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Tony Stark "That's The Endgame" Scene - Marvel's Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015)

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-From: Avengers 2: Age of Ultron -Copyright © 2015 Disney Enterprises / Marvel Tony Stark That's The Endgame Scene - Marvel's Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015) -(+ Multiple Subtitles)
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321Action123Cut (5 months ago)
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Biljana Knezevic (9 days ago)
Evandro Carlo Ciaccia (11 days ago)
Pulyps 20SF (14 days ago)
WATCHING THE WATCHERS shut the fuck up
Hitler Senpai (14 days ago)
Joel Carrillo (15 days ago)
Shanila Al Mamoon (4 hours ago)
literal goosebumps
Zuri Daquita (9 hours ago)
The song was based on the walt disney movie pinocchio
starkiller187 (17 hours ago)
So did Ultron know Bucky killed Tony's parents?
Adam Selvig (21 hours ago)
Disney Pinocchio reference
3:37 easy..
Ty Manning (5 days ago)
dead man587 (5 days ago)
R.I.P STAN LEE 😭😭😭😭😭 u be miss 😇😇😇
MegaGeek Mixer (6 days ago)
Ironic this scene was Tony warning them about future battle they would lose (Infinity War & Endgame). Cap said will do it together and in the end thats what happened. In the end Cap words came to bite him and in the worse way possible, Ironman warned them and unfortunately they didn't listen and learned the hard way that he was right all along.
Thanks Tank (6 days ago)
Why the dislikes
3:34 Stark looking up out of the window after Dr. Hulk uses the gauntlet to bring everyone back
1:50 I just realized that they're saying that if Ultron was more calculating he could have taken on the form of, and pretended to be Jarvis, who has access to all Stark Technology, but because they don't know that Ultron is Jarvis, he wouldn't even have to use it on them right away, making for a much more creepy plot.
Zule Productions (8 days ago)
When you really think about it, every single thing Tony did since the first Avengers movie was in fear of thanos
aditya A (8 days ago)
Some years ago,TONY:we will lose Cap:then we'll do that together,too And then in the endgame TONY:I told you we will lose , and you....u said "we will do that together" What a brilliant script writing 👌👌👌👌
Yis (9 days ago)
3:38 “together” 😭
Robert Delafuente (9 days ago)
Avengers 4 title was in age of ultron the entire time That up there that’s the Endgame” #avengers
Robert Delafuente (9 days ago)
TONY STARK said the avengers 4 title all along “ that up there that’s the Endgame”
Oof , Just oof (10 days ago)
*The Avengers extinction* Thor: *Begone thot!*
Stokes Flores (10 days ago)
They only good thing we got from this movie is the foreshadowing
ember ashes (11 days ago)
Cap: let's make the world smaller Thanos: it would be my pleasure *thanos snaps his fingers*
mateo f (11 days ago)
You Know Who (11 days ago)
2:33 Hawkeye’s reaction is pretty funny
Law2811 (11 days ago)
I fucking loved Ultron, is my fvorite villain tbh, he is such a psychotic maniac and was obssesed with a topic I personally am too
Yung Dough (11 days ago)
Tony dies in endgame
You Know Who (11 days ago)
Love how Bruce Banner goes “Mmm-mmm” to stop Tony from behaving so recklessly lol
Meg Park (12 days ago)
Tony was always right. He was always right
LouZy (12 days ago)
Was the endgame predicted?
Inferno 07 (12 days ago)
"Then well do that together too." Tony in mind: What an idiot. Wait till I save your ass.
Padma Singh (12 days ago)
3:37 thank me later
Dirty Nwah (12 days ago)
"thIS MoVie WaS JuSt A biG ForEshAdoW tO EnDgAmE," No shit, the whole MCU prior to endgame is a foreshadow. Thank you analysts.
Leon King (12 days ago)
3:37 Roll credi- Shit wrong movie
Admiral Kilo K. Lox (12 days ago)
1:16 ... What was everyone else thinking...
Austin Parker (12 days ago)
2:02 at I hate Thor..bcz only for iron man thanos died , not even for Thor😡
The Fat Punisher (13 days ago)
"how do you plan on beating that" "Together" Jesus Christ that's the lamest most retarded superhero cliche nonsense line ever. Who writes this and legitimately thinks it's original and thought provoking. "if we just work together guys! we can accomplish anything! we duh avengers!"
VIKASH bharti (13 days ago)
I knew it man i knew it i hear this word in previous movie that's the destiny iron man talks about!!!!
Minho (13 days ago)
Ajinkya R (14 days ago)
1:38 Did anyone else notice that Steve Rogers performed the same action twice ? first shown from behind, then from the front.
moxi (14 days ago)
You see, Stark is right...He is always right...when he's not he's still is..
Gheorghe Negreanu (14 days ago)
i dont understand, i think i miss something...why in the endgame Tony said that they loose and captain was not there ? When they lost to Thanos for the first time and people start vanishing captain was there fighting side by side. Mabe was referring to when they fought Thanos in space, when he beat Hulk and Thor...im confused about this detail
Harry Sachz (14 days ago)
*Pinocchio wants to know your location*
RIDVAN İNCE (14 days ago)
GameBoyIndia (14 days ago)
If you are watching this after end game...i m sure you are a diehard marvel fan
Neto Rodrigues (14 days ago)
Miss you 3000, Tony.
ravi mehra (14 days ago)
Thor looks so heroic in this movie
Vladivostokification (14 days ago)
Stark is just a jerk. Who is always sure to be know best than everybody, but ignitiate the most dangerous thing for the A-Team. Ultron, Sokovia accords...
