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Business Law | Introduction To legal System For CA ACCA MBA B COM | In Urdu Hindi

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In this video you will learn the Legal System which is the first topic of Business Law subject. Students of CA, ACCA, MBA and B Com must be aware of this Legal System introduction. Examiner asks this topic often in CA, ACCA exams. Chartered Accountancy students of ICAP CAF and ACCA or ICAI must be aware of these basic concepts of law. What is Law, What is Mercantile Law, What is Civil law and What is Business Law are discussed in this video. Plus who makes the law and sources of Law in Pakistan are also discussed.
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Yasir Awan (1 month ago)
Thanks sir plz ar videos law pa bna dn.
Usman Zuberi (1 month ago)
Yasir Awan ok will upload soon. you can subscribe channel and bell for video notification
Yasir Awan (1 month ago)
@Usman Zuberi plz continue full 1 chp..
Usman Zuberi (1 month ago)
Yasir Awan yes will do. which topic you want to learn?

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