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English Vocabulary for ESL: Legal Vocabulary - Court Cases

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Download our FREE iPhone App: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/video-vocab-for-esl/id384411839 Visit http://BusinessEnglishPod.com to view and download more videos on Business English vocabulary for ESL. This is the second in our three-part Video Vocab series on legal English vocabulary for law. Today we focus on the vocabulary used to describe the actions and people involved in a court case.
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Text Comments (25)
Esraa Aziz (1 month ago)
Very good
human being (6 months ago)
i didnt see the first video
Faiza Mohamed Abdulle (11 months ago)
thank u it is very important
very good vedio..Helpfull...
Captain Heinie (2 years ago)
No mention of jurisdiction??
Jason B (2 years ago)
Part 1 Basic Legal Terms - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sDcTXidHhNU
Jesse de Paula (3 years ago)
There are other expressions and words not mentioned, such as " file a lawsuit against someone " , " press charge" , Bail ( payment to be released from jail"...
TeachESL (6 years ago)
Where is Part 1?
tifforo1 (6 years ago)
Oops, I meant to say that grand juries have 23 members.
flufy85 (6 years ago)
There is no such thing as a verdict of "innocent" in a UK criminal trial either. It's called "not guilty." The sentence can vary, it's not just just a fine or a custodial sentence!
tifforo1 (6 years ago)
Ack! I meant to say that grand juries have 23 members, not 12.
tifforo1 (6 years ago)
"Jail" can refer to any correctional facility a person is locked up in, but usually refers to a county jail. "Prison" usually refers to a state penitentiary. County jails are where people who are accused of a crime or have been imprisoned for a misdemeanor (crime with a maximum imprisonment term <= 1 year), or sometimes those who got a light sentence for a felony, are kept. Penitentiaries are for those convicted of felonies (major crimes). So jail and prison are not quite the same thing.
tifforo1 (6 years ago)
There is no such thing as a verdict of "innocent" in a U.S. criminal trial. It's called "not guilty." In addition to the 6-12 person trial juries, there are also 12-person grand juries who are sometimes put in charge of deciding whether there enough evidence to put someone on trial for a major crime (issue an indictment).
styles7887 (6 years ago)
Black's Law Dictionary
Benito Duéñez (7 years ago)
where is part 1 and 3?, I´m interested to find them...
Lourdes P (7 years ago)
Very helpful
@sarsafaty @sarsafaty We recently released 2 lessons on contract law that might be useful: youtube.com/watch?v=VnChrJuX7xg youtube.com/watch?v=sh20zQCwE9Y
ANTHEYA (7 years ago)
Undoubtedly very useful for beginners but I am really interested in finding some series of more specialized legal English. Does anyone have an idea where I could find one? Thank you in advance for your help!
LeiGatta (8 years ago)
well, here we are ))
ferozomari88 (8 years ago)
where is part 1 and 3? can i get this on dvd?
maxxmaxx tantan (8 years ago)
I really love this video, thank you so much , i really appreciate it
Youssouf Yahaya (8 years ago)
Thank you so much a very useful video
ProfRaphaello (9 years ago)
Very good video, from instructional and educational point. Very good. Thank you.
ssjat129 jat (6 months ago)
Sir, differences between legal action and criminal action. Kindly elborate it.

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