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How to Convert OST to PST File - Recover Emails from OST

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http://www.convert-ost-pst.net/?ref-yt-desc - Hello friends, This video tutorial will let you know how to convert Outlook OST file to PST, in order to get access to emails, contacts & other attributes. You need to convert OST to PST, if MS Exchange crashes or your mailbox got deleted or when you take OST file with you & delete your account while leaving the company. In the last case, though you have OST file, you cannot access it without the account on which it was created. So what will you do in such cases??? At this point, you need proper tool which can convert your OST file to PST, so that you can use this PST file on your Outlook profile & get back your emails & other data. Now, let me show you one such software, it is called Remo OST to PST Converter. Visit the site "convert-ost-pst.net" & download the tool. Choose the path to save the PST file created from OST. Finally, click "Convert" button. Now, software begins the conversion process, it will take time depending on the size of your OST file. Upon the completion, you can see the output folder with the converted file. That's it guys, now you can add or import this PST file to your Outlook profile & access your data. So give this software a try & overcome all your worries. Visit the site mentioned in the description to get Remo OST to PST converter. Subscribe my channel to view more videos on MS Outlook.
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Text Comments (11)
Waqqar Ahad (2 years ago)
Wesley Marques (2 years ago)
Subbu Hyderabadi (3 years ago)
Thanks, very information and helpful.
Ashish Adhikari (3 years ago)
good job mate
Nicu Zecheru (3 years ago)
Or, you can simply archive your emails to a pst file
Olaf Burch (4 years ago)
Nicely explained. Such a one of problem solver email conversion tool and able to fix user problems.
Oscar MDX (4 years ago)
You need to go to a Kwik-E-Mart to get the software hahahahaha
Ousmane Alhassoumi Sow (5 years ago)
Moorosi Ramosebi (5 years ago)
Free version doesnt work.... MXM
John Barbour (5 years ago)
Thank you for the info~!
John Barbour (4 years ago)

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