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BTS Suga (AGUST D) - The Last 마지막 [Lyrics Han|Rom|Eng]

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Lyrics to Bangtan Boys' Suga 'The Last/마지막' from his new mixtape! Release date: 2016.08.16 !NO COPYRIGHT INTENDED! Produced by Agust D (SUGA), June, Pdogg Keyboard - Pdogg Synthesizer - Pdogg Rythm Programming - June Guitar - Jung Su Wan Recording Engineer - Agust D @ Genius Lab, Pdogg Mix Engineer - Kim Bo Sung @ Big Hit Studio Mastering Engineer - Alex DeYoung @ Deyoung Masters TRANS CREDITS; Korean: Big Hit Entertainment Rom: Jeonilysm English: papercrowns Track list: 01. Intro ; Dt sugA (Feat. DJ Friz) 02. Agust D 03. give it to me 04. skit 05. 치리사일사팔 (724148) 06. 140503 새벽에 (140503 at dawn) 07. 마지막 (The Last) 08. Tony Montana (Feat. Yankie) 09. Interlude ; Dream, Reality 10. so far away (Feat. 수란 (SURAN)) My Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/hyuntuo/ My Twitter: https://twitter.com/hyuntuo bts bangtan boys bulletproof boy scouts fire save me korean romanization eng subtitles color coded lyric video young forever v suga jin jungkook rap monster jimin j-hope kim taehyung min yoongi kim seokjin jeon jungkook kim namjoon park jimin jung hoseok v app suga mixtape agust d 방탄소년단 한국 영국 뷔 슈가 진 정국 랩몬스터 지민 제이홉 김태형 민윤기 김석진 전정국 김남준 박지민 정호석 뷔앱 화양연화
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Jeonilysm (1 year ago)
i know i'm coming back to this video after such a long time, but please PLEASE stop commenting about Jonghyun on a video that's not related to him in the slightest. those comments will be deleted. i'm just letting you know.
ANSH Bangtan She’s not biased! This is Yoongis song! It’s about him! I miss Jonghyun too but this is about Yoongi!
talking raccoon (26 days ago)
+1-sEcoNd FetUS KoOkiE NexT sEcoND hOt aNd sPicY It has nothing to do with bias, its individuality. Jonghyun was a talented man who got tired of having to fight everyday of his life, but to say he's like Suga is disrespectful to his memory because depression in two people are not the same and you're ruining the sense of individuality he struggled to get throughout his life
윤기나는태태 (1 month ago)
이거 써도 될까욤?
Kerim Konar (1 month ago)
Amanda faith (1 month ago)
Janki Patel 👍🏻👍🏻
it ain't me, fellas (5 hours ago)
He himself admitted that he can't yell at anyone. The fact that he was yelling and growling half of the song just shows that how he's been building up all the emotions and finally let them out in this song. I'm really sorry that he had to go through all of this, but it made him a better and stronger person. To all the people struggling in life you're very strong, please don't ever give up, I'm sure later you won't regret it and be grateful 💜💜
Mythoca (8 hours ago)
J'ai vraiment l'impression qu'on est seulement 10 ARMY's Français (e)s😂😂Je vois si peu de commentaires français...✌✌💜💜
yoongi luver (14 hours ago)
His voice gives me big chills
Yoongi is the strongest man alive I will always be so thankful that he came into my life I know I would not be here without him! Thank you Min Yoongi for being you!💜💜
잉여간헐적 (1 day ago)
멜론에는 안나오던데 음원사이트 어디서 들을 수 잇나요ㅠㅠ
박수진 (1 day ago)
조오오온나 멋져서 미칠거 같다 진짜 사랑해요 오빠 진짜 하
bangtan with luv (1 day ago)
if this song didn't slap you to a whole new universe, you don't feel the fucking passion he expressed in this song. *Man, you can feel the pain in this , I know I did 💔*
Jimins Hoe (1 day ago)
The lyrics are very deep and meaningful. I’m so happy and glad that Yoongi made it out of that depression and anxiety.
Shawn Great (2 days ago)
let me cry a little bit after this song , so related to me
ARMYlove (2 days ago)
my babies has suffered so much. You all deserve all the happiness you have and will have in the future.
Rock happy (2 days ago)
HI 스가
Kawaii Marshmallow (2 days ago)
2:08 that was emotional
전효진 (3 days ago)
슈가로써의 랩보단 민윤기로써의 랩을 사랑하는 사람으로써 매일 들으러온다
Cosmic_Desire (3 days ago)
And this is why Yoongi is my bias <3
Sofia Dibalova (3 days ago)
My sweet forever bias, I love you so much.💜💜 Thank you for not giving up, and for being the person you are.
