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Learn Financial Ratio Analysis in 15 minutes

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This video helps you to learn Calculation of Financial Ratios with the help of practical example
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trouvaille - by Aamir (12 days ago)
What the fuck is wrong with you? Seems like you are just reading and that too like a zombie
Blood0cean (13 days ago)
Thnx so much from pakistan. I was having trouble analysing my final project ratios. This was great help.
BEN DIAKITE (29 days ago)
Thanks 🙏🏽
Jolly John (1 month ago)
Really helpful....!!! Thankyou so much...🙏🏻
Fausto Cantú (1 month ago)
Cripiest English I've ever heard!
Ns Toor (1 month ago)
Thank U for your feedback. But both the methods are permitted and used. Calculation is made by using credit sales or sales or COGS also.
Akriti Soni (1 month ago)
Inventory Turnover Ratio is incorrect. COGS should be considered rather than Sales.
raghu vamsi (2 months ago)
george gvaramia (3 months ago)
asset managment group /// https://swift-rodgers.com/?ref=5710239819104256
HaiHai (3 months ago)
watch this at 2 speed so funny
HaiHai (3 months ago)
fuck this dude
Gopi Raju Namala (4 months ago)
thank you sir
Yash education point (5 months ago)
ARUN KUMAR (5 months ago)
Who are 370 dislikers? Are they kejriwal?
Rose Mary Augustine (5 months ago)
Great Sr!
Ayberk Bilgin (5 months ago)
Our lecturer allows us to bring any notes and books about cost analysis and we dont have to memorize all these formulas. I wish you luck boyz
Rajat Talnikar (5 months ago)
Watch at 1.25x speed
Veerabhadra Ravula (5 months ago)
+Arsh Jain 2X is perfect, atleast for me :)
Arsh Jain (5 months ago)
1.5 is even better
Priyanka Harbola (5 months ago)
Done that :-)
Hridoy Paul (6 months ago)
Where did he get Term loan installments and Term loan interest figures? Someone please tell me
Manasi Mandavkar (6 months ago)
thank u sir
Riya Rana (6 months ago)
great sir thankuu
Theophilus Ocansey (6 months ago)
again, i have seen another formulae for quick ratio as (current assets- stock)/current liabilities. pls how is it different from this video's formulae?? thank you
Imisha Pokharel (3 months ago)
It should be current assets-stock-prepaid divided by current liabilities-bank overdraft
Sumit Kumar (4 months ago)
both are same.
Theophilus Ocansey (6 months ago)
whats the difference between the quick ratio and acid-test ratio??
Mohammed Lee (6 months ago)
0:10 Chai Peelo
SAMBAMURTHY K (6 months ago)
Very good presentation and explanation.
jyoti engle (7 months ago)
Talk in speed.... always repeating same sentence.
K siva (7 months ago)
Shalya Singh (7 months ago)
paan thook ke bol
singam sathya (7 months ago)
Huff god ......Analysing for first tym.....oh god....its not working with me...unfortunately forced to join for a event on BALANCE SHEET ANALYSIS...
For more clarrity, pls see my video as under https://youtu.be/JKRTR6idiFo
summon shresth (8 months ago)
If somebody wants to check, I have made web application based upon this video here https://finance.stackblitz.io/
naresh muthyala (8 months ago)
Your vedios are excellent. ...good explanation sir
JUST SHIT (8 months ago)
Lodu hindi me bana
ujwala mohite (8 months ago)
Good one
Martin CA (8 months ago)
It was simply superb sir... Clear and precise... Loved it 😍😍😍
Vivek Ganvir (9 months ago)
Very nicely explained.
VANDANA FASHION (9 months ago)
Very nice sir and very helpfull video. Thank you.
xBeast_Davidx (9 months ago)
easy but too many formula to remember
shanker patil (3 months ago)
Total 19 formulas
Nishith Shah (9 months ago)
Consise and good. Recommend to beginners
Eagles Rock (9 months ago)
Best free caiib videos https://youtu.be/9gJPeZND_tY
Rana Zeeshan (10 months ago)
Overjoyed. Splendid way of describing Financial Ratios. May Almighty bless you.
Md Rakibul Hasan (10 months ago)
Thanks brother
tanuja shinde (10 months ago)
On 25th August Bank of India ki promotion exam hai to please Jo Boi k app or scheme discus kare
Gaukhar Murzagaliyeva (10 months ago)
Great video! Which ratios do you think are the most important ones when picking stocks? I've found this article here https://www.stockmetrix.net/blog/post/070318/5-most-accurate-financial-ratios?t=gauYT#17c Do you agree with what they say there?
Himanshu Maheshwari (10 months ago)
clear and simple language....good work thanks
S M (11 months ago)
S M (11 months ago)
Vasu Boddani (11 months ago)
Thank you very much Sir......you described in such way that every one can understand easily
Manish Sinha (11 months ago)
very informatic
ajai singh (11 months ago)
Well explained
Ram Bhumkar (8 months ago)
It is very useful for my interview
Ram Bhumkar (8 months ago)
Very good sir
Sir, in this video where can we find the values for DEPRECIATION, TL Interest and TL Instalment for DSCR in the table given? Plz help me out.
