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ASUS Strix GeForce GTX 970 Video Card

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ASUS sent over their Strix GTX 970, a factory overclocked version of the GTX 970 Maxwell GPU. It lists a few pretty interesting features, like a "zero decibel" mode when playing games that don't push the GPU - but how does it compare to its competition? Hulu Plus link: http://huluplus.com/linus Sponsor link: http://linustechtips.com/main/topic/126038-cooler-master-nepton-280l/?hl=nepton Pricing & discussion: http://linustechtips.com/main/topic/220645-asus-strix-gtx-970/?p=3024733 Support us: http://linustechtips.com/main/topic/75969-support-linus-tech-tips-our-affiliates-and-sponsors/ Graphics card overclocking master sheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AmLKAgEko3SAdHFtby1jNTFvaTF2UHhaMzdMQ0FNM2c&usp=sharing Join our community forum: http://bit.ly/ZkLvE7 https://twitter.com/linustech http://www.facebook.com/LinusTech Intro Screen Music Credit: Adhesive Wombat - Check out his channel here: http://youtube.com/adhesivewombat Outro Screen Music Credit: Approaching Nirvana - Sugar High http://www.youtube.com/approachingnirvana
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Text Comments (4312)
IBadGrammar (2 days ago)
ahh my old video card
Matthew Chometa (24 days ago)
安秋老方 NJLaoF (1 month ago)
It this GTX970 support VP9???
Kian Tomlin (2 months ago)
i still use this card - 2019
KING COBRA (1 month ago)
I just got this card lmao
Yeet Yeet (3 months ago)
it’s good. 4/5... I’ve used it for 4 years and it’s nice. you can play any game nowadays 2019 standards at over 60fps. You don’t need anything more
Yeet Yeet (3 months ago)
I’m still using this lol
Niko Nikkerston (3 months ago)
I have this GPU Still in my pc when it was 2015
SuperiorMe PW (4 months ago)
Love it,eventhough there is 3.5 fast mem
3D Fer (4 months ago)
2019 and this card still rocks at 1080p.
Menghini (5 months ago)
It´s a good card, but the coilwhine is standard...
CSGO Detective (5 months ago)
can anyone help me my asus strix gtx 970 4g oc edition has no display on booth only continues beeeeeep sound but all fans are spinning
Jacob Fullman (5 months ago)
The CLASSIC INTRO SOUND holy shit I remember that from way, way deep in my memories
iHelloway (6 months ago)
fans are horrible n noisy, one broke, my suggestion just mod the coolers and u are set to go , cause gpu itself is awesome !
luckylukasminer (6 months ago)
Anyone looking back to this video from 2019?
PurpleCider (6 months ago)
I just got this for $140 usd
Still 5/5
Take Hiro LOL (10 months ago)
And now it will be the next potato...
icecreammm2 (10 months ago)
I bought this card a couple days ago. Most recent games still run with all settings on ultra in 1080p and sometimes even in 2.5K. Just amazing for a 4 year old card.
OPTERON PRIME (10 months ago)
Thank you Linus and Luke
Zk Genius (11 months ago)
make a video to differentiate between 3fan gtx 970 G1 vs 2 fan gtx 970
Level99Clitoris (11 months ago)
Still using one in 2018 yolo
Bryan Lotus (1 year ago)
people buy asus just because of better cooling
Anja Schwager (1 year ago)
I have a bud that gave me that for 100$ and I can get it from eBay for 259$
MOHD JOHARI DINAH (1 year ago)
Need to know the the new of every card how much?
Xombied (1 year ago)
Anyone watching this in 2018 because they are still proud of their ASUS Strix GTX 970? Well Iam :P :D
stonefx83 (9 months ago)
using 2x Asus Strix 970 @i7-4790k.still a great system😆
MechaGodJovi (1 year ago)
For some reason this was on my recommended but I'm still happy with mine. I paired it with a i5-4690K and honestly it still holds great today and I still haven't had to lower any game settings down except maybe a handful.
Sander Cohen (1 year ago)
I fell for the G1 gaming of the 970... As it happens, i ended up with a pretty good chip, but the extra features of the STRIX would've been pretty nice... It also suffers from a LOT of coil whine, but it clocks up 1627Mhz on the core and about 800 Mhz offset on memory, which is pretty crazy, considering that i didn't touch the voltage (it only induced screen tearing and worse coil whine). With a custom fan curve, it stays pretty quiet, but even at 100% fan speed, it makes surprisingly little sound. GPU never goes over 90, as that is where I've set the curve to 100% fan speed, but even so, doesn't go over 78 in actual games. Only in benchmarks, does the fan have to spin over 70%. Still, if not for my luck with the silicon lottery, i would've bought the STRIX any day.