DiamondWolfGem (3 days ago)
i cried
NamJinGiMinTaeKook (3 days ago)
Didn't Suga Sample this from the Korean movie The Man From Nowhere, I just checked and it is the same.
min yoongissi (3 days ago)
I just wanna run and give yoongi a big hug while crying because I want to and I feel him and I will like to tell him'your not alone'I love you sooooo much min yoongi♥😢😢😢😭😭😭😭😚😚😚😚😚😚♥
First Name Last Name (3 days ago)
so we all know that the beep refers to the fact that he tried to kill himself/was self harming/was feeling suicidal but I just realized that it sounds the exact same as a Flat line sound effect in hospitals so what if that was to show what would of happened if he did actually commit suicide.
망개떡지민 (3 days ago)
민윤기는 어떤사람인가요? 가장 강한사람이요
냠 냠 (4 days ago)
'의사선생님이 내게 물었어. 자--- 한 적 있냐고. 주저없이 나는 말했어. 그런 적 있다고.' '세이코에서 롤렉스, 악스에서 체조. 내 손짓 한 번에 끄덕거리는 수만명들의 고개.' '내 팬들아 떳떳이 고개 들길, 누가 나만큼 해.' '배달 알바 중 났던 사고 덕분에 시발 박살이 났던 어깨. 부여잡고 했던 데뷔, 너네가 누구 앞에서 고생한 척들을 해?'
Elizabeth (4 days ago)
I wonder what we'll hear when agust d2 comes out this summer (supposedly)
DJ Fuzzyburst (4 days ago)
“I don’t even know my own self so who can know me?” - Mini Yoongi 🔐💞
Maddie Gacha (5 days ago)
Awhh yoongi the lyrics made me cry
안광호 (6 days ago)
아... 이넘들 너무 멋지네 ㅎㅎㅎ..윤기야... 40살 먹은 형이 응원하다.... 이 나이에 방탄을 3일동안 봤어.... 너흰 성공했어~~~ 멋지다...
이서영 (6 days ago)
어쩌면 윤기가 시크하고 덤덤하게 받아들이는 자세를 가지게 된것도 이것때문이었을수도
Chim Min (7 days ago)
i'm glad he's doing better now..
M * (7 days ago)
This song gives me chills
Lovely Anime Girl (7 days ago)
That’s why this amazing man being is my bias,my everything,my biggest inspiration to everything that I do. He gone through so much.Depression,anxiety,he even hated his self.But he always had a dream,to become known and successfull.and now,he finally made his dream true.He is inspiration to many people,he deserves the world.He had nothing,and now he has EVERYTHING. He deserves EVERYTHING.THIS TALENTED MAN IS MY INSPIRATION TO NEVER GIVE UP AND FOCUS ON MY DREAMS. MIN YOONGI,I KNOW THAT ONE DAY I WILL MEET YOU AND TELL YOU EVERYTHING.
Rose Gold (7 days ago)
3:37 " The shoulder that was crushed because of an accident during my delivery job" part brought me to tears remembering what has happend to him 😢
Tan ne (7 days ago)
'As time passes by, I feel like I'm becoming a monster.' I can relate to this so much. It feels like I'm a monster, because I'm hurting so many people unintentionally, including me. In my head I feel like I did nothing wrong but at the same time I have done every bad thing. I can't talk about it because I hurt my friends, who don't wanna be my friend anymore. I can't blame them because I also can't tell what is happening in my life which is so much and idk if they would even understand it. I feel so much like a monster and i wanna step out of this whole situation and start all over again.
Min yoongi (8 days ago)
yoongi is the best.
_iix_ Oof (8 days ago)
I literally just burst into tears just hearing the first sentence. I’m proud and happy for my bias who didn’t give up on his dreams even if nobody supported him. We gotta protect our yoongi 😭😭
Leanna ARMY (9 days ago)
My friend just told me what the doctor asked and I cried so much 😭(if he had tried to kill him self)
Raymie Lara (9 days ago)
I came here again.
