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Lukas Graham - Love Someone [OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO]

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Love Someone by Lukas Graham, Official Music Video Listen to "Love Someone" here: https://LukasGraham.lnk.to/LoveSomeone '3 (The Purple Album)' is out now, listen here: https://LukasGraham.lnk.to/3ThePurpleAlbum Connect with Lukas Graham: https://www.facebook.com/LukasGraham https://twitter.com/LukasGraham http://instagram.com/LukasGraham http://smarturl.it/LukasGrahamSpotify Directed & Edited by: P.R. Brown Producers: Steve Lamar & Christopher Salzgeber Executive Producer: Sheira Rees-Davies / Scheme Engine DP: Will Sampson #lovesomeone #lukasgraham
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Lukas Graham (8 months ago)
Here's a glimpse of the love we tried to capture for our new video 💜Hope you like it!
Belina Park (6 days ago)
Đồ Cường (13 days ago)
Just love
KING BALOR (2 months ago)
Like it i like the song very much
Nidza Sp (2 months ago)
LuLu 88 (2 months ago)
Awesome video! Your voice is amazing!💜
Jens Ørbæk (1 hour ago)
Danmaerk er best
Jens Ørbæk (1 hour ago)
Jens Ørbæk (1 hour ago)
7 yers old er beder . jeg er dansker og jeg er læker
green Shasta bean (4 hours ago)
Thank you Lukas
Spectrum Music (6 hours ago)
Spectrum Music 1 second ago WOW! now that's a ,masterpiece. kindly check out this too;https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dN44xpHjNxE 🙌
x0xchanchanx0x (12 hours ago)
The bittersweet happiness in this is over 9000!
Candaru Driemor (13 hours ago)
Oh my goodness. I'm actually near tears. I heard this song over and over and, seeing only the beginning of the music video before clicking away, I always assumed it was a purely romantic song. I'm SO happy to finally have watched the music video and see all the *other* kinds of love that are portrayed!!!
Vibo Kd (13 hours ago)
2019 "In memory of Music and Cocktail love"... Lukas you are awesome, you made us perfect relationship... Thank you bro.
David Morales (13 hours ago)
Came here for the hate comments and to bring him a shirt
Sense TV (15 hours ago)
What a load of rubbish!
Snoww Bunni (15 hours ago)
And I find it bittersweet cause you gave me something to lose ❤️
Simran Khanna (16 hours ago)
Literally thought it was David Dobrik in the thumbnail
Montserrat Rubio (17 hours ago)
if u unliked this u are for real cold, and black HEARTED
DCK_ Gamer Stime (19 hours ago)
Im single :(
David Broussard (21 hours ago)
How do y'all change for a show in Louisiana
Jeremiah Pachuau (22 hours ago)
Lukas Graham: If you love someone and you're not afraid to lose them, you probably never love someone like I do Me: If you're not afraid to lose them that means you trust them!
csabi nyiri (22 hours ago)
Nagyon jó lett
Anita Sondal (22 hours ago)
My fav part 2:37
PK Chicken (1 day ago)
😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 I Love you
quilnez (1 day ago)
I listened to this song (with earbuds) all day long, for 3 consecutive days, when I was in search for my father. He left our home and did not return that night. A week later he was found dead. Later revealed, he was murdered by a (former) police. Now I can't listen to this song without tears. :'( He was a great person, a great father, a great friend, for everyone. He does not deserve any of this. Please pray for him guys. May he rest in paradise...
Justice Stroup (1 day ago)
Lukas grahm can you play for my chrushes for free
Rip to my ears. Jesus
caty cat (1 day ago)
Only with love and world would be a better place, until then welcome to reality....
I can't believe that david dobrik can sing.
Love this song
Jon Smith Jr. (1 day ago)
This is my life because i am in the middle school and this girl i like is so pretty and she will never like me but me and her are still friends but i want to be more
Harlan therkleson (1 day ago)
makes me cry ));
Sky_wolf Sings (1 day ago)
Love this song he's so inspirational 😏💖
Hank Jenkins (1 day ago)
Gays they need to get there life right with god
TaraByamba (1 day ago)
Love the way he also included LG love too. Showing how love isn’t only between a man and a woman. Showing how love isn’t between different genders. Showing the way love isn’t controlled. It’s freed
I'm a new youtuber who want to do things beyond my comfort zone. This song inspired me in many ways. I dont have a subscriber right now but hoping one day people will watch my content. Godbless Everyone
Tahylor Smith (1 day ago)
Lukas helps me get through life when I’m down and I get buillied
Anissa Firdaus (1 day ago)
Tristan (2 days ago)
If you reading this I love you 3000
Yolanda González (2 days ago)
Ilman Firmansyah (2 days ago)
wow i really keep this songs forever InsyaAllah
Ikhsan adriansyah (2 days ago)
If you love someone♪ i love it
Aiko N (2 days ago)
I’m 13 and I love this song
Tiachuba Longkumer (2 days ago)
I love this song........love someone...wit ur all hearth ....❤❤❤
เนื้อหาเพลงโดนมาก ชอบๆ
Nnoitra Jiruga (2 days ago)
i am having a depressing episode in my life but this song brought a little bit of cheer that i really much needed...
angela leges (2 days ago)
i relate this song cause my grandmother she's hired my grandfather on there house
Counter Command (2 days ago)
Apalta Day (2 days ago)
I❤️ this song
CesshireCat (2 days ago)
I thought it was David Dobrik on the thumbnail!! i thought he's in a MV lol
nate Deshotel (2 days ago)
Who ever you think of during this song, just ask them already
Jeremy James (2 days ago)
Loooooove this song! Great writing, and AMAZING vocals Lukas! I just uploaded a live vocal cover of this song, would love to get your feedback!