Rasmon 123 (1 year ago)
I have that
Arthurashr (1 year ago)
The question is... can it run Cookie Clicker??
Hazher Abdullah (1 year ago)
Asus Strix is so good
Mojito (1 year ago)
I love this card.. Got it.. And overclocked at 1580 mhz coreclock!!!
Cycie (1 year ago)
How long do you think you'll be keeping yours? I'm just about to buy one for a used pc hunt at $600 expecting this to last me at least 3 years before I buy another proper $600-800 build. (Hoping and assuming prices for GPUs and DDR4 calms back down) Used: 3770k + Z77 board ($240) 16GB DDR3 1600MHz ($80) GTX 970 ($200 for the strix, $180 for msi) Seasonic M12ii evo 650watts bronze ($60 brand new) some good looking brand new case ($40) ps: brand new case and psu because those last 2-3 builds before upgrade right? and SSD will be from my laptop. I computed if going for a brand new build I can get myself a Ryzen 3 1200, B350M board, 8GB DDR4, GTX 1050 + the case and psu above. Thoughts for this? pps: I'm not entirely in a rush for a pc maybe I could wait til Q3
Mojito (1 year ago)
I have an Gtx 970 Asus Strix OC .. Overclocked @ 1580 Mhz Coreclock and 4200 Mhz Memoryclock @ Stockvoltage.
Cycie (1 year ago)
How far can yours?
Mojito (1 year ago)
I would say its same or a bit better than the MSI .. and the Gigabyte has the better Cooler.. BUT in the End it depends on the Chipquality how high u can Overclock the Chip .. 1580 MHZ is more than the average Overclock of the Gtx 970 .. I would say the average Overclock of the 970 is around 1450 mhz - 1500 mhz ~
Cycie (1 year ago)
Would you say its better than an MSI and the G1 from Gigabyte for OC?
How2Basics (1 year ago)
It’s 2018 and I still get great performance from this card
khan (1 year ago)
This is gaming card
Robix (1 year ago)
i have it after 2 years the fans are breaking down
Radu Barbulescu (1 year ago)
is it worth now for the same price as the gtx 1050ti ?
Carson Garnett (1 year ago)
One I have 🔥💯
TheMiningTeam (1 year ago)
It's easy to compare my system to this one because I have the exact same card!
Erik Björk (1 year ago)
When ur watching in 2017 and still have a gtx 480
SumTing Wong (1 year ago)
Not a bad graphics card at all. I'm still rock n roll with it in 2017.
Richie Hyacinth (1 year ago)
I can now get one of these for less than $200 on auction on ebay, gtx 1050 ti aint an option anymore
Void Beats (1 year ago)
can it run csgo at 300fps*?
Biccy Thiccy (1 year ago)
probably on low. Will probably run 180iish on max
Angel Cortez (1 year ago)
3 years later, I'm still playing all new games max out @1080p... I even got this card to hit 1513mhz/7800mhz @1212 voltage while still running at a cool 60-65°c under heavy load...
Liam Fletcher (10 months ago)
Angel Cortez i know it's ridiculous right... People just don't get it do they
Hoss0805 (2 years ago)
Biccy Thiccy (1 year ago)
Still thought for a 2.1k rig you should at least get a 1080. I am getting a $1k pc in like 6 months its gonna have a better card than a 1060 (RX 580) My dad has a $1700 one with a 1080ti the bottlenecks gonna be real
Hoss0805 (1 year ago)
Crimson yea I have an I7 core and yea I'm getting the ryzen my dad said I can get a 1060 6g he changed his mind
Biccy Thiccy (1 year ago)
Well its going to be a massive bottleneck. Gonna assume your getting a Ryzen threadripper 1950x right? Why didn't you just get an extreme i7 and a 1080ti would perform much better in games
Hoss0805 (2 years ago)
French Basment yea my dad would not let me spend my own money on a expensive vidoe card😒
French Basment (2 years ago)
Vault Boi 2100$ pc and your using this card?
Maelstrom (2 years ago)
this thing is still beast :)
stijngmail (2 years ago)
how on earth did you guys get plus 250 on the base clock of the 780 ti reference model without even touching the volts? i have the directu ii model and i can barely get the base clock over 1000 without artefacts...
Liam 2077 (2 years ago)
Holy shit my 970 runs at 54 degrees under load with Heaven Benchmark.
