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Downey Jr. Did Not Want To Say His Final Line In Endgame

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Thumbnail Image by ultraraw26 → https://www.instagram.com/ultraraw26/ Robert Downey Jr.'s Iron Man went through a profound journey in Avengers: Endgame and delivered an unforgettable line that was a touching callback to the very beginning of the Marvel movie franchise. As it turns out, that iconic moment almost never happened… because Downey Jr. reportedly didn't want to say Tony Stark's last major line. Even though co-directors Joe and Anthony Russo lifted the ban on spoilers for Avengers: Endgame, we're offering you one last warning: Major spoilers ahead! And now for the juicy details. During a recent appearance on CinemaBlend's ReelBlend podcast, the Russo brothers opened up about Tony's final scene in Avengers: Endgame. As you might recall, the hero equipped his own suit with the Infinity Stones, snapped his fingers, and promptly turned Thanos and his minions into space dust. Right before Tony mirrored Thanos' Decimation from Infinity War, the Mad Titan was clearly convinced that he had the upper hand, But in a move displaying all the dry, cool, wit that makes Tony who he is - he flashed his hand to show Thanos he had the Infinity Stones - and then he said it: "I am Iron Man." Of course, the line is a callback to the end of 2008's Iron Man. "I am Iron Man." Sadly, the Snap takes a toll on Tony's body, and he dies shortly after that. He manages to speak a few more words before passing away… and then we get to hear him one more time in a heartwarming message that he recorded prior to his death. But Tony's last big line is this proud assertion of his heroism. But hold everything. As Joe and Anthony Russo tell it, Tony originally didn't say those words at all. In fact, he originally didn't say anything in that moment. An early cut of the film simply had Tony snap his fingers, and that was that. Enter Avengers: Endgame editor Jeff Ford, who pitched the idea of having Tony say: "I am Iron Man." Once they heard the concept, the Russo brothers knew they had to reshoot the scene with that line included. But apparently Downey Jr. was initially uneasy with the idea. It took some convincing before he finally agreed to do a reshoot. Joe Russo goes on to explain that producer Joel Silver is a close personal pal of Downey Jr.'s, and he just so happened to be eating with them. Once Downey Jr. was on board, the crew reportedly headed back to the studio to reshoot the scene. As we said before, the newly-added line served as a touching nod to the very beginning of the MCU. But the whole reshooting process turned out to be a callback to Downey Jr.'s humble beginnings as Iron Man. Keep watching the video to see more about how Robert Downey Jr. did not want to say his final line in Endgame! #Avengers #Endgame #AvengersEndgame
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Text Comments (4046)
Looper (12 days ago)
Do you think there's a chance RDJ comes back in the MCU somehow?
Eric Davis (14 hours ago)
Opening the end of End Game Pepper Pots gets the gauntlet Tony's Pinned by Thanos Pepper Puts the Glove on and Snaps, this is not Earth 616 this is another Earth, Tony Races to Pepper as she falls from the sky, Tony Catches her saying what did you DO she reply's Rescued you, 2 Years pass and Tony starts hearing of People from other Earths traveling between the Quantum Realm just as he and the other done to get the Stones before Thanos, He decides to venture out to see if there is another Earth where He was the one who Snapped and Pepper lived, Tony Searches and on his last attempt he finds Earth 616 where Pepper is alive and well with Morgan. This is how I would Bring back Tony Stark
Dario Wohlmuth (4 days ago)
Alltough after 11 years RDJ really deserved a retirement but why not a happy ending? Here is one option how to save RDJ : remember how Tanos used the time stone to bring Vision Back to get the Stone from his head? The same someone could do exactly after that Moment when Tony Stark snapped his fingers. By using the time stone this Person could tell friday to do the SNAP so Toni wouldnt be harmed and could survive and the gauntled would be severe damaged but not Toni... Not Toni :) after all I think the MCU needs an engineer who is like Toni stark - He is not just inventing Things he is the drive behind everything and this is what Made him the one and only IRONMAN ;) PS: and this goes to the Script writers If you dont kill our Heros you can always easily bring them back in future movies as a mentor or a helping hand for the New Generations ;)
Michael Woo (4 days ago)
yes,but not Tony Stark. Like cameos ?
