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IQ Option 2018 Strategy - 90% Of Winning Trades On 1 Minute Timeframe

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Get FREE $1000 Account - https://bit.ly/2RWtlvt IQ Option Strategy for 90% Winning Trades. Try NOW!! This Strategy is for 60 seconds timeframe. Watch carefully video to see exact setup instructions for indicators. Please Like this video and Subscribe and i will release more trading strategies on binary options. If you have any questions let me know in the comments below. I'll be more than glad to answer. Have fun and Good luck! cheers :)
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Annabel Harrison (3 days ago)
In trading, losses are part of the norm, so a trader must learn to accept losses as part of the process. Losses are not failures. However, not taking a loss quickly is a failure of proper trade management. Even Mr. Sanjay whom I respect so much in this field is yet to attain 100% winning rate. Mr. Sanjay has a winning rate of 91% which I consider perfect.
Jessica Cradle (6 days ago)
I am a good person, I respect any knowledge that can be useful to people.Am happy for making good profit from my trading . Mr Alfred is a nice person to work with , Thanks
Melissa Jessie (6 days ago)
Go for Alfred Trade he has the best strategy to handle trade for you ([email protected])
Mary Willie (6 days ago)
He's a good portfolio is been handling my trade and very sure of my R.O.I. contact him through email [email protected]/whatapp +18026840782
Susan Kirby (6 days ago)
Have been so hurt by trying to make profit anytime i trade can you please tell on how to reach this broker
Z Video (7 days ago)
it's working thanks
A was a long term user of IQ option for one and a half year, it is a good platform for trading, but i wished to have a larger payouts, i have asked the customer desk of IQ option, if they have any bonus program for loyal customers, but they cannot provide me with such things, because my deposits was not so big. There are not so much platforms with high payout percentage, I choosed between IG and Pocket option, Pocket Option won. They have a better percentage of payouts and a lot of bonuses, even if your deposit amount is not so big.
flori mayer (10 days ago)
People don't you get tired of people showing how much they have made instead of showing how they did it? I have been trading with Mr Dominic's strategy and things has been awesome for me. I made $8,000 the a week i let him handle my account.Ihave so much trust in him because he showed me the way. You can reach him on dominicyaroslav (a) G.m.a.i.l . com
Aparajita Saha (8 days ago)
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Timothy Geithner (10 days ago)
Dominic you are indeed a lifesaver. I made it when i thought i lost it all. All thanks to Dominic my hero
Patricia Morgan (10 days ago)
I always trade with confidence because of the consistency of Dominic's strategy
Mary Don (10 days ago)
My investments are always secure with dominic because of his good account management skills
T.I.L (11 days ago)
Eric Layne (12 days ago)
With an expert trader like Mr Edward Thompson, you shouldn't worry about losing money on btc trading any more. He has been managing mine for some months now. And he guarantees me if my weekly profits.
Sarah Scott (12 days ago)
All I can say to Mr Edward is thank you, for changing my financial situation.
Eric Layne (12 days ago)
@Simon Dawson you mail him ([email protected])
Simon Dawson (12 days ago)
Pls, I am in need of trading assistance how can I contact Mr Edward? I have heard so much about his good works.
Philip McLean (12 days ago)
As I newbie in trading, I lost most of my savings btc trading. But my life turned around when I met Mr Edward. And he has no problem with payments of profits. That's where most traders fault.
Yasmine Santos (12 days ago)
I trade with Mr Edward too. I made $6,700 on my first trade him. He is transparent with his strategies. I might start trading on my own soon.
Rachel Fally (13 days ago)
Anyone knows about mr maxwell wills?
