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Draw Me The Economy: What is comparative advantage ?

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Vidéo conçue et réalisée par http://www.sydo.fr Draw Me The Economy is a series of videos explaining the economic news, without political bias. It is a tool offered to all to aid understanding, thanks to the drawings of economic concepts that are part of our daily lives. http://www.drawmetheeconomy.com
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Damian Zeijderveld (4 months ago)
Aah super, helpt me echt! SUPER!
Lisanne Mees (1 year ago)
But why can't portugal just make both products since it will be able to sell both products in lower prices?
Google Doc (5 months ago)
because the amount of labor is limited, portugal producing wine means it wont have enough labor to produce that quantity of cloth
Ian Ren (2 years ago)
England is not the UK. The UK is not just England. England does not have the Union Jack as it's national flag, it has the St George's cross. This is a common mistake made by those outside the UK. Good video.
Iqboljon Ganiev (3 years ago)
hi everybody. need your help, what is intertemporal comparative advantage?
prasiddha shrestha (3 years ago)
thank you so much. it helped me a lot in understanding the comparative advantage trade theory......
Vatsal Viramgami (5 years ago)
What a video !!! Clear concise and absolute !! Keep up the good work really appreciate it..
zee1690 (6 years ago)
Awesome !! more videos in english please !!!! Thanks a lot !!

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