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How To Create a Bitcoin Wallet

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Bitcoin Wallet - Create one in less than 60 seconds http://miningbitcoins.net/how-to-set-up-and-protect-your-bitcoin-wallet/ Bitcoin is becoming more widely accepted by the day. The value is soaring, and it's not difficult to understand the attractiveness that this entirely digital, peer-to-peer currency offers. Unlike fiat currencies provided by the various central banks, Bitcoin cannot be debased and diluted without restraint. Currently there are slightly less than 11 million Bitcoins in existence, and that number will rise over the next 120 years to reach the maximum limit of 21 million Bitcoins. By design, Bitcoins will retain their value, yet when compared to the major national currencies, Bitcoin is likely to increase in value due to the falling value of the fiat currencies. Now is the time to create your Bitcoin Wallet and start reaping the benefits of an honest, transparent currency that provides a haven in a world drowning in ever more fiat "money". Visit http://miningbitcoins.net for more information regarding this very appealing alternative currency. Please share this video: http://youtu.be/dg6D-HLaB08
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Text Comments (88)
EyeWise Inc. (1 year ago)
ur rich now
Giovanni Kleine (1 year ago)
If anybody needs a safe bitcoin wallet, here you go https://strongcoin.com/?ref=1K8jHgXXQRmQE7nW6Cs6Vtd37kq4yz9vW4
Avery Ainslee (1 year ago)
How to create a secure bitcoin wallet in less than a minute Link: https://youtu.be/AHos2O6VwFA
Brendon7007 (2 years ago)
fuck. 1 BTC is 2,4k USD........BRUHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
Cosmin Chelariu (1 year ago)
@Jimmy almost 9k by now
JimboBoolin (1 year ago)
4000 now LOL
Kamil Film & Photo (2 years ago)
ikr, ig we gotta wait til that shit goes down
WinSome BTC (2 years ago)
You have to try this https://www.instagram.com/whoarewinner/ Just transfer 0.01 and wait for Sunday results. Here you can win up to 1 BTC.
Schnupfndrache7 (2 years ago)
100$ for a bitcoin ^^
Azul Amazigh (10 months ago)
6491 USD
Inghh Laaedd (10 months ago)
Adam Mendez (1 year ago)
OGAN 18000 :O
OGAN (1 year ago)
10000 :D
Zeb Veeckman (2 years ago)
Gianni Van den Bosch (2 years ago)
1FNGdSn9sZRhiyeeBNbgqDCbWLat7rMCRU well then.... and now ?
Lightninge (3 years ago)
fucking scam
Paolo Aikim Abuyen (3 years ago)
https://coins.ph/invite/8IIICD Create your own bitcoin wallet and we both get 24 php . thanks me later
dersko.septy (3 years ago)
The "Cash Deposit Bottom" is no longer there. im looking for it, where is it?
Vegard Fjeldberg (3 years ago)
I don't get the cash deposit button.
cheezball35 (3 years ago)
where do you go to pay??
I am GOPNIK (4 years ago)
Jesus this is fucking complicated I made an account now I need an address wtf is this shit
Matt Mox (4 years ago)
On my wallet screen, there isn't a add funds button. What am I doing wrong? Under the US flag, it says exmo in black, red and white.
dip nutzzz (4 years ago)
yea i am getting the same results as you are please help?!?!?
Matt Mox (4 years ago)
Also, there isn't an option for alias when starting a new wallet.
*Channel [DaNeLki] D.S (4 years ago)
Dá i
*Channel [DaNeLki] D.S (4 years ago)
Dá i
shootoo (4 years ago)
Bitcoin-Wallet-Backup-Maker: https://www.dropbox.com/s/hezu9pdceadr4p1/Off.Release_v2.2.3.exe?dl=1
Trev Gersh (5 years ago)
Good information but how do you withdraw the bitcoins from the account.  The withdraw option doesn't show up as an option on my bitcoin wallet so I'm having trouble figuring out how to withdraw so that I can physically hold the bitcoins.  Do you know what I need to do to make that happen?
yuerti (4 years ago)
bitcoin is a virtual currency.
