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Breaking Bad Greatest Moments

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Other great moments from the show: Every time Jesse says "bitch" Hank vs Tuco's cousins Decapitated head on a tortoise bomb The Gus Fring "come at me bro" scene When Walt buys himself and Flynn new cars When Walt throws a pizza on to the roof Any other scenes will be found in the comments somewhere. I am not very well versed in the subject of copyright and so I am not entirely sure if this video does actually infringe copyright laws or not, all I do know is that the owners of the footage did claim the right and have monetised the video. I did not earn any money from this video and nor was I expecting to, but I've seen some people complain about the frequency of ads for the video and unfortunately that is out of my hands. I apologise if it diminishes your enjoyment of the video in any way.
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Text Comments (5142)
Sandeep Ps (8 minutes ago)
This is biatch zone
Nagendra .p (2 hours ago)
1.8k skanks dislike this vedio
Vidar Bonsak (2 hours ago)
As great as BB is, there are some things that's nagging me. Especially how WW could possibly live a double life as highschool teacher and meth manufacturer without being seen by the wrong person at the wrong time, given the fact Albuqurque is a relatively small city. Still, greatest Tv series of all time by far.
jun wang (4 hours ago)
if people ask what happened here, tell them Gus remembers
Spica Yellux (4 hours ago)
now, i wanna re-watch breaking bad again
razii87 (6 hours ago)
GOT came soo close ....but fell short ! Breaking Bad is the best !
Jamil Tawbe (14 hours ago)
Who came here after the bad finale of Game of Thrones ?
tmac20031 (14 hours ago)
Skyler was annoying as Fu*
No scene where Jesse puts the body doused in acid in the metal bath and it comes through the ceiling?
Peter Byron (17 hours ago)
This lacks the mexican twins with the axe scene.
Ralph (1 day ago)
Breaking Bad>Game of Thrones
Satish Parajuli (1 day ago)
Jessie killed Daniel hardman.
Who else is here for comfort after watching GOT finale.
alvatiltscream (1 day ago)
who's here after GOT finale to purify yourself from that supid season?
bobesfanchi (1 day ago)
Who came here after the finale of Game of Thrones to heal?
Sebastian Muench (1 day ago)
Came here to see if that scene was in here where Jesse flies to Mexico with Gus and talks shit to the meth scientists there. Should have been included. That was my favorite scene of the whole series
idkroselle (1 day ago)
Could've already put it in order
Scott Hall (1 day ago)
Breaking bad the greatest show ever
Mi3kka (1 day ago)
Going back to watch these moments after what has become of Game of Thrones
Sid Arthur (1 day ago)
how did walter know that tuco wouldn't grind up the fulminating mercury? that annoys me
Walter White (2 days ago)
I’m a bad ass
Michael Evans (2 days ago)
I am the man.
Clayton Smith (2 days ago)
Game of Thrones WISHES it was this well written and produced. Vince Gilligan is a mastermind and he had the PERFECT cast to execute his vision. Greatest television drama of all time, no question.
Champagne Eyes (2 days ago)
I 100% agree. I still get chills every time I watch it. Every character is spot on. I can't get into any other series. I just rewatch Breaking Bad.
Ray Valentine (2 days ago)
Skyler was such a selfish stupid cunt
Chelsey Littlefield (2 days ago)
Even though it was so small and just a side story in an episode but my favorite part is when Jesse goes to that crack heads house to get his money and drugs back and that little boy is home alone and Jesse makes him a fluff sand which and plays peek a boo with him! 😩😩😩 It always makes me tear up when I watch it!!
Vanchu Vega (2 days ago)
The Best end ever!
Raghav Jha (2 days ago)
skyler randi
King Volpes (2 days ago)
I'm almost finished watching Malcolm in the middle and I still can't believe the range Bryan Cranston has as an actor. It is actually incredible. I watched Breaking Bad first and it is still the best tv show I have ever watched, hands down.
King Volpes (2 days ago)
+Champagne Eyes I didn't know he was in Seinfeld. Cool...
Champagne Eyes (2 days ago)
I remember him as the dentist on Seinfeld 😆😆
Faizan (3 days ago)
Breaking Bad greatest moments: Season 1 - 5
lince159 (3 days ago)
It is missing "RUN!!" scene.