Alvin Valdeviezo (2 days ago)
May 19 2019
Denise Fritz (2 days ago)
My Wedding song One Day
I will find out who that 24k people who disliked the video and make them like it and make sure their are 0 dislikes!
Jxnni Txkk (2 days ago)
Love this song so much💘
I'm Japanese. I listened to this song at school. I think your voice has some power. I want to sing this song in karaoke.
Autumnus (3 days ago)
Haven't stopped crying since the song started. I feel so blessed and grateful for having people to love whole-heartedly. I can relate a lot to this song.
Jennifer Asiimwe (3 days ago)
I thought I was the only one afraid of losing my luv, he is so dear to me. This song made me feel like its okay and that's what love is.
Wrong Speling (3 days ago)
First time i heard this tears came falling
Kynn Butalon (3 days ago)
septi asparinah (3 days ago)
Rolex SalazarJulio (3 days ago)
So nice when the song slow so romantic
Jeremy Belleza (3 days ago)
Martin Jeong (3 days ago)
I like it
Rammy Js (3 days ago)
Beautiful voice,Beautiful song and Beautiful love...😊😊
Zainon Arshad (3 days ago)
Ric Hollis (3 days ago)
Question is, is love on the menu?
kwakhanya mbaxa (3 days ago)
Lukas ... Thanks man , you're really "thee" best! I Just can't stop listening to this song!
Giovani Martins (3 days ago)
Como não amar essa musica. 😍😍
scroll the comment really fast just to try find the lyrics before the mv started😂😂 thank for someone who post the lyrics hahaxx
scroll the comment really fast just to try find the lyrics before the mv started😂😂 thank for someone who post the lyrics hahaxx
gergo balazs (3 days ago)
For those who disliked the video:that's not the download button😉
gergo balazs (3 days ago)
Now tha't music👌 Not like gucci gang and...
Rainie Zabala (1 day ago)
Gang gucci
Hüseyin Aksahin (3 days ago)
Who remembers 7 years old when it said get a wife or you will be lonely
Jana 241 (3 days ago)
David Dobrik and Wonderwoman☝️
typical ninja (3 days ago)
when you love someone 😪😣 i miss her so much at the age of 16 i am heart broken 😥😥
Mafifz Gaming (3 days ago)
This song is the best for me 💜
njmorena (4 days ago)
How can anyone not love this song and give it thumbs down 😒
გართობა (4 days ago)
like video
Legendary Brofist (4 days ago)
The music is so inspiring 💓💓💓
Villads Toft (4 days ago)
Like hvis i er fra Danmark
loui655u (4 days ago)
Jeremy Brown (4 days ago)
This is a song that should be passed on, no matter the relationship
lonleyfruitcake (2 days ago)
Jeremy Brown amen brah
Yohanka Hernandez (4 days ago)
Beautiful song!!
Eduarda Cristtinny (4 days ago)
I loved this song
its just a fake smile (4 days ago)
How come thes famlys are all happy and mine is not
k.Kevin. Kiki (4 days ago)
My crush posted these on Gram but I can't dm her I don't no why?...pls can u help with tips to dm her pls😊😪
Izham Calpis (4 days ago)
your crush maybe not following you.....
hutan kering (4 days ago)
Love love love same people....
hutan kering (4 days ago)
Love love love same people....
Stacy Scott (4 days ago)
Wow, GooseBumps all over! Such a Powerful Meaningful Song, This Momma to 11 Children is in Happy Tears <3 <3 <3
Stacy Scott (3 days ago)
+Brent Mcveeney Lol
Brent Mcveeney (3 days ago)
11 kids holly hell
Zamir Cunaj (4 days ago)
Hope you like it❤
Caine Panda (4 days ago)
Irene Torres (5 days ago)
I started by loving a someone but now we have everything. Mark❤Irene=markus timothy 👼
Creep_Alex (5 days ago)
Best song😍
Dale Coronel (5 days ago)
Such a good song.. ❤️❤️😊
asiimwe james (5 days ago)
i love the life in this piece art
Sille Thomsen (5 days ago)
den er mega good hører den hver dag
Stephen Goenarso (5 days ago)
bagus lagunya. aku suka. kerja bagus.
Bara Nirwana (5 days ago)
Make grow or make room?
Michael Anderson (4 days ago)
I think
Michael Anderson (4 days ago)
Bara Nirwana (5 days ago)
Please notice me!!
Grazi Souza (5 days ago)
Essa música é maravilhosa😍♥️
R Shady R (5 days ago)
This song got me feeling shitty😞 because I love a girl and don’t know if her feelings are mutual still💔
R Shady R (4 days ago)
Turns out her feelings are mutual 😊
Kansiime Franklyn (5 days ago)
Gud job

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