimy businessmen colluded with each other and convinced politicians to enact their will over us, the common man or the public. Today every central bank is owned by the people that own the U.S federal reserve and most if not all politicians trade government bonds for federal reserve notes to run our countries which is why every country under this system is in debt and the average person is used to repay those debts with ever increasing taxes. We are all debt slaves walking around with the little amount of free time we have thinking we are free. We were at one point but then the average person doesn't think like a criminal and wants to just live their lives and we end up enslaved to a system of debt without even realizing it. They are the money changers, bankers that deceive people and rule nations. Mayer Amschel Rothschild quote: "Permit me to issue and control the money of a nation, and I care not who makes its laws!"
Thomassmith 1 (8 months ago)
@neddonnelly I agree
Ned DONNELLY (2 years ago)
feminism is cancer
Peter IcYou (5 years ago)
Magistrate court is a fraud
Peter IcYou (5 years ago)
Star chambers out lawned...
Peter IcYou (5 years ago)
It's maritime aw...Australia is a common law country... Law of the land... We are in contract was
Hol' Up Niqqa (5 years ago)
offences must be tried by a jury: 'Commonwealth Constitution' s 80. Unless the court otherwise orders, every suit in the High Court of Australia is heard without a jury: 'Judiciary Act 1903' (Cth) s 77A. Juries in civil proceedings are increasingly rare except in Victoria. Traditionally jury verdicts were unanimous but there is now provision in all jurisdictions for majority verdicts in many cases, both criminal civil: for example, 'Juries Act 2000' (Vic) ss 46, 47...
Hol' Up Niqqa (5 years ago)
the jury panel may consist of fewer than the prescribed number of jurors: for example, 'Jury Act 1977' (NSW) s 22; 'Juries Act 2000' (Vic) s 44. The jury must decide questions of fact left to them by the judge and, in a criminal trial, to return a verdict of guilty or not guilty of the crime charged in the indictment. Criminal proceedings in the District or Supreme Courts are generally to be tried by a jury: for example, 'Criminal Procedure Act 1986' (NSW) s 131. All indictable Commonwealth
Hol' Up Niqqa (5 years ago)
*diclaimer: all information has been procured from the LexisNexis Concise Australian Legal Dictionary 4th edition p331.* Jury: A group of people who swear to fairly determine an issue of fact at trial. A Jury typically consists of 12 people in a criminal trial and 4 people in a civil trial, although this number may be increased by court order: for example, 'Jury Act 1977' (NSW) ss 19,20; 'Jury Act 1995' (Qld) ss 32, 33; 'Juries Act 2000' (Vic) s 22. In the even of death, illness or incompetence
Hol' Up Niqqa (5 years ago)
some cases have juries appointed some don't
pozionmynd (5 years ago)
thats not fact according to our constitution and the magna carta. This is a land of common law, we learn that in primary school. Im waiting for a representative who posted this video form the education center to reply, im confused here.
Hol' Up Niqqa (5 years ago)
I believe some people are allowed the right to a jury or not. but, I'm not sure.
pozionmynd (5 years ago)
No JURY??? what the hell? i have never been to court but i thought we had a common law right to be judged by a group of our peers? Hang on what the... isnt that the foundations of our entire legal system? Please Victoria University explain how this is possible, this rocked my world.
Duc Nguyen (5 years ago)
Thank you so much, it is really helpful as I am writing in an assignment in which it describes the overview of Australian legal system. The speech is very concise and easy to understand.
PhantomStrider (5 years ago)
A helpful little slide. Well presented. The only thing I noticed is that in Queensland we call County Court's District Courts.
SJ Spilsbury (6 years ago)
I would just like to mention that yes perhaps some lawyers are like that but not all. It's the same with every career. Ps. Lawyers are solicitors.
owenonion (6 years ago)
is this a comedy
Amirulezyas1 (6 years ago)
I say, screw the law system and the government!
Amirulezyas1 (6 years ago)
Our laws are completely retarded. Everything is completely in favour for the wealthy pig headed people! The laws we have are not fair, but yet they remain mandatory! The "less well off" people of our community are constantly put in the dumps! Lawyers, solicitors, extc you know what they care about?! Getting paid. They don't give a flying fuck about the actual case or the people who's lives are being effected! When it comes down to it, all everyone ever cares about is money.

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