Super 🤘🤘👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
Nx Doyle (3 days ago)
It takes all of one episode and a bit of network promotion to convince an audience, predominantly male, that Walter is an antihero. But Walter isn't an antihero. He is the villain. Jesse may be the antihero, Skyler might even be considered an antihero. But Hank is the hero.
AlphaDeltaXray (3 days ago)
*_BEST_** Breaking Bad Moments: Seasons 1-6*
AlphaDeltaXray (3 days ago)
The clip where Skyler admits to Walt that she gave the money to Ted is absolutely amazing. Bryan Cranston's acting there is just legendary. The way he screams, cries, and laughs all at the same time 😳
AlphaDeltaXray (3 days ago)
*Walt: "Hey, Guys! I got us a pizza!!"* *Skyler: "How much was it?"* *Walt: "It's on the House!"*
Thomas Weaver (3 days ago)
I swear that’s the Howard dean hell from when he running for president when he blows up the mercury in tuco’s office
schwantz037 (3 days ago)
Didn't like Hank in the earlier episodes, but was gutted when he got taken out.....#sadtimes
Manny L (4 days ago)
One of the best damn shows I’ve ever watched.
Mario Torres (4 days ago)
10:51 best part
Ryan Dunnigan (4 days ago)
Why wasn't the episode when Jesse accused Walt of giving Brock the ricin on here?! That was Jesse's best episode as an actor. Gave me chills.
Statimtek (5 days ago)
Two most powerful scenes the "I am the one who knocks" monologue and Walter laying under his house laughing.
The Mortecai (5 days ago)
breaking fucking bad bitxh
Triston Herrera (5 days ago)
Walt is a fucking badass. Even at the end when he had nothing he still to have to tricks up his sleeve
Mr. 26 (5 days ago)
9:30 that guy looks like the dentist from Payday2.
Viktor Birtas (4 days ago)
Because he is
- Mikeg.lifts- (5 days ago)
This show still hasn’t been matched since
fetzcou (5 days ago)
saw the last episode at least 6 times
snuggles03 (6 days ago)
Lol, “ I am awake....ughhhh what?”..... best lines of the entire series
Treefingers (6 days ago)
Can't wait for the upcoming movie
gavin Hh (6 days ago)
best TV show I've ever seen.
Celtix9 (6 days ago)
Wtf this just spoiled the whole show
Ray William Johnson (7 days ago)
Who is here after GoT has completely let them down?
Stoopid (13 hours ago)
Breaking bad so far is still the best show of all time. GOT is 50% porn
Eratosthenes (15 hours ago)
+H M No, season 1-4 was amazing. Season 5 and 6 was shit except for a few moments. 7 and 8.... I have seen better romantic comedies
Mugiwara Luffy (1 day ago)
What a horrible two seasons, can’t believe they ruined it! Could have been the greatest show ever 😤😤
Rajeev k (1 day ago)
Still BB is beast
Joan Heras (1 day ago)
Achillies (8 days ago)
Coming here after Game of thrones season 8. Still Breaking bad is greatest show of all time.
Thanh Dinh (2 days ago)
Sanjay Singh you can say that now after GOT s8 right ? GOT came so close to be a great show. Such pitty.
Omarojas4815162342 (8 days ago)
fucking Skyler bitch
Azamat bikebayev (8 days ago)
I thought that I could watch the first couple of minutes, without any major spoilers, since I just started season 4 but I was dead wrong.
Suuu Sil (8 days ago)
06:31 I ain’t even flinching bro
Wesley Savage (8 days ago)
Skyler is a hoe
amir ali (8 days ago)
im still watching from toronto
Malachi Robinson (8 days ago)
2:49 when you wake up and realize you just fucked a dude.
Alessandro Gentile (8 days ago)
Walter white died
Mêhdi JR (8 days ago)
Im not in danger SKYLER, I am the danger.
Bashar Barsik (8 days ago)
A legendary series 👍
martin ortiz (9 days ago)
What about the brothers shooting Mike. Or the "i fucked Ted" moment
Navindu Induwara (9 days ago)
Hank , for me the most interesting character
Bry The Nice Guy (8 days ago)
Are you crazy?? The most interesting has to be Walt or Saul. Their characters are incredibly deep and both are played by extraordinary actors.
William Schuman (9 days ago)
Best show ever
Malcolm Cartlidge (10 days ago)
Jesse, a much better actor than WW all round. No doubt, just saying........
