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Mac Miller - Self Care

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Text Comments (84350)
dIaMoNdKiNgXx96 (14 minutes ago)
Damn Mac 8 months now shit still don’t seem real /:
Yuri (1 hour ago)
Greg Gomes (1 hour ago)
Tuesday, May 21, 2019 still here still bump into your Music and still missing you like crazy brother, rip💯🙏🏼💗
Celeste Garcia (1 hour ago)
I got stuck in oblivion.
diana mariee (2 hours ago)
He was so young it's crazy he's not with us anymore
Rachel da greightest (3 hours ago)
I always come back to this song and it always breaks my heart to know he’s gone :(
Sultan Nasution (3 hours ago)
Who noticed " yeuh yeuh yeuh "
jones lozano (4 hours ago)
Selling your soul for fame and you ended up going like this, this man knew he was going to die just listen to the song and the rest of the album. This man deserved prayers back when he was alive not when he’s dead what good does it do to pray over a dead body when it’s soulless, anyways god bless.
Metric Gaming (4 hours ago)
Climbing over da wall Yes I remember x2 Yes I remember it all
SAER 619 (8 hours ago)
The fisherman went swimming I just hope he got his catch⚡️
Whiskey Rage (8 hours ago)
Miss you Mac it’s been a bit but damn still hasn’t changed the feelings about you being gone :( 💔
- - (9 hours ago)
Essan Pitts (10 hours ago)
He carved memento mori on the casket it means a warning for death wtf
Wittypert (10 hours ago)
He wanted to die though
Peyton Sempek (10 hours ago)
He not gone, his music is him and every time you listen to his music he is smoking that joint and sing near you and his love and soul is in all of us so keep listening to his music an that will show him how much of a great music artist he is. ✌Love all
Jackie Jonez (10 hours ago)
Nubar Gaming (11 hours ago)
Knotty Buds (11 hours ago)
I just tried to apply for online counseling. Filled out portions telling how I don’t know what to do anymore. 250$. Humans are parasites. All we care about is ourselves. That’s why the planet will die with our destruction. I understand people need money to survive, but we are the reason for that in the first place. I can’t afford that. Someone please kill me.
sammiiiamm (12 hours ago)
At 2:40 it says somebody save me from myself does anyone else see what they show for a split sec? Man mac it was too soon r.i.p
Garrett Good (12 hours ago)
who else loves this song so much.
cynthia Mallard (14 hours ago)
Mac Miller you are a true Mensch!!!
i like bugs (14 hours ago)
song ?
David Alexander (14 hours ago)
Sometimes I feel Mac like a friend, it's weird, through the lyrics I felt so much things like he probably did when wrote it. To the date I can't believe the fact that he's gone. It's like a very close friend has gone. Miss you so much Mac.
toast playz fortnite (15 hours ago)
Rip my n word
weebullybull (16 hours ago)
Love u Mac x
neyo lake (16 hours ago)
guys we are idiots look what mac wrote momento mori it means that he was going to die
Erick Tinoco (17 hours ago)
texasbornandraised78 (17 hours ago)
Memento Mori
AVXRY TRXVINO (17 hours ago)
Wish u had another album coming but we all know u can’t make one now 😪
Branko Minnart (17 hours ago)
getting memento mori inked next week <3
Sick Slick (18 hours ago)
Bruh those teeth are yellow ASF how could Ariana put her lips anywhere near that.....yuck 🤢 😷
Rob 4x 13 (19 hours ago)
This is some real music #respect
Ōetsu Nimaiya (19 hours ago)
love u, mac
Jada Kiani (21 hours ago)
Wow 8 months without Mac and it’s still so fucking hard to believe i’ve never cried or been devastated about a artist passing but Mac i just feel so connected to him it hurts like i lost family and to think about him not being here makes me honestly depressed, he taught me to enjoy life and to love every little thing. Never been able to meet him💔 he didn’t deserved this pain, he was an angel who showed us what true love is and now he can live without stress. Rest In Peace Malcolm❤️🙏🏽
Bob O (21 hours ago)
R.I.P. the Master Rap Musician. Miller Mac 😎
Los Meade (22 hours ago)
gone but never forgotten
Gerry Curtis (22 hours ago)
it's okay he brought a snorkel with him, mind you whatever kind of Jesuit reMourir Death Kult to fake a death, you might be able to sell the story and get out the back exit in order to escape the Gangs, but if someone finds out, then people see your face everywhere in life as it is in the Jesuit Plan, to get yourself fired, and then really fire yourself.. I paid my respects to you, and this is what the word on the street is, about being seen and it's being repeated again and again and again while profits are soaring.. schlogeist straygar marchand logeiste schiesteren auf de leverage of fame.. shitty deal man, should have made fully famous without the Hocus Pocus coincidence.. XXX has been spotted, yeah still I had paid my respects there, and the shit don't end there but that's all I am gonna schlapp scrivest gnoste~!