SavvyVlogsYT (9 days ago)
*”Min Yoongi is already dead.”* *me, in the corner:* wELL biTch yOu bEttEr apOLogiZe fOr tHe swiTch.
jikooksuwus (9 days ago)
Min Yoongi. My inspiration. My life😪😪
I also deal with mental health so this song helps me so much. Although I'm sure I haven't had as much of a rough time as Yoongi, just knowing that someone else is out there dealing with it too and dealing with it so well and overcoming so much, even tho I'm younger than him and this may sound weird but I'm just so proud of him and what he's accomplished and I don't mean just his music but his emotional situation as well even if he still sometimes deals with it. He's so good at putting emotions and thoughts into words and I hope that one day I can be as brave and as confident as he is.💜
rei (10 days ago)
this guy..yoongi..to me he's just so, so incredible. he is so amazing, honestly speaking his soul is the most beautiful i've ever seen in my life. sometimes when i'm feeling lonely and tired, when i just want to give up it feels like he's the only one still here. his songs are so beautiful, shit, he pours his soul in them its almost like you can hear his heart screaming in those verses. he went through so much shit to become the person he is today. his mixtape, his songs gave and still give me so much comfort and help when no one else around can. he is my light, he is the light of my life, and today, 3 years after this song was released, yoongi is happy. he's finally fucking happy and carefree like he deserves to be, he's so excited and silly, laughing, round cheeks and all, and he deserves this more than anything in the world, and it makes me so fucking happy to see him like this, i love him, i love him with everything i have and i'm so proud of him, may this beautiful soul shine forever.
Min Yoongi (10 days ago)
I'm obsessed w this song😍😍
SmugFace Crystal Snow (10 days ago)
You can clearly hear the pain and emotion in his voice as be raps... It really hits home in more ways than 1 we can feel his pain and all he is and has gone/going through it makes me proud that he has told us how he feels. Min Yoongi, thank you for Being there Laughing Smiling Crying Shouting Singing Rapping Comforting (For) Us all
방탄보라해 (10 days ago)
Neha (10 days ago)
You are loved the way you are, Min Yoongi.
refinnej2517민 윤기 (11 days ago)
0:00 4:04
that's not me fellas (11 days ago)
despite the dark subject matter of the song, this is a lovely corner of the internet
that's not me fellas (11 days ago)
Sameeha A (11 days ago)
I am a girl in 5’th grade and I had a friend. His name is Ben. He was 1 year younger than me but he absolutely HATES himself. He was really suicidal he would harm himself (Cutting, bitting, jumping off stuff etc.) So I used to call him for hours send him Love Yourself quotes and he said he started loving himself kids he said it was because of me. We did this for a while and then he developed a crush on me and my BFF who hated him but I pretended I liked him, she absolutely hated him and said me stuff. One day we were texting and then he left and didn’t text me for two days I was wondering is he okay? Then he finally texted me (this was over spring break) he said “ I finally did it “ I asked did what? He said “ I tried to kill my self, but it didn’t work!” I was so shocked so I asked what did you do??? He said he slit his wrist and hung himself. I was so scared and he didn’t answer but I said it’s 10 pm why would he answer. So I remembered about the suicide hotline I found out about it when I was seven, so I made a call. The person who answered was Savannah I told her what was happening and I tried not to cry ( this was late at night I cried for 15 minutes when I heard about what he did) She recommended me stuff I should do and then I had already know about this so I asked her, should I tell my teacher. She said that was a good idea but I have to do something now because there was 3 days till school resumed. So she asked if I knew his parents but I didn’t so then she asked if I knew why he hated himself, but I didn’t, I got so mad at myself. She said there wasn’t much she could do but I should recommend him the hotline. So I did and I found out his family abused him. He refused to call the number though. So I couldn’t do that much. I reached out to a friend who did know his parents, I called it but got no answer I just thought it must be “unknown.” I spent those days crying, he called me but I didn’t answer because I was scared. Finally school resumed, I told my two BFF’s what happened so we told the teacher. I told the teacher what happened and what I did. She asked for proof so I showed her the message. She said “Okay thanks for letting me know.” I was so scared that day he also cut my friends hair, kicked and punched her, and put leaves in her hair. Since he was really close to me I asked him to stop and said you like her, but he didn’t want people knowing. After that the next day me and my friend (She’s my BFF but my other one didn’t get called) got pulled out of class. The teacher said he can’t talk to us and if he try’s to we have to tell on him, so we did. He became very aggressive he would hit and kick me, he would hurt my friends too and he would curse and call us terrible names. It became so bad me and my other friend ( the one who didn’t get called out of class) had to go to the conference room. What happened is we were just going to tell what he did, but she had us write EVERYTHING he did. While we were doing that she called another staff that deals with all this stuff. Then when we were finishing the staff called again and asked if we could come to the conference room. I was so scared no student besides people in National Honors Society. We had to sign our names and we had to talk with staff. I normally don’t talk to staff because I don’t get into trouble and I do good in school. But I met a lot of staff sometimes without my friends which was super scary. I had a good group of friends at that time but they turned against us and called us snitches (not me mainly my two BFF’s) they were on his side. I just ignored that, everyday us three would tell our parents. Then they made a thing that we always have to be far away from each other and we had to block him. Later he got ISS and OSS so we didn’t have that many problems with him. But then one day our vice principal came in and yelled at our whole class because other stuff had happened and people started saying mean stuff I ignored it though. Later he left the school himself and he said he left because of me and my friends. His friends hate us though and call us mean but I know I made the right choice by speaking up. If you or your friend is feeling like this SPEAK UP. Don’t worry about losing trust what I say is “Life is more important than trust,” my friends call that my quote. If your a good friend it’s like his or her life is on the line! Speak up you won’t regret it. I’m sorry if this was long I just wanna raise attention because this stuff happens every day and A.R.M.Y.’s our there are great about giving advice and I know I can share this stuff
Ramya Ramani (11 days ago)
Min yoongi is just me.. when it comes to my mental health
Awtar Fifi (12 days ago)
I Wish them all a normal life with strong faith What’s the point in me listening to them and watching them preform if they’re unhappy and pushing them selfs to do it Wish they were anonymous to me and had a good life with their love ones
Ri K (12 days ago)
이거 들으니까... 몇년 전에 힙찔이들이 유투브에서 슈가 믹텦 비웃던게 기억나는 군....