Roar Odneal (49 minutes ago)
I have had a lot of trading experience along side with Mr Maxwell Wills and he’s very good when it comes to trading binary options
Solange Kins (2 days ago)
Thought i was the only one trading with maxwell lol
Mujtaba Jaffer (2 days ago)
He is really a pro, i advise anyone who is looking to go into the market as a beginner to contact Maxwell wills, he is a very good account manager
Mujtaba Jaffer (2 days ago)
Never took binary optionss serious my series of losses until I contacted mr maxwell two months ago and I’ve been making huge profits very since
Tiffany Riddle (3 days ago)
going into the market not knowing how to go about the most profitable trades can be very discouraging but Maxwell wills assures this and has made my trading dreams come true
Craige Alex (15 days ago)
Not too long ago i began trading with a new broker I met here via YouTube, i have to say as much as there are scammers out there, there are also genuine and praise worthy account managers out there, skepticism most times is the first stumbling block to success. I have overcome mine, I now earn by trading with Mahmoud Abbas. He is truly the sort of person everyone should emulate. Discipline, punctuality and a no nonsense attitude. I have learned and earned so much from him. Everyone can be a part of this. Contact him today for questions on how to participate. Email: [email protected] com
Alberto Raymond (15 days ago)
Binary options are an easy platform for both the seasoned as well as the novice traders to start from. Once you get accustomed to the process, you will be making profits like a pro and the best way to get accustomed to it is by contacting a good broker, that's Mahmoud Abbas. Contact him directly: [email protected] com
Clint Javier (15 days ago)
"there is no other account manager as effective as he is, i made $23k in one month of trading'
fritz Gayana (15 days ago)
i can afford nice vacations now and my life's quality has substantially improved because of this broker.
Guddati Carter (15 days ago)
the support is is excellent and Mr Mahmoud Abbas does his best to educate his clients and keep us with the latest trends, so i'm happy to always come back and trade anytime.
tauno bin laden Missy (15 days ago)
a lot of people who don't know him or those that haven't traded with him would say otherwise but the honest truth is that he has helped more people than i can count and that has to stand for something.
vieira dennis (16 days ago)
Trading is a lot like riding a roller coaster. Although it's obviously not fun and exciting as it seems, there will be times when you feel scared, nervous . When these bad times come, it’s important to not panic or give up. One excellent thing to do during these troubling times is to learn from traders who have been in your shoes and know the path to success. over the years i lost huge amount of money using wrong indicators, signals , strategies, and even met some wrong traders, before i met Sir Dagobert Decker whom turned everything around for the better for me , you too can be a partaker of his good works reach him via (((dagobertdecker112 @ g mail. com ) ...............
john lucas (16 days ago)
Most profitable, reliable and accurate strategy and mentor i have ever seen all thanks to Sir Dagobert Decker ..
williams gammer (16 days ago)
The road to success is usually narrow , it doest not always start with 100% win win
BORIS VADIM (16 days ago)
Keep winning with the ultimate strategy
ochs owen (16 days ago)
BOT is very essential you make easy cash at the comfort of your home it's easy fast and secured if you are with the right strategy or account manager, thus i recommend Sir Dagobert Decker to you all who is willing to make good profit i was also once his student .
Eric jackson (16 days ago)
@Eric Jackson He's actually the best mentor i have ever worked with he's so nice and friendly
Frank Anser (22 days ago)
found new review about broker iqoptions.net and olymptraders.net
sapitron (24 days ago)
are you the first human capable of talking backwards all the time?
Dominic Magat (1 month ago)
joyz dahtcute (1 month ago)
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Robert Navas (1 month ago)
Greeting Y'all It's all about good recommendation
Robert D. Moore (16 days ago)
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L Z (2 months ago)
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Dianne Lindsey (2 months ago)
Mr Steven Made me earn more and I am happy i am trading with him
I can testify to this effect and He's Absolutely honest
Timothy Mario (2 months ago)
If it was to be anyone it would be Mr Mahmoud Abbas that has been behind my success in trading binary, with a minimum investment of $1000 i was will able to get $14,600 i gladly justify that he's good with his strategies and a good manager to be proud of. You can reach him out in his mail: [email protected] com
I actually enjoy the fact that this days all I do is take care of my kid and wait for more money, Thanks to Mr Mahmoud Abbas
Jay Alex (2 months ago)
It always seems good to meet the right man when I meet Mr Mahmoud Abbas I meet good life
Tawhid Sa hino (2 months ago)
Oh my GOD i never knew we could have a man like this on here he is absolutely true to his words i strongly recommend him for investors who are really ready to earn good returns on investment.