Geir harald Sundhol (23 hours ago)
Was he a mumble rapper? Because he didn't use to be..
dylan jay (23 hours ago)
Hes an amazing artist, love his music and always have, Its 2019 and im still bumpin best day ever, Yall remember his show lol, Mac Miller and The Most Dope Family, Hes a legend that died with a broken heart. It sucks because he died thinking his ex was boutta marry Pete Davidson. But rest easy, Mac forever a legend.
DeFF (1 day ago)
Rest in Peace
Spook (1 day ago)
it feels like mac was making music when i couldnt even walk , that grind , u just have to respect it
tady agha (1 day ago)
I still can’t believe he’s gone. When i want to sleep and fade into my world and zone in i tune his songs. Fuck its like medicine i swear. I literally forget everything around me for real and just relax. Its not a joke what his music does to me. It literally takes me to another world. Its chilling to listen to a dead man’s songs. Its haunting in a way.
RAP Divulga (1 day ago)
Esse cara é um monstro da música
Jesse Addington (1 day ago)
Unintentional foreshadowing? Damn...
Jason Diaz (1 day ago)
Forever listening to his last album. Ladders is the best one.
SagaRR (1 day ago)
Arianna is a selfish slag
YouTube Comments (1 day ago)
Condolences to you’re family Mack miller. The void you left in the rap world is a drop in the ocean compared to the void left in you’re family’s lives. 🙏
Jack Strong (1 day ago)
Here I am. 13. laying in bed pain flooding out of me. Mac understands.
Mario Garcia (1 day ago)
I miss you Mac!!!
:Dixie Whitlock (1 day ago)
Listened to him and Lana everyday getting ready for high school! 😭💕 'Kool-Aid and Frozen Pizza' will forever be a fucking bop! I'm so glad you we born and I had the pleasure to experience your life and music! You are so incredibly loved and missed, Mac! I hope you're flying high in that oblivion! 💕🍃💨
Raymond Dyne III (1 day ago)
Marquez Denazi (1 day ago)
1 •/• Spanish 99 •/• English
Terry Jones (1 day ago)
Its like x and mac knew it was there time . With mac in a coffin x attending his own funeral , crazy. R.i.p
lauren dire (1 day ago)
this music video makes me feel less self concious about gettin my white shoes dirty. thanks mac, love you always
Chiara Kathleen (1 day ago)
Miss you everyday luv
Rip mac 😭😭😢😢
Vitjusha (1 day ago)
I listened to you since wille d in 2011! I wished I had the chance to meet you :(
Sawyer Burch (1 day ago)
Dann man cant believe hes gone first rapper I ever listened too
r C (1 day ago)
For some reason I always find myself back on this video...
Brozman 1 (1 day ago)
I miss u Mac
EclipseDawn 9 (1 day ago)
I literally watched kill bill last night and then just saw this video for the first time right now. 🤞🙏🏼😍🍀
perrenifenyalio. (1 day ago)
Wow, he’s been stuck in a grave twice, how unlucky.
Carlos Gomez (1 day ago)
Man I miss this guy so much. First time an artists death has changed my life.