YoStu (2 years ago)
Card is good, fans are crap. Have read a lot about rattling and failing fans with these cards and one fan of my Strix also starts to make terrible noise when certain rpm is reached. And no, it's nothing simple like fan blades touching wires etc. When PC is turned off and I pull the noisy fan it's shaft feels very loose and it moves quite a bit vertically, quiet fan doesn't budge at all and feels tight so bearing seem to be shot.
Elsa Debroglie (2 years ago)
Looks like Linus has dirt all over his face in this video.
TotallyJerd (2 years ago)
Gary Kildall (1 year ago)
TotallyJerd Don’t have nostalgia for my current card!
ViniByte (2 years ago)
970 was like 50% slower than 980? Now a slightly OCd 970 is equal to 980
Aaron Stickle (2 years ago)
6:45 the gtx ninesevenemy
Frocodile Fundee (2 years ago)
is this good for gaming anymore
Blitzerman (2 years ago)
typically, just my luck! Mine has coil whine! SOOO ANNOYING!
Matthew Suffidy (2 years ago)
I just got this model for $250 Canadian. Used, but so mint there wasn't even dust on the fans. I sold my old 550 Ti for $50. It is a pretty cool card. I really got it for cpu compute in blender.
Resident Sleeper (2 years ago)
Has anyone used this GTX 970 with a 430w that has a 8-pin power connector??
MLG Oatmeal (2 years ago)
bioshock infinite can run on a hotdog
JustToBe Blunt (2 years ago)
I love this card maxed out forza 6 at 2560x1440 averaged 65-70fps with a max of 90fps on some tracks.
Pubudu Peiris (2 years ago)
I have the option of buying Asus GTX 970(used) or a Gigabyte/MSIGTX 1050TI (brand new) in 2017 Feb. Can someone suggest which is better?
GreenPanda (2 years ago)
A Gain St
David (2 years ago)
does anyone think that an evga 430 watt bronze certified psu would be enough for this card?
wizzgamer (2 years ago)
Yes that would be fine your entire machine will only draw 350-380 watts max with that card as long as your not over clocking you will be fine.
Ian Darmetko (2 years ago)
I just OCed my MSI Gaming 970 and man oh man is it a beast. I was able to get 8002mhz Memory Clock and an insane 1524mhz core clock with a temp of 65c under full load. I think I got pretty lucky with my card.
JDdawide (2 years ago)
I got this card today for 150 dollars!
BTW (2 years ago)
JDdawide Sad!
OnkelDannyTV (2 years ago)
Hi Linus and chat! I have a ASUS Strix Geforce 970 graphics card, and it is amazing! Anyway, there is one thing that really bothers me about the card, there is a super bright LED light that lights up white when the card is receiving power. Even when I turn my computer off, the light still lights up, and with a windowed case it is bright at night. Is there anyway I can disable this or do something to stop it? :) Hope you guys can help me! :)
Michał Iwaszczyszyn (2 years ago)
Maybe I would give you a stupid question but Will this ASUS GPU work on the Gigabyte Motherboard?
theres one thing that i dont understand: theres gigabyte gtx 970, nvidia gtx 970, evga gtx 970, msi gtx 970..... and they all are different cards
IncredibleeHulkk (2 years ago)
i have i5 4460, gtx750 and 8 gb ram and now i have to buy gtx 970 strix can i run it?
dustojnik hummer (2 years ago)
I rate this video 3.5/4
speedy killa (2 years ago)
I'm Gonna get a GTX 970 and Intel i5 6500, Will i experience any bottleneck?
Raul Lopes (2 years ago)
Your CPU won't bottleneck it. I use this same graphics with an i5 4570 + 16 GB RAM and it runs very well. Even GTA V runs at very high settings with MSAA 2X at 1080p with 60~80 fps. It will work fine on your computer.
uncertainreminder (2 years ago)
definetly, just make sure it stays cool
George Kershaw (2 years ago)
ah ok, i have an i5-3470 3.2ghz will I be ok?
uncertainreminder (2 years ago)
for example, when your graphics card gets slower because you are using a bad processor
George Kershaw (2 years ago)
what's bottleneck?
trismack (2 years ago)
I have this card and if you want to know its performance, you can check my game plays of latest PC games :)
It's Kryptic (2 years ago)
Someone help are all the gtx line cards nvidia
Updated Bachelor (2 years ago)
Is this card already overclocked as there is no mention of it
DBZMousa (2 years ago)
jatin sharma yes it is but not very much you could get better
Matt Smith (2 years ago)
I bought mine from Amazon because of this video and I don't regret it for any reason whatsoever. This is the best card I have ever had and I cant wait to get the 1080 version in a few years.
yogesh thakur (2 years ago)
help!!!!!!!!!!! ? best graphic card for full hd gaming (gta5 , tomb raider etc) and more
trismack (2 years ago)
this card is awesome, GTAV runs smooth in 1080p resolution. try to visit my channnel and watch my game plays using this card. but if you have the budget then go for GTX 1080 :)
Nils Carlson (2 years ago)
is it still good. i have this card
Xywx (2 years ago)
lol same but GTX 970 and i7 6700k and it can run bf1 on ultra setting, no need for 1080 (for now)
UltimateDriftR (2 years ago)
Daniel Currie Cheers for sharing that lol because I have the exact same specs lol.