Squacker Squacker (10 days ago)
Vladivostokification Tony is the leader of the avengers... the best avenger,a genius that DOES know more than anyone why is he a jerk???
NISM MSIN (14 days ago)
______________________ (14 days ago)
1:16 lmao I was thinking pornhub
Blitzy (14 days ago)
*We love you 3000 Mr. Stark.*
X DATA (14 days ago)
3:37 thank me later
TeAniMate (14 days ago)
“You want to protect the world but you don’t want it to change” Sounds just like what Thanos would have said
HYPER TM (14 days ago)
Why this movie was so underrated????
diamond kuru (14 days ago)
Dr. Strange 😍Time stone ❤️
WorldofWandag (14 days ago)
i would have loved to have seen a fully functioning ultron vs thanos
Spoiler (14 days ago)
Sir Untouchable (14 days ago)
1:15 "What if he decides to access something a little more exciting?" Pornhub?
Reyna Soraten (14 days ago)
this is the beginning of the end.
abdul199321 (14 days ago)
No wonder he changed the password
Gaming Goonies (14 days ago)
Worst avenger movie ever like wtf they made Ultron hella fk weak
racoonzattack (14 days ago)
1:18 I never noticed... is she doing something with her feet? What?
BigJMC9 (14 days ago)
Stan lee is gay
aks flash (14 days ago)
they created vision to protect them from big threats like thanos but he end up as a burden
Jack Sparrow (14 days ago)
Russian subtitles is wrong
Theo-greking (14 days ago)
Man I forgot how much this scene foretold
Dzumeister (14 days ago)
1:31 i thought she was clipping her toenails
ardiologi (14 days ago)
"ultron cleared out" "ultron"
Pizza (14 days ago)
Big spoiler
Kae King (14 days ago)
If thor never destroyed that last avenger bot.... Would the sokovia base have powered up anyways.... 0:30 asking for a friend Edit: thor doesn't go for the head. Again
Joshua Avery (14 days ago)
Man, they cast the right actors.
Leon Kennedy (14 days ago)
3:35 That's the End game!!!
Marvin Barahona (14 days ago)
This is the reason why Age of Ultron is the best MCU if you're not agree then you don't know shit about marvels ....age of Ultron my favorite mcu
Tarzan .666 (14 days ago)
3:50 dam this hurt me on a spiritual level
Daniel SAVAGE (14 days ago)
Rip Stan lee F’s in chat
Marcus Torres (14 days ago)
Pinnochio head ass
Eating_That_Sauce (14 days ago)
Raimundo Woolvett (14 days ago)
Bat Jonny (14 days ago)
“End Game” “doesn’t make me feel good” at the “END”
Jillian Elise (14 days ago)
SanjiBaratie (14 days ago)
Idk what anyone says Ultron was a godlike villain
Ben V (14 days ago)
Love this 3000
Sleep mage (14 days ago)
It's funny that's there was 2 captain America at this time and he knew quicksilver would die and still let him
CooLtext iMmPant (14 days ago)
And I needed you, but that is in past tense, you said that if we lose we do it together, but you weren’t there, i have no clues, no stategy, no coordinates, none, zero, liar.
Capt. Badger (14 days ago)
This is easily the most underrated mcu movie by far
Neox (14 days ago)
I think Stark already built a time machine.
Mike Hunt (14 days ago)
The robot dude sounds JUST LIKE Heath Ledgers Joker
Santiago Abud (14 days ago)
My mind prepared to see the whole movie. ... And it was a clip.
Thanos (14 days ago)
3:35 what you came for
Chicken Biscuit (14 days ago)
Robert California
King Fezel (14 days ago)
It just stupid for ppl that dont understand what tony biggest fear are and keep saying thay everything his fault. When they dont evne know how hars he has been carrying the burden
Killer Flame226 (14 days ago)
Jianwei Zhang (14 days ago)
it's not that simple, what tony was creating is a system that is capable to destroying earth and save it at the same time. Remember, power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. It cannot be just put into a right/wrong argument. Cap and tony actually sees 2 sides of the coin. On the one hand, tony saw through that wormhole how defenseless earth was. And cap, in captain america 2, saw how power can corrupt badly.
Liquor snake (14 days ago)
Damn tony he knew
81ackman (14 days ago)
I miss serious Thor, not stupid silly Thor.
Smartstuf Benjo (14 days ago)
I forgot how much Ultrons voice doesn’t match up at all with his character. Sure he’s advanced AI but why is there so much emotion in his voice?
GUATEMAX Animations (14 days ago)
Jarvis!!!! Ultron and Thanos kill you! RRRREEEEEEEEE!
Lord Immortallix (14 days ago)
"what if he decides to access something a little more exciting?" Like pornhub?
Joey Ramos (14 days ago)
It’s funny that intron knew that thanks was coming and was planing to use the stones against him
Joey Ramos (14 days ago)
Trump 2020 (14 days ago)
I love you 3000.
Marcus Anderson (14 days ago)
All the dislikes wish they can take it back now. The prophecy has been fulfilled.
ThatOneCub (14 days ago)
Did jarvis die and then comeback to life as that guy with the infinity stone on his forehead
Sathu (14 days ago)
I love them more than 3,000...

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