강수민 (12 days ago)
•møøn _edits• (12 days ago)
no offense but suga is kinda like the Korean xxxtentacion
Yoonseok Sopeee (12 days ago)
•møøn _edits• how is that offensive
hEy sToB iT (12 days ago)
I swear, this man is one of the strongest people I know, the emotion he sings this song with brought tears to my eyes, min yoongi is a star and will remain a friggin star in every armys hearts💜💜💜
KTHJJKvk00k Edits (13 days ago)
YOOOOOOO :((((((((((
Jessa Oliveros (13 days ago)
서현 〰 (14 days ago)
정말 진심으로 고마워요 윤기오빠 ,,, 버텨줘서 ,,,
A Mess (14 days ago)
Man, whenever I listen to this song, I get really fucking worked up but calmed down at the same time. Y’all it’s fucking wild but I love it so goddamn much
워너원사랑해 (15 days ago)
3분36초 배달알바 중 났던 사고 덕분에 시발.. 박살이 났던 어깨?? 아것운 실재 입니다. 아직도 아마 완쾌?? 은 않됬울겁니다. 꼭 완쾌하시갈 바래요 윤기오빠.
chieminie 93 (15 days ago)
The beat used in this song was the beat he was making last 2013
Gong Taikwang (15 days ago)
When my mom first time saw him she was like He looks like a kitten
하모리 (15 days ago)
오타가 왜이렇게 많음;;?
Livy Cronin (15 days ago)
I feel like shit rn I'm depressed
Andrea Sara (13 days ago)
go listen to Sea and So Far Away, they always make me feel understood💕
Galactic Potato (15 days ago)
Suga: *breathes* Me:" Oh My God, he even breathes better,sexier,prettier and more graceful than me"
Hello Lucy (15 days ago)
And this why I love Yoongi
KoiFish (15 days ago)
This poor boy, I feel so bad
Ahmed Dana (16 days ago)
Thank you Itis very fun IL♥veyou
예나 (16 days ago)
여기서 운 사람 조용히 소온
깐석진 (16 days ago)
근데 가사가 너무고통스러워보여요.돈도좋고 다좋은데 중요한건 슈가가 아니라 민윤기인것같아요.라이들을 때도 자꾸 뭔가 자유 없이 옥죄는 가사였는데 종종 이런느낌을 들을때면 불안하네요...ㅠ그리고 정신과 저거는 자살고위험우울증이면 물어봐요.
sope nation (16 days ago)
I come back to this song when I need comfort... when I need to pull myself back into reality and just breathe. I know it sounds weird but this song just gives me a little bit of hope my depression took away from me... I come here to know that I'm not alone and that if Yoongi did it I can to, maybe, just maybe, get better and try and chase my dreams. I'm so thankful for him, Min Yoongi, the person who literally saved my life so many times that I can't even count them anymore. Thank you 💜
excuse me (17 days ago)
Im crying😭😭
Chel Peach (17 days ago)
Yoongi be livin AGUST D, we need rewind but not now their busy af. Like every single day has to work I don't know why k but not hating Hit Man Bang, your the best papa hitman bang
Jerry 26 (17 days ago)
He just lit it🔥👌
섹시뽀짝민슈가 (18 days ago)
Bowman Blow (18 days ago)
진짜 몇번을 들어도 누가 나만큼 해 구절에서 짜릿하고 마음 아프고 그렇다.. 윤기야 이겨내주고 있어서 고맙고 하루를 살아내줘서 고마워
xXGacha ParadiseXx (19 days ago)
When I'm depress like right now I cried and said I want to die but this question keeps running on my head everytime I say I want to die Question : do you really wanna die? You don't want to see bts?.
