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The Ricardo Model I: Comparative Advantage, Competitive Advantage, Wages, Prices, Exchange Rates

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Lecture 1, Part 1 for the EBE International Economics course 2013
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Elena Anele (2 months ago)
¿Por que no hay nada parecido wn castellano?. Thank you.
Amira Elsawah (2 months ago)
Thank you so much proff. for this amazing video, i really have learned alot .. but i wish you could explain the part of " Comparative advantage with money" THANK YOU again !
Waqar Ahmad (7 months ago)
Thanks Richard for sharing this video....
VISHAL tawde (1 year ago)
thank you Sir for excellent lecture..
Daniel Delarosa (1 year ago)
Thanks Dick
Shraddha Agarwal (2 years ago)
awesome...so thankful to you for the video...you should create more such videos ...im sure ppl will love it!!
Stanisław Kozik (2 years ago)
There is a 5 euro bill to be precise
Abdur Rehman (2 years ago)
thanks so much
dj whitt 1 (3 years ago)
Awesome! Out of all video's on comparative advantage, this one I got. Thank you!
Deepak Classes (4 years ago)
very nicely explained. 
Thank you so much. There's no way one can't understand the material after watching this video. Thanks!
JacksJackson (4 years ago)
Yeah this actually helps a lot with midterms. I can find everything I need in one spot. I go to school at one of the best universities for business and economics in my state. The university professors tell us that we're going to be taught at a graduate level but when it comes time for tests, only expected to perform at an introductory level. I call that unfair. Anyways the videos help. I hear this guy grades on a very very large curve so here to hopes I do well. Thanks for posting. 
Ngọc Vũ (5 years ago)
thank you ^^

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