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As i mentioned in the video, here you have the economic calendar + download link for Metatrader app. Economic Calendar: http://www.investing.com/economic-calendar/ Metatrader App: http://www.metaquotes.net/ Follow us on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1794396230780773/
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Hermant Zutshi (3 months ago)
@Bruno Lagarde thanks, will reach out to him
Jérémy Matthieu (3 months ago)
never believe i could keep on making such profit each time i invest.
Kelly Woodson (3 months ago)
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Juliet Johnson (3 months ago)
you can say that again,well I count myself a successful trader because of the outstanding strategy of Mr robert walker?? @Kelly Woodson
Ikenna Igwe (3 months ago)
congratulations on your winning, waiting for mine.? @Kelly Woodson
Kelly Woodson (3 months ago)
robert is a genius??
Juliet Johnson (3 months ago)
God bless mr robertwalker,honestly trading is made easy with mr robert walker.??
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Harry Gallow (8 months ago)
hies simply the best
Karlos Wu (8 months ago)
thank you , i like your STRATEGY , i think it does work !
simon white (9 months ago)
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El Manguilimotan (1 year ago)
any videos from you presented in IQ Option platform?
El Manguilimotan (1 year ago)
okey.. I'll be waiting for your videos trading in IQ Option, pls share your strategies. I'm trading in IQ Option. Thank you in advance
GOOD BYE OTM (1 year ago)
El Manguilimotan in this video we were showing MT4 platform ! IQoption’s video not available at the moment !
El Manguilimotan (1 year ago)
hey sir, what binary platform did you use now?
El Manguilimotan (1 year ago)
but this presentation arent IQ Option right?
GOOD BYE OTM (1 year ago)
El Manguilimotan Now we use Iq option !
A Bare (1 year ago)
Magaret Anthony (1 year ago)
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DELE Ayinde (1 year ago)
Kristián Sandal (1 year ago)
at the beginning, the martingle strategy is the WORST thing a beginner trade can do!
James Rivera (1 year ago)
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Connor Gauult (1 year ago)
at the beginning of the video you mention things you've been studying to get better, where do you find the ways to learn? also how do you recognise patterns with in the charts?
GOOD BYE OTM (1 year ago)
+Connor Gauult, please check our Facebook Page for deeper INFO: https://www.facebook.com/GoodbyeOTM/
Anastatian Romani (1 year ago)
Thank you for your help and support from peace mode arena
brassfield micheal (1 year ago)
Nice on bro
Gurugubelli Chaitanya (1 year ago)
Thank you..
AdamMac Trading (1 year ago)
you would be more successful if you traded with the trend and not against it, wait for a retractment and trade the trend.
AdamMac Trading (1 year ago)
Edward S. Carr (1 year ago)
AWM Binary options how as trading been for you
im american, i guess i can't use any of these services
binarymate.com is who i am using to trade binary options and i can't see any oscillastor on there can you help me
RAFE Alexa (1 year ago)
Just more bullshit. Get an MT4 platform and see for yourself this system only works sometimes. He just cherry pick this Forex pair. Binary Option brokers will cheat you and say the Forex pair had slippage and they will make you lose. Nadex is reputable but look and see what they odds they offer. This will not work at all. Better to just burn your money instead because this is all crap!!! See this before you pay this quack any money!!!!
GOOD BYE OTM (1 year ago)
RAFE Alexa I wonder which money are you saying "see this before you pay this quack any money"??? We are not selling anything in this HELPING VIDEO!!! 👌 but anyways we do respect your point of view. Cheers !!!
Chepkus kimtai (1 year ago)
hi guys ..just new here but..trainning looks pretty good...i like it. salutation buddy
GOOD BYE OTM (1 year ago)
Thanks for following !!!
Flibbertigibbet (1 year ago)
Hi how do I change my screens to 'M1' please
GOOD BYE OTM (1 year ago)
Please send scree shot to [email protected] in order to have a better understanding of your question !!! Best Regards.