Daniel Currie (2 years ago)
What a load of tosh, I have an i5 6600K, with 8gb Ram and an ASUS Strix GeForce GTX 970 and can run anything I throw at it (including GTA V and watch dogs 2) on ultra at beyond 60fps+ Ave
Nils Carlson (2 years ago)
ok thank you
Samer AL-Manasra (2 years ago)
great, you won't be able to maximize settings as this would require a GTX1070 GPU to get average 60fps with 1080p but the card is recommended for both games in case you play High/1080p, so this would be enough to play average of 60fps
TheMiningTeam (2 years ago)
That is the same card I have, even the same box!
randomfatguy (2 years ago)
"same 4 gig vram" - linus 2014
GamingKing (2 years ago)
after i update to latest driver 375.63 unigine heaven score is lower. before, my 970 would do 59.3-59-5. now i get 58.9. should i reinstall the old drivers?
Gwytherin (2 years ago)
Linus, I think a really need your help! I know this is a really old video and I hope eve more, if you guys still care about the comments! -> My Asus 970 Strix has an idle temperature of 60-65C. It seems pretty hogh to me and read a lot about this issue. Some say it's normal and it will not decrease the lifespan of the card, others say it's a driver issue with later drivers and that I should downroll on an older one. (more info below) I tried also tried different tweaking software: asus gpu tweak, afterburner but nothing seems to fix the problem I had 660ti sli before and they run around 35C each... My config: i7 3770k, 16gig corsair xms3 (4x4gigs, one pair with a slightly different clockrate), Sabertooth Z77 mobo, 850W XFX black PSU, ssd, hdd blabla My initial problem was that I sumtimes get bluescreens and random freezes, that was why I started to find the bug in the system, my hard drives where full, i cleaned them, updated all the drivers... The problem still remains, probably because of gpu temps? or my different ram modules? Please help me, i don't want to buy a whole new pc just to test whats the problem!
James Excell (2 years ago)
This card is amazing. This card is the reason why the PC masterrace is cheaper than it has been in the past. So much bang for your buck.
X700 Drama (2 years ago)
Would this run ok with an amd fx-8350?
teamhex (2 years ago)
Turn hairworks off and you'll get a solid 60fps or better at all times.
SecretSalami48 (2 years ago)
Fiasco Bro well, im getting around 70-40 fps in witcher 3 everything maxed out except hairworks that is on 4x
SecretSalami48 (2 years ago)
Fiasco Bro i do have witcher 3. I could benchmark it for you when i get back home.
Fiasco Bro (2 years ago)
TheIdiotPlays im not sure what ypu have but ill say witcher 3, arma and doom cause their all games i love
SecretSalami48 (2 years ago)
Fiasco Bro well, what games you want to know? :D
Bechen (2 years ago)
are we all just gonna skip the fact that a gtx 780ti got better scores than a r9 290x and 980?
. (1 year ago)
Ifreeking love my Evga 750ti FTW edition with a custom bios and Overclocked to the max
Juan D Estrada (2 years ago)
exactly what I was thinking about....
MaTtRoSiTy (2 years ago)
Funny watching this now with the benefit of hindsight. The 980 became completely obsolete as the 970 could match it with a good OC and the 980ti just smashed it. The 980 became a pointless card that nobody wanted...
Thomas (2 years ago)
Now you say the fans does not turn on unless loaded would it be smart to sometimes turn off the ultra silent mode just so the fans actually moves once in a while? thinkin about dust and such.
Alex E (2 years ago)
What sort of power supply would be fitting for this gpu and should 8gb of ram be enough or do I need 16gb?
StaelTek (2 years ago)
this is probably the most overused 970 card i have seen yet :P
Phil Jones (2 years ago)
Will this fit in an ASUS G20 ROG desktop?