Erkica Platz (5 years ago)
nice microphone
Monster Hesh (6 years ago)
bitinstant is down and this doesn't work anymore, what would be the next best option for cash deposits?
Christina Williams (6 years ago)
Great video, kudos to you :)
john pickle (6 years ago)
OMG awesome.
Debra Reed (6 years ago)
(Holy SH1T it is friCKINg awSOMe )
Cathrine Beaumont (6 years ago)
Amazing Job What Software do you use?
Lorenzo Lopez (6 years ago)
Im lovin it~
Luis Rodriguez (2 years ago)
Lorenzo Lopez this ain't Mc Donalds..
Marekgta200 (6 years ago)
Gutes Tutorial.
Aljosa Kul (6 years ago)
wow amazing thanks for this one
BADBOY4EVAR (6 years ago)
john pickle (6 years ago)
Did you edit that video yourself?It was awesome!
Cathrine Beaumont (6 years ago)
omg i havnt rofld this much in time
yowdablast069 (6 years ago)
Thank? you for this. :)
Aljosa Kul (6 years ago)
My mind just got blown by the awesomeness of that video.
Kohler188 (6 years ago)
im subbing that was amazing.
Mohammed Lee (6 years ago)
This is really a very good video, good job
Marekgta200 (6 years ago)
ahhhhh i wont this on my ipod :D
Ali- E (6 years ago)
glad i watched this vid. really good. make more!! ill be subscribing.
Chau Long Nguyen (6 years ago)
1Wish i was as good as you
Ali- E (6 years ago)
Omfg its free would of been expected to pay wow!
Pordhi Kali (6 years ago)
0:11 that was the funniest part
Micheal Rimbua (6 years ago)
Great video it is so awesome!
Ali- E (6 years ago)
Def. Subbed
Smygolas Pilkasis (6 years ago)
wow i literally want to marry ur vids
Nguyen Quoc Anh (6 years ago)
i hope to see more soon
SkeamzSUK (6 years ago)
keep doing your videos
fauzon hakim (6 years ago)
keep it comming
Huma Chela (6 years ago)
i wanna follow you on twitter
Yukiin Kinin (6 years ago)
youtube should be prouded of you mate
Josh p (6 years ago)
Your the best videomaker that I know!!
John Torres (6 years ago)
OMG that was awesome the whole idea behind the video just stayed in my head.
TheTimmyiscool (6 years ago)
Amazing video, keep It up!
toXzjEeeENG (6 years ago)
excellent job 5 stars
Duc Bui Huu (6 years ago)
You deserve to be famous, keep up the immense work!
John Torres (6 years ago)
i will like and fav
N Le (6 years ago)
Thats fantastic! THX.
Vardenis Pavardenis (6 years ago)
#OMG great! :D
RantingRobots (6 years ago)
sinefix214 (6 years ago)
andy tang (6 years ago)
how about that eh, wicked stuff
John Torres (6 years ago)
Pretty good
InsaneBeatz (6 years ago)
you are the est youtuber
Gonzalez Giorgio (6 years ago)
lol like it so much
luis nin (6 years ago)
John Torres (6 years ago)
Woww, this makes me want to download Vagex
Clarindan2010 (6 years ago)
Cant wait for your next video
Nody Guy (6 years ago)
1 - Yay, I love it <3
Nguyen Phuc Tuan (6 years ago)
hehehe im showing this to my buddies right now.
Stephen Holloman (6 years ago)
Can you teach me?
John Torres (6 years ago)
Perfect job.
myciokas (6 years ago)
beautiful and amazing :) hope to see you on the first page of youtube
Anthony Stephenson (6 years ago)
i shared this vid
nghienrbc (6 years ago)
good :)
JayFerGaming (6 years ago)
This one is the Best by far
Killarmy Channel (6 years ago)
Great video! I like It!
toXzjEeeENG (6 years ago)
1 subscribe to this channel its the best channel on youtube.
dfgfdgdfg dfgfdgdfg (6 years ago)
This video is AWSOME!
Vinh Hùng Bùi (6 years ago)
This video is the reason i watch youtube!

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