Lazarus Elungat (1 year ago)
Thankyou so much May Gods blessings be unto You
Soumyadip Mal (1 year ago)
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anilsam george (1 year ago)
very good sir..
Dipti Pandey (1 year ago)
Sir isme total tangible net worth TNW 350 yesakaha h???¿
Total net worth is Reserves+Capital (i,e 160+240) less Intangible net worth or intangible asset Goodwill+Preliminary Expenditure (i,e 40+10) now you will get the TNW i,e Tangible net worth of 350.
OK good
WNY Apts (1 year ago)
I played this at 1.5x and it was still too slow
prathik (1 year ago)
same here but slow videos will be helpful for new learners
deepali gupta (1 year ago)
good it was so helpful for me
Rocky jani (1 year ago)
deepali gupta hey I need friend I am studying business administration
Chith Pillai (1 year ago)
Thank u so much sir
Mir Zubair Ali (1 year ago)
Fukker explain the meaning of each ratio properly. Wasting time
CET Info (1 year ago)
Superb sir
Jono Low (1 year ago)
I have an exam in 30 minutes wish me luck boys
Amit Verma (3 months ago)
Bro watch same in x2.0 speed🤣😂
Cenk Henden (4 months ago)
28 minutes for me
Prakriti Pandey (8 months ago)
How was it?
Everett Johnston (1 year ago)
kanchan vishwakarma (1 year ago)
Talk fast
Veerabhadra Ravula (5 months ago)
Watch on 1.5X to normalize the pace. Content & Teaching is very good though
drishti garg (9 months ago)
i know right!!
gourav singh (1 year ago)
Dscr calculation is wrong take denominator 70 as installment already included loan interest. Instead of adding int. (30) again and making it 100
gourav singh (1 year ago)
Ns Toor pls clarify if installment means principal component only here
Ns Toor (1 year ago)
Calculation is correct. If installment and interest are given separate, both are to be added to find the total payment and taken to denominator. The position can be different in EMI. But it is not a question based on EMI
Pulak Santra (1 year ago)
Thank you sir it is helpful.
Atif Cheema (1 year ago)
Thanks sir for this information specially for how to take values from balance sheet. You are really star.
Healthy Child (1 year ago)
Excellent talk. Thanks a lot. God bless
Balu Jayaraj (1 year ago)
Really useful....thanks sir
Aryan Nagar (1 year ago)
nice vid but do give us shortcuts so we can use it in exams otherwise it is useless.
Afreen (6 months ago)
if it is useful for others it is not useless
Nitin Baheti (1 year ago)
Very nice sir
tapiwa kutamahufa (1 year ago)
Krishnakanth P (1 year ago)
Sir we required 2013 format balance sheet case study, please provide it, because last time we have got 2013 balance sheet
sanja kolenda (1 year ago)
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Jawed Alli (1 year ago)
Did Cash flow statements opening balance included bank balance and cash in hand of last year.
Moh Hafi (1 year ago)
19 shout be quick assets QA
pooja acharya (1 year ago)
Loan interest kisme ayega
atanu paul (1 year ago)
good sir
Thomas Mashawi (1 year ago)
thank you so Sir
sonia garg (1 year ago)
Ver helpful Sir... thanks a lot
Syed Jaffer Zaidi (1 year ago)
put speed 1.5x
Saqib Shahzad (1 year ago)
Good work sir
siddhesh malvankar (1 year ago)
how did u calculated tangible networth?
The Scouse Foodie (1 year ago)
Capital & Reserves is taken as Networth Minus Intangible Assets
The Scouse Foodie (1 year ago)
siddhesh malvankar Networth - Intangible Assets= Tangible Net Worth
Najuka Bhandarkar (1 year ago)
thank you sir...this video was helpful to me today...i had attempt numericals on todays ABM paper ...
tera jija (1 year ago)
Najuka Bhandarkar u from where dear
Daman Singh (1 year ago)
very nice
gourav soni (1 year ago)
Veeramalla Naveen (2 years ago)
classification explanation way is good when compared to others
Km Suresh (2 years ago)
its good
Prasanth k (2 years ago)
Super. Really Helpful. Thanks
Ved Bangia (2 years ago)
equity means capital + ac. profits - goodwill?
Akshay Soni (2 years ago)
Amreen Parween (2 years ago)
Maujhe samjh nhi aya
Captain Bikini (11 months ago)
sry i dont speak bing bong
Bibou SISI (1 year ago)
Just wonderful, I have been researching "images financial freedom" for a while now, and I think this has helped. Have you ever come across - Ferapt Freedom Fanboy - (just google it ) ? Ive heard some decent things about it and my mate got great results with it.
Shoaib Rehman (1 year ago)
clearly toh bataya hai apko kia cheez samajh nhi ayi
nisha nivin (2 years ago)
vvvv useful sr
bharathi priya (2 years ago)
Sir, does the advance to suppliers comes under quick asset...please explain
anthony peltier (1 year ago)
bharathi priya intangible assets not quick
Brijendra Singh (2 years ago)
very good channel with good and accurate information, must subscribe.......

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