Robin Davies (12 days ago)
I don't think so but we want him back though
Pepe The Frog (12 days ago)
We will just see some past clips of him in the future but nope he will not return
Hans XS23 (37 minutes ago)
Raof Ridzwan (3 hours ago)
Just as a reminder that RDJ improvised his " I am Iron Man " line meaning , willingly . And refuse to say that line again in Endgame . God I am depressed
Jules Omelgo (8 hours ago)
You are the voice actor of jessy in minecraft story mode was releastic by smashbits studio and gameranx.
A J (15 hours ago)
I guess it was befitting that the first Iron Man ever of the MCU dies with his co-creator Stan Lee . R i p
Hideika (1 day ago)
This movie changed my life, the last time I’ll ever see a movie like this in a long time.. maybe decades to come.
His last words were “ I love you 3000
Started with I am iron man Ended with. I am iron man RIP Tony Stark
Shea Kelley (1 day ago)
Of course he didn’t want to say it, because he didn’t want to leave 😞
John Too (1 day ago)
What?all that money you made and you can't come in for a reshoot cause its to emotional?rick from starbucks went in on his day off to work and he only got time and a half on eleven dollars without complaining.
RT 900 (1 day ago)
Stop recommending these videos it's been three weeks I don't want to cry anymore
Myrna Trafiero (2 days ago)
Me watching the phone Eating iorn man food Tony:i am edible
Myisha Burks (2 days ago)
Next video:why Thor is pregnant
Jack Skatter. (2 days ago)
well come on now, the man had to put all that emotional effort into an ending, this was his greatest role ever its what every knows and is going to know him for, if he thought he did that that last scene perfectly, can you imagine how he would feel to have to change it. worrying it might not be as good as the first time. however im so glad he did it because oh that line was bad ass!
Starts with “ I am Iron Man..” Ends with “ I am Iron Man..”
My fav part: the whole movie
Dead Memes (3 days ago)
did you do the voice for genderkess child in the mashed "realistic undertale"?
Its_ Steph (3 days ago)
Start: I am Iron Man Last: I am Iron Man I LOVE YOU 3000 😭
isuck newton (3 days ago)
didnt he say "pepper" right before he died
Gasmaskboi P (3 days ago)
Why the fuck is fainted here
Farrok Bulsara (3 days ago)
And i agree... I would have been cringy...but it was too epic. It wasnt even a memorable line, it stayed in that Ironman movie.
xLight Shadow (3 days ago)
Thanos should have said „You should have gone for the balls“ But thats to much, even for a guy who killed the half universe
hasina chowdhury (3 days ago)
avengers end game is fully like doreamon stell troops last scean
Cryptic Dezi (3 days ago)
next endgame video: why Captain Marvel changed her hairstyle in Avengers Endgame
twigggy (4 days ago)
I guess he 'didn't wanna go' either...
Harvey TheGamer (4 days ago)
Smashbits Animations is that you?
Master Billy (4 days ago)
I AM IRON MAN. *snap* *half the chat joined back*
Cloud G (5 days ago)
Actually, right before he dies, you can hear him say Pepper.
Aasawari Kalbhor (5 days ago)
What did thanos said before that line of tony ?😕
Ethan 757 (5 days ago)
It sounds corny idc what people say
Otsanda (5 days ago)
Hhh Did anyone else Cry when Tony Stark Died?
Colin’s Trading (5 days ago)
It wasn’t a call back to iron man 2 it was comedic because Thanos said “I am Inevitable,” then he said I am iron man
Maqil Khan (5 days ago)
It's still also a callback
BBLM97 (5 days ago)
First and last lines from Ironman, "I am.... Ironman."