Kokianus Appornus (2 years ago)
Dammit I have a 960 strix
vennthrax (2 years ago)
what do i do if i dont have a 8pin power connector ???
vennthrax (2 years ago)
@Dustojnik Hummer read the other comments
dustojnik hummer (2 years ago)
If it does not have 8pin - PSU is not good enough. Buy a new PSU.
w0zi (2 years ago)
ahh well in conclusion if you do 1080p gaming ur gpu is fine if not you can upgrade to gtx 1060/1070 :D
vennthrax (2 years ago)
the mobo i have doesn't do sli only crossfire
w0zi (2 years ago)
you do, if you want to, you could upgrade by getting another asus strix gtx 970 in sli if you think you will keep 1080p for a while in the future
joseph baladad (2 years ago)
can i use this on my pc ? intel core i5 3570 k 8 gb ram
Thibault sandra (2 years ago)
yep, ive got the same setup
Goku Black (2 years ago)
im buying a i5 4460 with a GTX 970, will it bottleneck?
Goku Black (2 years ago)
I currantly bought a GTX 970 WITH a i5 4570
DM (2 years ago)
i5 4460 won't bottleneck 1070 and certainly not a 970. And I personally have i5 4460 and RX 480 build for proof.
w0zi (2 years ago)
why do you care if he spelt it wrong, you still understood what he meant?
Jango MOCs (2 years ago)
Can I run over watch? Nvidia GTX 970 AMD A6-6400K Radeon HD 3.90 GHz 64Bit 16GB Ram GA-F2A78M-D3H
glockwise (2 years ago)
Jango MOCs you needa upgrade that CPU it's holding ur 970 back
Ripped Meme (2 years ago)
+Jango MOCs Probably ,watch the minimum specs from Steam :)
Jango MOCs (2 years ago)
And 2TB
KingSkies134 (2 years ago)
Would It lag if u get bo3 and play it???
boxy (2 years ago)
Is this good enough for Overwatch? 🔻i5 Quad Core 2500 🔻16GB DDR3 RAM 🔻1 TB HDD 🔻 The card in this video 🔻 128 GB SDD Thanks
Litch The Shinigami (10 months ago)
Easily bruh... overwatch isn’t that heavy of a game really..
Shadów (2 years ago)
I play Overwatch with a i5-3330 and this card. Play at ultra and only had noticeable fps drops like 3 times over the the many hours I have played. I run at 1080p 60fps.
James Excell (2 years ago)
That's exactly what I run. And Yes, it's great. SSD's are getting cheaper, so you can get a 500 gig for a reasonable price. :) I7's are not necessary right now.
Ryan Bae (2 years ago)
Video card? I'm assuming you have a 970, so yes, it should be fine for even 1440p.
shuld i get another 970(lightly used for 220$) , or a gtx 1070 for 4k gaming?
SyncF (2 years ago)
1070 or a 1080 depending on your needs, the 970 struggles at 4K. It even struggles with max 1080p in some games due to the 3.5Gb of VRAM, I own one.
Ines Ka (2 years ago)
this graphic card is awesome but the gtx 1080 is better !
f0xy (2 years ago)
is the Asus B85M-E compatible with the gtx 970 strix
KRSIBBY_OW (2 years ago)
Can someone please help!!!! Ok so I bought an Eva ssc gtx 970 from someone. My question is... Do I need to have the disc that comes with the graphics card( the 970 was used). I'm sorry I'm a noob!!
KRSIBBY_OW (2 years ago)
+zpajdapewgh thanks!
zpajdapewgh (2 years ago)
No, install the latest drivers from Nvidia's website.
Angus Glassford (2 years ago)
Is this build VR ready? Skylake I5 12 GB of corsair DDR4 RAM GTX 970 (this card) San disk 240GB SSD Western digital 500GB HDD Corsair CX550M Thanks
Angus Glassford (2 years ago)
@lomna17 thanks, I will look into it.
lomna17 (2 years ago)
the 970 may be close to the minimum needed to run vr but yes
Angus Glassford (2 years ago)
+Xegative 171 thanks.
Angus Glassford (2 years ago)
+173 awesome thanks
TheRoshan (2 years ago)
linus i love how you have a video for everything that i have a question about :D
Terkzorr (2 years ago)
Got mine today after 2 days. Replaces my old GTX 650 Ti and I'm impressed. Runs games percectly at 60 FPS and allows me to play games like Dark Souls 3 that I had trouble to run above 8 FPS before. The ASUS GPU Tweak that comes shipped with the card makes it also very easy to configure the card to your needs. I set mine to have the fans run at 40% all the time as I prefer to have lower temperatures even at idle. But even when the fans are spinning I can't hear them at all which is amazing as I could clearly hear the single fan on my 650.
Controversy Owl (2 years ago)
It gets '13 SMs'. What is an 'SM'? Also, what is the name of that workbench sort of thing that he puts all of his components and wires on, at 4:14? Thanks.

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