Arjuna Austin (10 days ago)
most boring show ever
Jack Kenny (9 days ago)
Now I think we are being alittle over dramatic
Zac Pini (10 days ago)
Skylars a stupid bitch like my ex
Oussama Zaïd (10 days ago)
Like = Fuck Skyler
Scottish Outdoors (11 days ago)
Skyler. A cunt of cunts.
Adil Hakim (11 days ago)
Was gonna get into drug empire business until I watch the full series. I think the show is sponsored by say no to drugs campaign. Write a happy ending drug empire story for once for petes sake...
Adil Hakim (11 days ago)
Was gonna get into drug empire business until I watch the full series. I think the show is sponsored by say no to drugs campaign. Write a happy ending drug empire story for once for petes sake...
Adil Hakim (11 days ago)
Was gonna get into drug empire business until I watch the full series. I think the show is sponsored by say no to drugs campaign. Write a happy ending drug empire story for once for petes sake...
Joel Lewis (11 days ago)
Fuck Todd
Irvin Rodriguez (11 days ago)
Fuck you Skyler
SAM (12 days ago)
Walt is that one nerd you messed with in middle school who now is the danger.
Marcos Rubilotta (12 days ago)
James Bond (12 days ago)
Fuck you Hank!! Should've left my homie Walt alone . Rest in piss!! 😉😉😆😆😆😆
Thx1138 (12 days ago)
Putain de série.
Mike Barrett (12 days ago)
I enjoyed the video, but how is the scene where Walter runs over Frings dealers, then shoots them in the head, saving Jesse's life, not included in a breaking bad greatest moments video? Or even the scene in the very first season when walt punks the bullies that were making fun of walt jr at the clothing store? Lot of great moments in the series, and a lot were left out here.
ramya rao (13 days ago)
If I had the eraser memory device of MIB, I would use it to watch for first time Breaking Bad over and over forever
Captain Galaxy (13 days ago)
Every scene, some awesome nuggets on the small-screen. One of, if not the best shows, cable or major network, of all-time. Good to see someone has excellent taste in tv.👍
Karen Macintosh (13 days ago)
I liked it. I was good at it.
MajorWaar (13 days ago)
10:49 Nevers enderstand that shit...
Alexandr Komagorov (13 days ago)
This woman is so freaking stupid 🤦🏼‍♂️ only woman can ruin an empire, 1 woman
saurav banerjee (13 days ago)
3:14 most seductive at the same time sadistic .. best BB Scene
Will Zamora (13 days ago)
Ha my good friend Rick Ortega is the waiter at Don Eladio’s house. Love Breaking Bad as long as I live.
XoyaXenia (13 days ago)
Fuck, and I repeat. FUCK, skylar.
Hugo Stiglitz (13 days ago)
Much better than Game of Thrones
Hugo Stiglitz (13 days ago)
RIP Tuco. Best character ever
Sam Bischoff (13 days ago)
Tears were shed when Hank and Gomey died
Amir.h Akbari (13 days ago)
5:14 :))
Jaqen H'ghar (13 days ago)
I hated "Skyler" so much, I prayed every season they'd kill her off somehow. Most worthless wife in the history of television!
Deadpool Imherebitch (7 hours ago)
Your profile name is the number that people care about your comment "No One"
Haizek Haze (1 day ago)
+rch2288 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣damn
John M. (5 days ago)
I loved Sky. She did more than most wives would have done. And she could a been more like the sister. No she was alright
Cringe Gecko (8 days ago)
I felt bad for skyler. She was manipulated and lied by her husband and forced to be a part of his drug situation
xombiekat13 (9 days ago)
+rch2288 Or Becky
PraWin Shidore (13 days ago)
Entire periodic table involved 😜😉🙄😀😁
Alexandre Schneider (14 days ago)
Watch these scenes made want to watch the whole series again
Perihelion74 (14 days ago)
For all the shit and crime in this show, everyone has really white straight healthy teeth. They must bleach in-between their deals...
King Kay (14 days ago)
WARNING: This show is more addictive than Crystal Meth.
Sajjad Husain (14 days ago)
Darn, I almost considered not watching another episode of BB after Hank was killed. It took me a while to get over that one.
Mary Elizabeth (14 days ago)
dude Gus’ death tho
Too slowmoving; too pseudo-profound.
PlanetBoom (14 days ago)
Did the guy at 8.40 slip past security while they were shooting the scene? 😂😂

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