Flibbertigibbet (1 year ago)
Hi thanks for the quick reply. I am only looking at the demo mode atm and that is not listed but found it in the timeframes settings. All new to this and just set up an account on options robot.com but want to do my research before live trading. It's a bit scary atm. Thanks again. Oh one more quick thing. When I was setting it up it asked for a server I believe and the the other was the demo. Do you know what I have to put here? Thanks
GOOD BYE OTM (1 year ago)
Just click on the M1 button !!! It is found on the upper bars of your metatrader as follow: M1 M5 M15 M30 H1 H4 D1 W1 MN, Just give a look and you will see it.
Lee Benstead (2 years ago)
There is no such thing as overbought oversold, it's a myth.
AdamMac Trading (1 year ago)
momentum indication would be more correct
Steve Hirons (1 year ago)
so the rsi indicator is just making up figures ?
divineslaughter (1 year ago)
it makes sense when it hits a support or resistance line.
Matau Matau (2 years ago)
Hi are you still using the same strategy ?
Kamogelo Morero (1 year ago)
show us the strategy and stop advertising yourself on other people's videos votsek
Jessica D Berg (1 year ago)
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milli vanilli (2 years ago)
So uuummm, is that your Range Rover on the desktop there buddy? Pretty sweet-looking ride. Just sayin'. By the way, great video.
milli vanilli (8 months ago)
Ah, gotcha. Well maybe one day huh? (-: By the way, sorry it took me so long to reply back. I kind of forgot about replying to this video.
GOOD BYE OTM (2 years ago)
No, Not yet, is was just a Desktop background !!!
WIDYA WULANDARI (2 years ago)
Hey man you realy discover strategy its greal. open eyes for real serious traders, specially for loser traders as like me. who lost all saving in life. i pray for ur great presentation. thank you for life time
GOOD BYE OTM (2 years ago)
I am glad that you enjoy it and profit with it.... Take adventage of it. $$$$$
bizneedseeker (2 years ago)
Does this work on Nadex with 5 minute expirations?
Denny Wells (2 years ago)
yes nadex works but only if it is regulated for traders in your location, may i know where you are located ?
GOOD BYE OTM (2 years ago)
Have not checked on NADEX.
Frank Nana Addae (2 years ago)
i wish i knew about this before i started trading.
Frank Nana Addae (2 years ago)
First genuine guy i have ever seen in option. i have lost soo much money even on the demo account. but once i tried this strategy on the demo account, i doubled my account balance in two minutes. am going to deposit now.
Man.. My god,, I do trade on price action only, but damn it..You made it as simple as possible,,, Thank you very much,, nice to find a Genuine Binary trader like you my friend.. now adays it's all Junk out here in youtube.. God bless you... I will put your advice in action this week,,,, Thank you... Subscribe Liked And carefully watching.... God Bless
Beulah R. Bailey (1 year ago)
*"Wow, I don’t even know how to describe how I feel right now James! Your software (Bitcoin Code ) is great, it works miracles! I had no idea beta-testing could actually set me financially free. I have made so much money with your software that I have paid off my student loans already! I am forever thankful to you!". Check it out now >>> ( www.makemoneysecrete. com/thebitcoincode/ ) <<*
GOOD BYE OTM (2 years ago)
Hope you take adventage of it .
ForexLanka 365 (2 years ago)
I have a question.. because some time market price action and indicators going opposite ways we call that divergence what do going to that time because this times this strategy does not work clearly
Jeremy Eaken (2 years ago)
The martingale does not increase profits in the long run. If a strategy has a high probability of success then you should use a set percentage of your account. If a strategy is break even or worse then you will always blow your account after a while. Its not unreasonable to lose 10 times in a row and lose everything.
Ellis Alexander. (2 years ago)
this is good
Dawn A (2 years ago)
This is not the original voice
GOOD BYE OTM (2 years ago)
What do you mean buddy.?
Buddy Bojase (2 years ago)
Wow....man i've been making huge losses forex trading....i just stumbled upon your strategy over the weekend, went through the analysis on the mt4 charts and this was hitting win after win, in case the trade becomes OTM, i martin gail it and the went on to the fourth level.....that was on paper. As I speak now, i have made a good start.....i am still practising it more so that I really get the handle on it before i fund my account with real money. God bless you Juan. Thank you man once again.
GOOD BYE OTM (2 years ago)
Thank you for sharing your experience.
princess cotton (2 years ago)
hi I really like your strategy , can you tell me where can I find the charts you use? live charts? email me, thanks
heyjude2109 (2 years ago)
GOOD BYE OTM what STOCHASTIC level would you use and which chart time frame would you use (1 min or 5 minutes) for a 10 minutes-15 minutes trade?
