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1.3 - Comparative Advantage

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based on the textbook "Microeconomics for MBAs"
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u are urself confused. I lost the control over this topic by ur expectation
bootstrap garden (2 years ago)
best explanation I have seen so far and I have watched dozens of vids on the subject without being able to understand. I think I get it now. thanks.
Mr. Bee'Otch (2 years ago)
I Hate Life... *Puts gun in mouth* *Cocks gun while biting the barrel* *Crys one last time* *Pulls trigger* *Finds peace*
saifullah sargand (2 years ago)
this was very good and useful explanation for me as new student of economic.
Ally Grint-Potter (3 years ago)
This is such a good explanation. <3 :)
Jafar Zaki (3 years ago)
god dammit I'm more confused now
zombiecrush (3 years ago)
This is great, thank you!!
laurence o'brien (4 years ago)
What a fantastic explanation this has helped me out so much much appreciated :)
Lili Vargas (4 years ago)
this fucking sucks
Henry (3 years ago)
@Lili Vargas your cake sucks
can i please have ure brain and use it for 2 hours on saturday starting at 12:30. 
nkpthai69 (4 years ago)
Your great!! Taking my Int'l Trade and Finance Test in 45 Minutes @ Webster University, Cha-Am Campus, Thailand
Jordan B (5 years ago)
WHAT? confused
karafofubuntu (5 years ago)
Amazing tutorial !! To the people saying this doesn't work because companies don't trade goods, this theory is also applied to borrowing at a fixed rate and a floating rate. 
SuperReachfreak (5 years ago)
more people with less pay equals more production so china is more productive, i don't think that kind of talk was really necessary.
Seuachi (6 years ago)
Thank You so much for the demonstration and explanation! I finally understand!
Seuachi (6 years ago)
I am sorry but the user should delete this comment.
cfbgoespop (6 years ago)
I'm sorry, the way you say papayas is just hypnotic...
Big Guns JC (6 years ago)
No, thank you very much.
shanazia larasati (6 years ago)
I GET IT! I GET IT! thx a lot mister
jason horin (7 years ago)
finally i understood ”The Exchange Ratio” of comparative advantage, thank you so much!!
maumka yang (7 months ago)
It took me long enough!!! Grateful that I stumbled to this video.
ozukum81 (7 years ago)
Comparative advantage made simple...
Alex Charles (8 years ago)
Still don't get...businesses don't trade anymore, how would that work with currency in these day n age? Businesses don't trade one product for another anymore....how would that work with money? Mula?
Jerrey_White (8 years ago)
In the production of coconut, Fred's work is ten times as productive as Harry, thus Fred could exchange for 10 hours work of Harry's by selling him coconut. Now what can Harry produce in the 10 hours' service he has offered Fred? its 10 times the 25 units papaya he can produce per hour, 100 units more than what can Fred produce. Yet I think we have to note that the has to be 10 "Fred" in the market place to trade with "Harry" in this way than "Harry" can achieve (1+100/150)*100% efficiency
PRShacklock74 (8 years ago)
So very helpful. Thank you.
Reyna Spears (8 years ago)
Thank you, you are so helpful!
Isaac Lindahl (8 years ago)
excellent explanation. Very very helpful. Thank you.
Jon George (8 years ago)
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! So Much!
Pradeep Sk (8 years ago)
thanks sir its very helpfull of international trade
RetrixTV (10 years ago)
RetrixTV (10 years ago)
I Threw myself out the window.....
ACKSKL (10 years ago)
excellent...thank u very much sir
craptokker (10 years ago)
Wow you counted.
craptokker (10 years ago)
Thank you!
Keron Stanley (10 years ago)
this guy says "Uh" like 78 times in the video
HLecterPHD (10 years ago)
how much for a pineapple?
arolando87 (11 years ago)
tomkberg (11 years ago)
Very intresting, i have see this video for a college at school!
cyrex94 (11 years ago)
u fool
Dipinder Sekhon (11 years ago)
suggest that first you get some classes on etiquette
Dipinder Sekhon (11 years ago)
Thank you so much Professor. This was very useful !
alexthegreatgreek (11 years ago)
you suck, get some speach classes

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