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The most bizarre moments from Donald Trump’s CPAC speech

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Donald Trump gave his longest speech yet at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), an annual gathering of conservative politicians and pundits. It was a chaotic, unscripted oration filled with unflattering impersonations of the president's opponents. In a speech lasting more than two hours, he took aim at the Green New Deal, Russian collusion, illegal immigrations and investigations into his personal finances. Notably, he made no mention of Michael Cohen, his long-time personal lawyer who gave a testimony to congress last week calling Trump a racist, a con man, and a cheat Subscribe to Guardian News on YouTube ► http://bit.ly/guardianwiressub Democratic oversight is 'bullshit': Trump goes off-script at CPAC ► https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2019/mar/02/donald-trump-cpac-speech-democrats-green-new-deal-bullshit Support the Guardian ► https://support.theguardian.com/contribute Today in Focus podcast ► https://www.theguardian.com/news/series/todayinfocus The Guardian YouTube network: The Guardian ► http://www.youtube.com/theguardian Owen Jones talks ► http://bit.ly/subsowenjones Guardian Football ► http://is.gd/guardianfootball Guardian Sport ► http://bit.ly/GDNsport Guardian Culture ► http://is.gd/guardianculture
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Text Comments (8068)
A Bangsworth (3 hours ago)
jaik berg (8 hours ago)
Hes awesome. Finally a real president
brandenburg2388 (22 hours ago)
This guy is an absolute cretin......
Anis Rahman (1 day ago)
I don't know if I should call him president
Beth McHugh (1 day ago)
Love this guy...Trump 2020....it's a no brainer people
Jorge Natal (1 day ago)
Joe Biden😇😇👍👍👍👍👍👍
Ashley Spence (2 days ago)
This dude is a nutcase
Andrew Potter (3 days ago)
Lol comedy
jujinz (3 days ago)
Not bizarre at all just authentic and hilarious freedom of speech.
Adrian Blair (3 days ago)
Love this guy. Definitely the best president the US has had for a long time.
Jasmin Fellari (4 days ago)
Yes Ladies and Gentlemen, the President of the United States of America!
Ridiculous Rascal (4 days ago)
Go to my Channel for more Funny Trump quotes!!! 😎😎😎
kurt setterberg (5 days ago)
you don't have white hair because you have not yet run out of dye
Gloria Jay (6 days ago)
Did someone spike his sippy cup?
callelindqvist123 (6 days ago)
Sweet lord, this is mental!!
Vbastard (8 days ago)
Impressions....... not great - but he is better at impressions than he is president
Wendy MacDonald (8 days ago)
Omg....there is something wrong with him...gone..completely gone
joe walcavich (8 days ago)
Carlos Gonzalez (9 days ago)
Hey raccoon face get a life
humna2 (10 days ago)
this is why this man is President of the United States.
Sal Carpino (10 days ago)
What a sickening fucktard now I cry because he's not dead
nightjar (11 days ago)
'You're a bad man. You're a very bad man". Old Twilight Zone episode.
Chen Yi Quan (11 days ago)
What a clown ? A US President should have some semblance of dignity ?
alys Freeman (11 days ago)
This Donald Duck in his bedroom.....or is it white powder?
Joe Kinser (12 days ago)
dumb liberals can't keep up with this speech. you would need to be caught up on current affairs. somewhat anyway. young kids can keep up, but not their parents. lol
Trump 😈😈👎👎👟🐗🐀🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐕🐕🐖🐖🐷🐷
Trump 👞👟🐶🐁🐁🐷🐒🐒
nightjar (12 days ago)
You don't have white hair. You're bald.
Miraversal (12 days ago)
Convert to podcast and you end up hearing stand up comedy by DONALD TRUMP
Ebonix33 (12 days ago)
Alibaba Blackthorne (13 days ago)
The definition of a unstable fool. Look at that gangster president Donald Trump.
TheJacobL 04 (13 days ago)
The end is the best part
Marlene Kendall (13 days ago)
Mike Awram (14 days ago)
Love the trump no one can keep him down
Orange Erndog (15 days ago)
Jackass fool on the world stage
Caren Roi (15 days ago)
So this is trump.
Olivier The MaD PaNdA (15 days ago)
America is always feeding the world with McDonald's.... I'm loving it !!!
Recep BAŞARAN (17 days ago)
Great entertainer, terrible President. Also, was he mimicking Jimmy Fallon mimicking himself in 0:07 ?