ImAlreadyTracer Bitch (5 days ago)
* *Tony Snaps* * Morgan Stark:"Did You Do It?" Tony Stark:"Yes" Morgan Stark:"What Did It Cost?" Tony:"3000"
Anonymous Twitch (5 days ago)
The knock at the end could be on his coffin
UnIeash exe (6 days ago)
Why stan lee did not back after tony Snap his fingers D:
Mashi Q (6 days ago)
I like how all images and clips of end game scenes are those recorded cinema clips
Kawaii Kiwi (6 days ago)
Damn I'm still crying everytime someone says his name. I just can't accept the fact, that end game will be their final movie with him... It's never Going to be the same without him...
WilburWallace (6 days ago)
Avengers Endgame: Tacos Looper: Here’s why the Taco scene is crucial to the MCU timeline
Ironman: I’m iron man Groot: I am groot Steve Rogers: I am Steve Rogers Thanos:I am enevitible Iron man: I. AM. IRON MAN.
Tang ina mo gago ka!!!!
Erik Giles (6 days ago)
Yall realize hes gonna be back wether it's an alternative timeline, or alternative universe... right?
asdrygaming (6 days ago)
"I am iron man."
Tracor3k99 (6 days ago)
People are d d d if they think he's not coming back. 1 its a marvel comic book movie, people die and come back all the time(see gamora) and 2
Tracor3k99 (4 days ago)
+Izzy Rodriguez exactly
Izzy Rodriguez (4 days ago)
Loki : Im listening....
Lara Leonardi (6 days ago)
Conclusion: Iron Man originally didn’t want to say “I am Iron man.” , but then agreed to do it. I should be the writer for Looper, geez.
Chris Arnold (6 days ago)
I wonder what groot would have said.
Captain Asshat (6 days ago)
I just thought it was a dad joke
SiphtSighter' (6 days ago)
Why does he have the script of this video in the desctiption?
Albin Gaming (6 days ago)
Did he died in real life i don’t think so and I want him to be alive :(
Probably Sentorn (7 days ago)
Thanos: farms Looper: Why Josh Brolin wanted to farm as Thanos in Endgame.
Fiji Gaming Original (7 days ago)
Thor is the reason why iron man is dead 🤷‍♂️if he went for the head the first time
Mac Cook (7 days ago)
If i hadnt seen endgame yesterday, i would be severely pissed off at youtube recommended for sending me a fucking notification of this video that spoils endgame in the title even though im not subscribed to looper and hate them as a channel. What a shambles
Tony stark could make a robot that can snap ITS finger
Ermelious (7 days ago)
They should've made Groot use the gauntlet instead. Easier for him to say those lines.
TheLordwyn (7 days ago)
Why didn't Tony just use an empty remote controlled suit to do the snap
Saumil VN (7 days ago)
I love u 3000
Joshua Vermaak (7 days ago)
What else could of happened Thanos: I am inevitable. Iron Man: My turn. It’s a call back from when tony left the cave and used the MK1 on the terrorists
Joshua Vermaak (7 days ago)
It would be nice to have him return but I don’t think it will happen
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John Smithee (7 days ago)
Next Video: Every atom and molecule that you may have missed in Avenger's Endgame
Wait are you that guy that makes those “was realistic” videos?
randel sebastian (7 days ago)
Why they did'nt use the infinity stones to tony be alive?thanos use the time stone to get back vision to get the mind stone
Simran Patel (7 days ago)
*my favorite* *RDJ* *2008 - I am IRONMAN* *2019 - i am IRONMAN* *love you - Tony* *love you - stark* *and also love you - IRONMAN*
john smith (7 days ago)
a quick comment on the title: i dont blame him. The line was super cheesy and cringey. Ruined the moment if you ask. Would have preferred something along the lines "WELL I AM A MOTHERFUCKIN STARK, BITCH! AND WINTER IS HERE!"
superWTF64lol (7 days ago)
I mean, if I was RDJ, I wouldn't want to do a reshoot either, setting everything back up, all the makeup, falling back into character during such a critical moment, putting in all that work just so that the reshoot is consistent, and to ensure with 100% certainty that there are no continuity errors, JUST for one short line of dialogue, I would be upset too
They Luv Sosa (7 days ago)
Iron will be back there gonna go back in time and save him!