I am very confident trading with Mr Mahmoud's strategy because of the steady income he makes for me. He has never faltered. I never thought i would grow such profit over a short time.
Kelvin Cross (2 months ago)
I’m really impressed with my trades daily as I invest with Sir Jacob Lowery who makes profit for me weekly with his intelligence and experience
Juliet Heggins (2 months ago)
Yes that’s his number, I won’t stop investing with him
Nina Mason (2 months ago)
Wow I was recommended to this expert trader, y'all must have heard about his commitment. I never knew there were reliable people like him. Investing by myself never profited me, I had to text him on WhatsApp (+ 19292243708) for help.
Leonardo Suso (2 months ago)
Mr Jacob is my first broker in binary trading and as a result I have never lost. eight successful investment and counting.
سناب تيوب (2 months ago)
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Michelle Johnson (2 months ago)
You too can say no to hard work and say hello to glory days. It’s been winning back to back investing in bitcoin . Margaret is God sent, she changed my life. With investment of $50 investment you can earn at least $200 weekly, stop looking for magic where there is none. Thank you Margaret on instagram @margaretptrading or email her [email protected]
Adithya Sankalpa (2 months ago)
Ayoub Romain Wong (2 months ago)
Mr Reid Hoffman works for me too So far with Mr Reid Hoffman help my longest winning streak has been 23, the man is a genius at this.
Warre Tuur John (2 months ago)
Cas Robbe Tony Where can I Find Mr Reid Hoffman?
Cas Robbe Tony (2 months ago)
I must say Mr Reid Hoffman has made quite an impact in the trading community today
Mathys Emile Graig (2 months ago)
Sorry About I too was a victim to fake bots, but that's all over now.
Sem Jasper Ralph (2 months ago)
how can I get in touch with him, have seen so many recommendations but they all fail. been scammed twice. I hope one day ill get a real trader manager
Nand Mauro Munafo (2 months ago)
Be careful with the Traders you Met On line, so-called "expert traders" they should provide a concrete evidence and a transparent proof that they are legit. I have tried one. and he took my money and never granted my withdrawal requests, Now i Tried Mr Reid Hoffman Strategies He is 100% Real, Trade with Him Thanks
Pace Sibiya (2 months ago)
Wow wonderful Also add RSI (period 20) if its over bought or sold pull the trigger. Remember do exactly as she showed but add what o told you.... Thank me later
Mahbub Hasan (3 months ago)
sir its work realy awesome many many thnkuuuuuuu
Fadia Razaini (3 months ago)
Doing trade is extremely profitable when using the right techniques and strategies and also frustrating for those without better system to trade and signal provided. If you need an beneficiary trade and you are loosing out all your investment instead of profiting, there is still a big hope for you to recover all your lost founds. [Some traders will tell you that either you lose or gain] In my case loosing is a failure is not an option... you can contact Mahmoud Abbas at: [email protected] com
Craige Alex (3 months ago)
The best source of income, are multiple sources of income. Sometimes we need to get our minds off negativity and just motivate ourselves, work hard to change your life, stop giving excuses because you will end up not achieving your dreams, take a chance and try something new. I been trading with Mr Mahmoud Abbas for a while and its been really lucrative.
elizabeth guess (3 months ago)
Trading binary options requires lots lots of preparation and understanding without these concepts you run a high chance of trading losses.i am so happy I made the excellent choice trading with Mahmoud Abbas Contact him directly: [email protected] com
Barry Cruz (3 months ago)
The Business Plan and Software really helped me put things into perspective as far as the long term exponential growth using conservative leverage. I now take smaller positions, not stay in trades to long, accept break even stops, have patience, and only trade at good time frame. I make my points and spend the rest of my returns enjoying it with my family! BIG thanks to your team Mahmoud Abbas!