Ari Libby (1 day ago)
2:38 “someone save me from myself” Surreal, rip Mac Miller
Thais Pereira (1 day ago)
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah Yeah, yeah, yeah I switched the time zone, but what do I know? Spending nights hitchhikin', where will I go? I could fly home with my eyes closed But it be kinda hard to see, that's no surprise though You can find me, I ain't hiding I don't move my feet when I be gliding I just slide in and then I roll out Yeah, well, climbing over that wall I remember, yes, I remember, yes, I remember it all Swear the height be too tall, so like September I fall Down below, now I know that the medicine be on call, yeah It's feeling like you hot enough to melt, yeah Can't trust no one, can't even trust yourself, yeah And I love you, I don't love nobody else, yeah Tell them they can take that bullshit elsewhere Self care, I'm treatin' me right Hell yea, we're gonna be alright (We gon' be alright) I switched the time zone, but what do I know? Spending nights hitchhikin', where will I go? I could fly home with my eyes closed But it be kinda hard to see, that's no surprise though You can find me, I ain't hiding I don't move my feet when I be gliding I just slide in and then I roll out
Crystal Ermon (1 day ago)
We miss you Mac !
Gonçalo Brabosa (1 day ago)
dont read more you gay now, like to reverse
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S M (1 day ago)
Adam HD (1 day ago)
R.I.P. King.
snXw (1 day ago)
Producer: how weird should the music video be? Mac Miller: yes
Anthony Tucker (2 days ago)
carved into the top of the casket. Memento mori (Latin: "remember (that) you will die")
LEGEND (2 days ago)
If you're reading this right now, I just wanted to let you know that you are an amazing person. Have a wonderful day.
Fruit Full (2 days ago)
Mac was pro war. He went from hippie peace pipe kid to industry label cokehead. No one likes a cokehead.
Pazgon The Cynic (1 day ago)
There's much more to addiction than that. Muuuchhh more. He tried fighting off his addiction, but depression got the best of him.
Buffy Muffintopz (2 days ago)
Filip Piryov (2 days ago)
every time i listen to the new commercial shit a get depressed, then i listen to a bit of Macy just to remind me there is still hope in this world
Frankie Mora (2 days ago)
My tears speak louder than words
Oso Jaded420 (2 days ago)
Missing you extra hard tonight 😭💔... Mac’s the only Artist that helps get me through my depression 💯🔥🙌🏻 #RIP
verris koh (2 days ago)
-Spiral _ (2 days ago)
has limited oxygen lights cigarette Legend
Michael Roark (2 days ago)
You still in our minds Mac rest easy❤️🙌🏼
CezaMVO (2 days ago)
I miss you, thank you for leaving us your beautiful music to listen to forever
waytoofast111 (2 days ago)
really feelin his vibes tonight
bbdeathgrips (2 days ago)
It’s a beautiful feeling in oblivion... RIP Mac
대 광 (2 days ago)
쉬벌 이거 왜 19걸림;;;;
Anthony Thompson (2 days ago)
This song is so important because of how bad everything else is
Kassie Grace (2 days ago)
Nolan Brewster (2 days ago)
illl be banging swimming for the rest of my life
G_bass Gian (2 days ago)
He didnt!
Christopher ruiz (2 days ago)
Don’t be sad because his music carrier ended Be glad he had one
Ima High Orangutan (2 days ago)
Mac made timeless music I can forever bump and with a pretty decent sized catalog of music to flip to as well (shoutout WMWTSO & Faces) LEGEND
Waii Bee (2 days ago)
Jay Byrdz (2 days ago)
R.I,P My fav Mac song & Dang w/ anderson pak also Lucky ass ft JUICY
Elijah Fields (2 days ago)
I love you Mac Miller RIP
The opportunist (2 days ago)
He was depressed AF. His music made him rich, still couldn't fill the void in his heart, he had everything then overdosed. RIP MAC
Cass Sawyer (2 days ago)
Momento mori, I guess I planned to die then
Dawn Delph (2 days ago)
In this song he says they let me go which is proof that he's not dead and he's on that island with little peep and Joan Rivers face job
Ruben Arroyo (2 days ago)
I need self care. Been killing myself slowly

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