James Octia (7 days ago)
I love him 3000
Robert Garcia (7 days ago)
I am iron man
Hunter Clark (7 days ago)
Why does this guy sound like Frisk from if undertale was realistic?
pashy (6 days ago)
Cause it is! 😊 Dexter Manning! He has a video of him doing the full rap on his channel
Nina Nina (7 days ago)
I want ironman back😭😭😭 just as he is... I mean as RDJ without replacing him
Xero Wing (7 days ago)
Tbh I understand why he didnt wanna say it. Its fuckin sad 😭
moses holt (7 days ago)
press F for iron man😢😢😥
TheUncannyE (7 days ago)
I just wish he would have said “ I am an Avenger!”
Crazy Gamer (7 days ago)
Now I know the iron man after quit but your forgetting there could be a different actor for iron man
Gaming Blocks (7 days ago)
I love you 3000.😢😢😢😭😭😭
IceInMyVein (7 days ago)
It would have been epic to see if Tony fought Thanos while wielding the stones for a bit then Tony gets a close fatal injury from Thanos, but last moment he snaps his fingers
HARRY POTTER NERD (7 days ago)
I just cried so hard I couldn't anymore he is....was my childhood...
Ally Lewis (7 days ago)
We love him 3000. Now let us eat cheeseburgers *snifffffffffffffffffff*
Rafal Pruszynski (7 days ago)
BS. RDJ didnt want to RESHOOT the scene. He didn't not want to say the line. Learn to do some research or stop lying
Julian Soler (7 days ago)
Mom: did you get tickets to endgame? Me: yes Mom: what did they cost Me: eVeRytHiNg
SplaTunatic (7 days ago)
Captain Marvel: *arrives to take the gauntlet away from Thanos* Thanos: *uses power stone to get her out of the way* Looper: Here's Why Thanos Used The Power Stone Against Captain Marvel
burix cz (7 days ago)
Thanos: I am inevitable Tony: Hi inevitable, I am Ironman
Aditya Singh (7 days ago)
loved this one
Two Neighbor Kids (7 days ago)
Just read the description don’t waste 3 mins of your life
Bruce Doyle (8 days ago)
But his suit is made of Nanomaschines not Iron, shouldnt he be Nano Man now...
Zarcon (8 days ago)
Rif'an Rokhim (8 days ago)
After watched infinity war and endgame... i tried wear gloves and snap my finger... feels like thanos, hulk, and ironman... without snap sound of course.
Mortal SNO (8 days ago)
Tony probably would be lived if it was on his left on instead of the right one.
lespatriotsfan (8 days ago)
Tony didn't have a few more things to say before he passed away. His last words were "I am Iron Man" and it was Spider Man and Pepper speaking. Not a big deal but RDJ didn't want to speak before Tony died.
Zacharia Alhamo (8 days ago)
This guy voices jesse in a parody video of minecraft story mode I forgot what the channel is called
Mc Jethro Pov Tee (8 days ago)
his last line was "I love you 3000"
Sophie Hewlett (8 days ago)
IRON MAN DIES? 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Owl Dusty (8 days ago)
I just relised if there is multiverses in far from home they might be able to bring tony back or at least another version of him
Th3Di4mondFoxy (8 days ago)
He did
zhengquan xiong (8 days ago)
I am iron man
TheFreshmaker02 (8 days ago)
F*CK off, just play the scene
Xuyen My (8 days ago)
In Advengers: Endgames I can't believe that Captain American can hold Mjolni
The gaming doge970 (8 days ago)
I miss you 3000
Selroy Jenkins (8 days ago)
Who cares what the actor thinks
Jacob Lee (8 days ago)
He should’ve said hi inevitable I’m dad

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