Timothy Mario (3 months ago)
Trading almost made me run out of savings, until i stumbled across a referral concerning Mahmoud Abbas, he gave me another chance to believe options/Forex trading again after introducing me to his masterclass strategic system of trading with a win rate of 97%. i strongly advice anyone still struggling to contact him for help. [email protected] com
elizabeth guess (3 months ago)
Most of us have tried lots of method and keep missing it because we have no personal expert guide. [email protected] com is the best trader in my life
Barry Cruz (3 months ago)
My trader Mr Mahmoud Abbas has really been good to me and my family with the weekly profits I get on my investment. His level of consistency marvels me most times. Mr Mahmoud Abbas always delivers.
Fadia Razaini (3 months ago)
I have been trading for a couple of months now before i met Mahmoud Abbas. The problem was my time, because I have a full-time job I have limited time to really be trading. Since i started trading with him, I have been able to manage my job and make money at the same time. My first trade with him, I made 9500 eur. I'm glad we crossed paths. contact him via email: [email protected] com
Craige Alex (3 months ago)
I must say it’s best to trade with an expert, he wins you win too, I have been making huge profits consistently, thanks to Mr Mahmoud Abbas. contact him via email: [email protected] com
Jay Alex (3 months ago)
what a remarkable performance , Mr Mahmoud Abbas helped my nephew made almost $5,000 in just 1 week, I have him trade for me, you should have him trade for you too, you won't regret it. contact him via: [email protected] com
Chong Hong Yi (3 months ago)
https://tradeiqoptions.com/ take a look above link I've shared. All these broker inside the link are scammers. Please stop promoting them to innocents and keep wasting their money on bastard broker. bastard broker: Stone Adams, Jacob Lowery, Mrs Kayla Palmer....ETC
FinBrain Technologies (3 months ago)
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Kaitlin Ivy Bombers (3 months ago)
Invest with the right guide... An ROI of 17,500pounds bi-weekly. Thank you so much Alec poe
Bradford West (3 months ago)
Thank you so much Alec poe. You a true help and guide. I have gotten my profit in my bitcoin wallet
Robert D. Moore (3 months ago)
My profit for a few hours today is 11970 euros. t.co/ojjzFryXoX
Kaitlin Ivy Bombers (3 months ago)
I highly recommend traders, especially those finding it difficult to earn profit to get in contact with Mr Diego >>>[email protected]<<< you be blessed you did.
David Neal (3 months ago)
Kate Glooms I’m also a beneficiary of Diego Albert trading system. I earn quite a fortune with him handling my trade as well
Veronika Anastasova (3 months ago)
Has anyone trade with Emma Carter is she a scammer?
FinBrain Technologies (3 months ago)
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Kayla J White (3 months ago)
thanks for helping me understand how to trade on whatsapp +19142007649 god bless you
donald moore (3 months ago)
Sir Andrew Feldstein is an icon reliable and trusted man , he has really helped me , after elaborating and putting me through the procedures of making investment, i put in $1200 and he traded for me and I got my profit of $15,653 after 7 day and let it be clear, he is the best trader I know
REAL TALK (25 days ago)
@Shadowiff they are scam most of them
Sakeema Nurdin (2 months ago)
@Shadowiffits real Comments . Don’t risk trading ordinarily again, allow an expert to assist you or use a working strategy with 90% signal daily? he has an amazing strategy that gives 95% of your investment daily with 90% signal, if you are interested, i recommend you contact Andrew Feldstein and start winning
Shadowiff (2 months ago)
Are these real comments or just 1 guy reposting alternatives
Ananda Reyansh (2 months ago)
@cas ru can get him through his email [email protected] com for more info
Ohh Good lord why is all about your own traders whom i do give my hard earn to with no outcome nor profits.. I’ve really lost a lot and it made me realise that what you are looking for is in front of you. Sam Aryan really changed my life when all my hope was lost on trading ever
Byron Mann (3 months ago)
It was unbelievable when I contacted Sir Aryan and today I got £2000 just for a start... no one has ever done that but to make me lose all I had then. So Thankful Sam Aryan
Daniella Lees (3 months ago)
I really appreciate all Sam has done for my family
melisa calburg (4 months ago)
Binary option remains the best source of income to make money online when you make use of Mr. Kennedy's trading software and strategies. Contact him directly via email on [email protected] Your profit is 100% guaranteed.?