GOOD BYE OTM (2 years ago)
Stochastic will be great at 10 and 95 levels!!! Strong signals.
My-crypto world (2 years ago)
i am going to you training but i will like to know each candlestick represent how many mins
My-crypto world (2 years ago)
GOOD BYE OTM (2 years ago)
Each candlestick represent 1 Min in this chart.
Raj Bhandari (2 years ago)
Greate job, thank u so much for this video
heyjude2109 (2 years ago)
GOOD BYE OTM what RSI level would you use and which chart time frame would you use (1 min or 5 minutes) for a 10 minutes-15 minutes trade? Great educative video!
GOOD BYE OTM (2 years ago)
Usually when RSI touches the 87 or 15 levels; STOCHASTIC should be always OVERBOUGHT OR OVERSOLD at the same time buddy.
GOOD BYE OTM (2 years ago)
It is 1 minutes chart.
heyjude2109 (2 years ago)
I do not understand how the RSI works with the STOCH in the 1 minute chart. RSI is 87-15 and STOCK is 100-10: how can I read the signal properly and effectively? GOOD BYE OTM
heyjude2109 (2 years ago)
Is it for 10-15 minutes chart or a 1 minute chart?
Thanks for this video, am new to binary, but with this video i feel like long time trader
GOOD BYE OTM (2 years ago)
Trade one trade at a time, using Money Management. Contact me if need any assistant bro. https://www.facebook.com/GoodbyeOTM/messages/
David B. (2 years ago)
Great information brother, hey I was only wondering after you decide to take a trade only 2-4 mins?
David B. (2 years ago)
And also could we use this strategy doing bearish I know we have to wait until the stochastic indicator hits 100 but, it seems between 80 to 100 is the best time to go bearish...feel like I am missing great opportunity for profits.
Felix tawanda (2 years ago)
is this strategy still good?? coz the other vid u added more indicators and I got slightly confused
GOOD BYE OTM (2 years ago)
This strategy is all good bro !!! the other videos you may see some others indicator which are really great aswell.
Mrs patricia carlos (2 years ago)
Never too late to change the story line. .Don't just sit and say this is how it has always been and this how it's going to be. You have the ability to change the situation. You can always start a new chapter.
Brandon DeLay (2 years ago)
I like your video. I'm curious though, is there a way to automate your strategy so you can make money while you're away from your computer? I believe if you can find a strategy and write a program that accurately trades for you then you will really start to make the big bucks. I'm new to this industry which is why I'm asking you about the possibility of it vs. telling you whether or not it works. I'd be interested to hear your thoughts on that topic.
GOOD BYE OTM (2 years ago)
I am sure that you can find an EXPERT ADVISOR online, based on Stochastic Oscillator !!! That´s the most accurate method in order to have this strategy automated.
Cynthia Stull (2 years ago)
Iam in the United States....Need advice on which broker to use....and I know to get the Metatrader 5 or 4.....would like to join the group of possiable.
John Bebb (2 years ago)
It is advisable to WAIT until after the Stochastic lines have definitely crossed such that there is a clear gap between to the two - they may well run closely parallel for a few candles so watch carefully!. Call < 10 & Put > 90
John Bebb (2 years ago)
The Stochastic indicator works equally well if set to 90 & 10 as suggested by Rudel23. I also suggest it is far more sensible Money Management to accept a loss; - "doubling up" (or worse) on a loss is merely a derivation of Martingale which is financial stupidity.
ayanda simelane (2 years ago)
pease its not clear when exactly you enter the buy..is it just before it pases the horizontal line going up....or after it has passed the horizontal line going down...... or while its below the horizontal line and u wait for it to go up pass the horizontal line n set your time??
ayanda simelane (2 years ago)
Sir_frankkie (2 years ago)
your strategy works bro thanks
Seahorse (2 years ago)
Very good video, thanks for your hardship to upload to share with us:)
GOOD BYE OTM (2 years ago)
I am glad that you like it, and i hope that you all profit with this simple method. Keep up the safe trading .