아미방탄소년단 (16 days ago)
same :( -_-
xXGacha ParadiseXx (19 days ago)
I can feel the fast rap of suga is with anger ☺😐😔😥😧😢😭
xXGacha ParadiseXx (19 days ago)
I also compare myself to others when I have depression (until now) I LOVE YOU MIN YOONGI
Vesna (19 days ago)
나는 이미 죽었어.
GachaWolfy (19 days ago)
This song is so relatable, I honestly almost cried the first time I listened to this.
BTS&ARMY FOREVER (19 days ago)
I suffer from depression and social anxiety, I am also very self conscious! I always feel alone and I have been trying to talk to some people about my problems but everyone just says that I am over reacting! And some people just laugh and say that I just want attention, they say that I am not really broken inside, so I decide not to talk about my problems anymore! But I see how strong Suga is and it makes me want to be just like him! I love him so much! He's my role model and the reason I wake up everyday! BTS have helped me and I just wish I could thank them! ARMY&BTS FIGHTING!!
BTS Army (19 days ago)
🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🖤💗🖤🖤🖤💗🖤🖤💗🖤💗🖤💗🖤💗🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤😘😘😘😘💞💞😘😘💞💞😘💞😘😘💞😘💞😘💞😘💞😘💞😘💞😘💞😘💞suga 🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤💞💞💞💞😘😘😘💞💞🖤🥰🥰💗💗💗💗💗🥰🖤💞💞😘😘🖤🥰🥰💗💗💗🖤💞💞🖤🥰💗🥰💞🥰🖤🖤🥰🖤💞💞😘😘😞😞😩😞😞😩😩
Muwhib (19 days ago)
jenan JB (19 days ago)
*my tears starts falling whenever hearing this song!* *Yoongi, alot of love and respect just for you! So lucky to have him!* 💜
야옹해 (20 days ago)
근데 민윤기 솔로앨범은 어디서 들을 수 있나요?? 음원 사이트엔 없네요 헣 ㅠ
oᄉ (8 days ago)
사운드클라우드가 공식으로 올라오는 곳이에요ㅠㅠ 애플 뮤직도 있다고 들은거 같아요
통유일레코자가 (13 days ago)
미발매 곡들이라 멤버들 믹스테이프 같은 노래는 사운드클라우드에서 들을 수 있어요
refinnej2517민 윤기 (20 days ago)
-_- :(
Jess Turner (20 days ago)
I think that this song in particular is possibly the most meaningful/impactful one he's written.
rose x (21 days ago)
I am literally crying rn. The way this man expresses his emotions through music is amazing. Yoongi deserves the whole world for speaking up about such topics. He has gone through so much that it hurts me. Ik how it feels. I just love him.
valerian (21 days ago)
yoongi is an actual genius, holy shit
King Taehyung (21 days ago)
Right in the feels
NaGa Las (22 days ago)
D*amn I wish I'm fluent in Korean so I could sing this with him
leonte g&d (22 days ago)
what he means by ,,that concert"?
JustACupOfTea (21 days ago)
a concert in kobe where he didnt attend because he was feeling 'unwell' but then he wrote this song and we were all shooked
유애나미 (22 days ago)
이거 들으면 그냥 눈물 나와
freyja the tiny bean (23 days ago)
i have so much respect for yoongi now. i've been a fan of them since the no more dream era but i seem to have failed to recognize that they, especially yoongi, was going through so much pain to be where he is now and he probably still is in so much mental pain. but now that i know, this just only strengthens my love, respect and dedication to them as a fan. i am so proud to say that i'm a soldier in BTS's ARMY. yoongi, keep on fighting, you beautiful and strong man..! 💜
swcha30 (23 days ago)
정말....충격.....사랑해 민윤기....슈가!!!
Leen Mendes (23 days ago)
I relate so much
Leen Mendes (23 days ago)
These are literally the deepest lyrics I’ve ever heard in my entire life. The fact that he writes his own songs about his life and him being able to express all his feelings through music just gives me goosebumps. I can hear all the pain that he’s been through in his voice and I can feel that he means every single word he’s saying. This all makes me love him even more if that’s possible. suga has a very special place in my heart and I really hope and pray that he and the rest of the members will always be happy💜
haha bogdana (23 days ago)
maybe this song saved my life
효정김 (23 days ago)
존경하고 사랑한다 윤기야

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