Vilma Camacho (17 days ago)
And this is the President of the United States. 🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦
Carmen Neumann (17 days ago)
Embarassed 🇨🇦 for citizens of usa that this is their leader.
JD (18 days ago)
Pathetic human being...
Janusz Dudek (19 days ago)
This stupid, mental POS "president" is like a little vicious dog constantly biting everyone's ankles and the whole of America doesn't have guts to call a dog catcher and put him in a cage.  Shame on America, how embarrassing and dangerous!!!
Gianfranco Fronzi (20 days ago)
Free speech. Why are you arresting Ashange.of wikileeks .
Doesnt Sleep (18 days ago)
that happened in england
Gianfranco Fronzi (20 days ago)
Do you know when Trump is lying, his lips are moving.
Gloria Jay (6 days ago)
When he said that Melania called him, "Darling" [SHYEAH!]
Rhonda Beckman (20 days ago)
Stay in the White House with the doors locked so you can't get out !
White Alliance (21 days ago)
Imma goin rekkuse maself Trump" dafukq bro?
Aki Nara (22 days ago)
He looks like an unfunny comedian.
durece100 (21 days ago)
True. Trump doesn't act like a real president like other presidents do.
hector negron (22 days ago)
If I had voted for someone like that I would be extremely embarrassed.
dagmastr12 (22 days ago)
As soon as I see its a guardian video .. I know what to expect.
Ditas Duque (22 days ago)
His a stand up comedy. Not a president of the USA
anne greenstien (23 days ago)
The ramblings of a pychopath.
Jack Mckenzie (23 days ago)
100% on coke
Zameer (24 days ago)
the biggest troll of the 21st century
Erlinda Rios (24 days ago)
Very very mentally sick
Eziekle Crafts (24 days ago)
J. F.G (23 days ago)
What did he say that was so 'real' to you, genius?
Merdina Hyaye (24 days ago)
this guy classic
durece100 (21 days ago)
Liar. How?
Julie Lewis (25 days ago)
Funny remarks aside, that man is president!!!! Unbelievable.
A N (25 days ago)
Trump is a great comedian, but a horrible leader.
Sandra Gruhle (25 days ago)
He is certifiably bonkers. It takes only three people to call the white coats.
Ding Dong (25 days ago)
Clearly mentally deficient. What a weirdo.
janwar68 (25 days ago)
What a tragedy for a once proud nation! Brought low, by an illiterate, belligerent grifter, with the morals of an alley cat. Only in Ahmuricah!!!
hector negron (23 days ago)
Even alley cats seem to have morals.
Ryzanify44 (26 days ago)
Presidential speech or comedic standup?
Ds. S. (26 days ago)
Trumpy Bear going on another crazy rant🤑🙃🤐
Örnest Örnsen (26 days ago)
Look at his face he is totally insane
Donald J. Trump (27 days ago)
Darlin is the wind blowing today? I like to watch television darlin
vicki willett (28 days ago)
We are all in deep doo-doo
yellow6100 (28 days ago)
Is that a bird in his hair??
Demona Viking (24 days ago)
It's a koko nest...
yellow6100 (28 days ago)
The thing I CANT BELIEVE is that his wife EVER called him "darling"
jUnZai (29 days ago)
i support trump, because he is born talented comedian , and he does a lot of dumbshit that no president on this world could achieve it
jUnZai (29 days ago)
by doing nothing
Spönster _exe (1 month ago)
Chapo's coverage of this was hillarious
Josiah Tejeros (1 month ago)
A tower of genius indeed
Sharky Fish (1 month ago)
WTF ! ????
WealthyGlint698 (1 month ago)
Why are all the comments negative towards Donald trump
Palesa Thipane (1 month ago)
😂😂😂😂😂😂I love my grandmpa Tromp
Phala Son (1 month ago)
He is the best president in my opinion
durece100 (21 days ago)
+Phala Son You need to criticized President Trump for what he done to the United States. Never worship Trump.
Phala Son (21 days ago)
durece100 Say that to yourself. Maybe after four more years you’ll realized something, or maybe not.
durece100 (21 days ago)
You lost your mind! Don't be so unhinged!
Phala Son (24 days ago)
+Demona Viking I guess you still think CNN is real news? lol!!
Demona Viking (24 days ago)
Please! This is serious, go to a doctor asap! If you're lucky, you are just blind and deaf. If not...I'm sorry!
Emily Domke (1 month ago)
Watch this in half speed and thank me later
Henk - (1 month ago)
Alzheimer's is hitting hard.