judith ryan (4 months ago)
Thank you Samuel
IQ Option Sri Lanka (4 months ago)
wow super.join with me
Mike Brandon (4 months ago)
if you need help trading forex/binary i recommend Samuel and his team. Follow him on Instagram @samfxtraining or email him [email protected]
byron cooper (4 months ago)
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Will Streule (4 months ago)
he is the best in the business. Knowing him has been the best thing that has ever happened to me.
David Craig (4 months ago)
his strategy is way out of this world. So glad i got in touch with him.
Arthur Dean (4 months ago)
Looking for a trustworthy Binary Options and Forex Trade expert to manage your trade account for you and make good profits for you? I will recommend, Mr Thomas Kostas.
Josef Yuri (4 months ago)
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Liam Jayson (4 months ago)
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anita miller (4 months ago)
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audu nurudeen (4 months ago)
This is not the first time I'm seeing recommendations about this man. I feel he is really good for people to always talk about him.
Paul Brown (4 months ago)
One of the secret of having a better trade is to have someone who is trustworthy and has a unique strategy like mr Hafeez Ullah Most beginners are always affected because they are not been guided
Steven Bialey (4 months ago)
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Johnson Cole (4 months ago)
he is the best trader and Instructor i have ever met trading binary options, consider it an opportunity to have come across him
Kimura Kenta (4 months ago)
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Bennett Emily (4 months ago)
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Brooks Megan (4 months ago)
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Bithi Sarkar (4 months ago)
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mark goldblatt (4 months ago)
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mark goldblatt (4 months ago)
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Calvin J. Cheney (4 months ago)
This app is incredibly well. It shows right signals most of the time. You shouldn't ignore this app.
FEXZI (5 months ago)
doesn't work the way u think? why
michael smith (5 months ago)
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MILLER DAVIS (4 months ago)
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Ned Fabian Lix (5 months ago)
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Take the brave step and message him now.
Edgar Gabriel (5 months ago)
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Chhun Heng (5 months ago)
Hello guys, I am a new investor in IQ and i don’t know how to make own strategy. Anyone tell me ?plz
Caroline Rowden (2 months ago)
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ameer ali (5 months ago)
ameer ali (5 months ago)
@Mercy Oli many lost get one profit😞
Rob Rebles (5 months ago)
Trading has been beneficial
Steven Bialey (4 months ago)
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Mst.Abeda Begum (4 months ago)
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Mary Cox (5 months ago)
Romon is the only one I trust to handle my trades
Rob Rebles (5 months ago)
his name is SanDiego Romon you can reach him via email:[email protected] tell him I referred you
Ali A (5 months ago)
Hello guys . How to change the awesome indicator settings?why can not i change the time periods ?I use the olymp trade.
Fadia Razaini (5 months ago)
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Papp Norbi (4 months ago)
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hakeem bello (5 months ago)
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Abigail Katelyn (5 months ago)
I have to admit, when I first reached out to him, i still had my doubts, but as time went on, i began to see the bigger picture, and his motive became clear to me. the man is honest.
tony valentine (5 months ago)
There are very few men who have the knowledge of that special strategy that makes steady earnings for investors. I can boldly say Mr. Abbas is one of them
paper bug9124 (5 months ago)
I am forever grateful to Mr. Abbas for remaining consistent in winning profits. This has helped to raise the standard of living for me
Phillip North (5 months ago)
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Eduardo Hsieh (5 months ago)
why seems everyone has teacher to help each other ? where your guys find instructor ?
kareemie (5 months ago)
Whats the name of this trade software?
Fadia Razaini (5 months ago)
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