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it;s only 9 minutes - Meaning Types of ratio and advantages

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Want to compare or find a trend you need to understand Financial Ratios. Financial ratio analysis is a useful tool for users of financial statement. The video beautifully explains what is the meaning of the ratio, various advantages of using a ratio and highlighting different types of ratios - L - Liquidity ratio S- Solvency ratio P - Profitability ratio A- Activity ratio (Please do share your feedback).
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Venkatesh Maddhikunta (14 days ago)
Good video.thanks for the information.
ADITYA PATOORU (15 days ago)
What is mean by ASSETES
Manoj Po (11 months ago)
Talk the English properly. You are talking for your style but before that all are capable to understand your language please talk the English well
Very nicely explained sir Unlike other vedio makers they just give you a sleep
Samriddhi Khale (1 year ago)
Aawwwssmm thnxx 4 explanation nice style thnxx
muniba latif (1 year ago)
it looks like he want to go washroom and have pain in belly
Anuraag pillai (1 year ago)
Your way of speaking makes me wana peench u in the feece >.>
Vivek Tiwari (1 year ago)
Kashyap Makwana (1 year ago)
I dont understand why everyone paying attention to your accent. You explained great thats all matters.
Ms B Benin (1 year ago)
Thank you Sir. That really helped and i love your accent...Please keep up the good works.
Quan Vu (1 year ago)
nice tutorial however would have been much better if the accent could be clearer. Thanks
sudhir hardikar (1 year ago)
Mohammad Faiz (1 year ago)
This video should have a series. But whatever is told, it'll be helpful
FUNTOWN GAMING shaikh (1 year ago)
Can you please speak clear or your own toung
Kottem Saraswathi (1 year ago)
sir can change your way teaching and language please teach in your original tongue
Kana Natarajan (1 year ago)
Oh goodness gracious me!
I find it hard to breathe when i listen to you :/
Prakriti Sapkota (4 months ago)
Explaination is great but i am not able to figure out some words that he is speaking.
Gurwinder Singh (1 year ago)
good video
Syeda Parveen (2 years ago)
very well!!!! loved it
Parimal Kumar (2 years ago)
thank you so much....your the man!!
Lou Bonnett (2 years ago)
Dude, what the hell language are you speaking? Martian?
Rolando rivera (5 months ago)
Obscera (1 year ago)
this is why im giving him a like
Syed Wasim Haider (1 year ago)
Nacho, he is speaking english in angrezi ..do u understand hindi...I saw many angrez to try hindi but after listning here taxi driver was laughing...
Basayar Khan (2 years ago)
well explained
Wilma Menon (2 years ago)
very well explained.. excellent
AJAY KUMAR VERMA (2 years ago)
very nice,thancx
Terry Obi (2 years ago)
Well explained.
Gagan Gupta (2 years ago)
That's an Impressive Presentation. But Sir, Where are your other videos of Accountancy esp. for Class 11th & 12th (of CBSE/ICSE/NIOS Boards.)?

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