Ajay Nair (1 month ago)
Right. It is really getting worse by the week. I had an uncle who had Alzheimers and he used to act like this. Lol. Sad for the country though.
Anaru Ngamotu (1 month ago)
Here he is in his entirety President DUMBO MAGOO...the bubbling IDIOT.
Chad Hogan (1 month ago)
People are extremely butthurt that trumps gonna be on office for a whole lot longer 🤣🤣🤣🙈🙈🙈
Demona Viking (24 days ago)
Farewell America! 😰 I'm sorry.
Ricky Vargas (1 month ago)
😂😂 Trump 2020
Manuel Hernandez (1 month ago)
Him as a president is embarrassing to be an American
Sharon Sandberg (1 month ago)
Proof that this Goon is totally insane. Totally nuts.
Ryan Lengacher (24 days ago)
Demona Viking Comments like yours is exactly why I’m voting for him in 2020👍🏻
Demona Viking (24 days ago)
+Ryan Lengacher The WORLD will cry! If was funny at first, to laugh at the american clown. Not that funny any more. It's scary that this insane, demented, low brained person is President, but even more scary to think people are so STUPID to keep him, to actually vote for him AGAIN!! Can't fix stupid.
Sharon Sandberg (1 month ago)
+Ryan Lengacher I'll probably move to North Korea or Russia or some nice place where doctators have brains and know what they are talking about. Or maybe I'll just jump off a cliff or something. And yes, I will be crying. Will you be dancing in the streets?
Ryan Lengacher (1 month ago)
Sharon Sandberg Are you going to cry when he gets reelected in 2020
Ben Vriezen (1 month ago)
In fact, the whole world has this question. Who professionally demolished date 9/11, WTC 1 + 2 + 7?
Believe in Yourself (1 month ago)
Trump talks to the public like he is talking to his friends/family.
Manibaal Lektor (1 month ago)
Hate His FN Guts. FTP
Roger Terry (1 month ago)
TRUMP 2020,all the Way!
durece100 (21 days ago)
No Trump 2020.
hoochiemoochie (1 month ago)
Bizarre? This was hilarious... lighten up
aproffittable (1 month ago)
He’s the best lmaooo. Nothing really matters in this world anyway so it’s nice to have an entertaining af President lol
euroyen420 (1 month ago)
GREATEST PRESIDENT OF ALL TIME! hill-bots and obama clones can go suck a rock!
durece100 (21 days ago)
euroyen420 (23 days ago)
That is exactly what a hillbot would write.
Demona Viking (24 days ago)
Having a nice time at the mental clinic? 😜
Ahmed Khan (1 month ago)
Watch at. 5 speed if you want to see a drunk trump
Pro-Rocks (1 month ago)
His shtick was funny during campaign. As a president, this behavior is just disturbing.
Rafael (1 month ago)
What a pathetic excuse for President. The man is a joke. Trump supporters are idiots.
Joely_llj (1 month ago)
Why does he swear so much?
kathy Turner (1 month ago)
Where does he think the money for his golf courses came from “Russia”. Banks don’t give out money for golf courses now and they give out money to people who don’t pay their bills. Moron Donny!
Crazy Cat Lady (1 month ago)
Trumps' Really gone bonkers this time. Is he On some drug? He sure acts like it.
Archana Jn (1 month ago)
He speaks and behaves like a 70 year old college guy.....but soemtimea has a filthy tongue .
One Drone Pilot (1 month ago)
COKE....! Anyone else think this..?
Mike Hunt (1 month ago)
The GUARDIAN of buttplugged British twits.
Action Flower (1 month ago)
The compulsion to edit a speech into meaningless fragments is bizarre. Or, for a news reporting service, it would be bizarre. You do not understand the contents of an IKEA flat pack assembly instructional video by editing it for bizarre effect....unless you want to build dysfunctional furniture. You do not perform cut and paste hatchet work on ANYTHING you wish to understand. The purpose of the Guardian has never been to facilitate an understanding of anything. It does not report news, it reports on its own lazy prejudices which have budged an inch since the first copy I read 40 years ago. It is an historic time capsule of ugly fossilised metropolitan snobbery and wilful ignorance. Took me years to grow out of this wretched dismal rag. Happily, since it is impossible to shut down the Internet, one can go watch any speech in full IF one has an adult taste that exceeds childish exercises in bizarreness.
ManjaroJam (1 month ago)
My 5 yo said "dad this old man is weird". It takes an imbecile to know a septugenarian imbecile.
Russell Sheppard (1 month ago)
How stupid are these Trump supporters? They are betraying us!!

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