Johnson Okunade (2 years ago)
could you post the timer clock link please? Thanks for sharing your thoughts
Johnson Okunade (1 year ago)
Please the link for the timer clock is disable. Please could have a look.
GOOD BYE OTM (2 years ago)
You can find it here buddy. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/uoyman6g06dbodg/AABT8IyhQk9Dc7Yyxuc2ytJ_a?dl=0
odel mOSS (2 years ago)
Great Job thank u for sharing your knowledge
Marc Barling (2 years ago)
you can make any strategy fit back testing bud you need to show this live i think you are a great guy for trying to help others but i have seen so many strategy in back testing and they look fantastic but live trading is when u find out if it works or not ? cheers
GOOD BYE OTM (2 years ago)
We will take your comment in consideration buddy !!! But since this strategy need that the traders be in front of the charts most of the time, we will upload another video, where we implement a great ARROW INDICATOR, in order to make trading easier. Best Regards.
Marc Barling (2 years ago)
you can blow your account doing this strategy bud? what if you lose 6 or 7 in a row? you will blow your account martingale is good but in the long run at some point you will get caught and blow your account
GOOD BYE OTM (2 years ago)
I get your point of view, but there is not way you can have 6-7 losing trade in a raw with this strategy, that´s why martingale will increase your account in a matter of trades. I GUARANTY YOU THAT, BRO. It works for me... So, it i will work for you guys too.
Ladycash (2 years ago)
I just subscribe to your channel. Your explanation is awesome, I will try it tomorrow on demo before going live and I will be back with the results. Good job bro.
GOOD BYE OTM (2 years ago)
Hope you got to try it nicely and positively ...
Mwenda Eric (2 years ago)
Am impressed quite transparent with your review.Just like Roy at binarywatchdog.org. He gives very honest reviews and a load of other important information regarding binary options
Rafael Donado (2 years ago)
A basic and very old strategy, and yes, bollinger bands are useful.
HG Accounts (2 years ago)
Hey Juan, what is the name of the desktop clock? does it have a mac version?
GOOD BYE OTM (2 years ago)
Its name is just Digital Clock, and i am afraid that i am not sure if there is any MAC version for this item.
neil 7r7 (2 years ago)
very very good video, but problem is in when we see a long trend do not know when it end and how to combine the news release?
GOOD BYE OTM (2 years ago)
At all cost, traders should always avoid the PRIOR AND AFTER 30 minutes of news release. Since the trades in this strategy is for a very short expiration; then it should be OK, regardless the trend is currently UP-TRENDING OR DOWN-TRENDING. However, in case of any loss, then we implement our J.M.M. Juan´s Money Management..
Sverre Mortveit (2 years ago)
Why don't go safe With the trend?
Sverre Mortveit (2 years ago)
MAHESH RASKAR (2 years ago)
Amazing Video...........................Thanks bro...........................
Louis Zaza (2 years ago)
Thanks for ur inspiration video I had sent you request on FB I'm beginner I really want ur coaching plz
FREE WORLD (2 years ago)
Very nice my friend! Im also a kitchen staff just wanna go out a hard job, hope someday you can help me more about this..., respect here from philipiines
FREE WORLD (2 years ago)
Denny Wells yes i want, why?
Denny Wells (2 years ago)
Hello Free world, do you wish to trade?
mirola73 (2 years ago)
Credit to you man. So far you seem to have the best strategy I've tried. Thank you !
Denny Wells (2 years ago)
Hello mirola, what software do you trade with?
Jake De Crem (2 years ago)
I hope your strategy works and if it does I will not have to go to soup runs anymore and I can help near homeless and or homeless people like me. wen I can get ahold of £20 I will do the strategy and for now I will demo it and I will put 1 pounds down per trade because it's only 20 pounds.
Gil Bento (2 years ago)
Thanks for the video, bro!
Rafael Carmo (2 years ago)
Very cool video!!! A simple and effective strategy. Congrats!!! Just one question: with you don't use the 95 upper level? Then you could do PUT trades. :D
Denny Wells (2 years ago)
Hello rafael, what software do you trade with?
Peter Denney (2 years ago)
thank you for sharing your knowledge
GOOD BYE OTM (2 years ago)
Always a pleasure Peter.
Sunyata (2 years ago)
Great Strategy thanks Juan. I have tried it on my live account works like a dream! I have tried 1 and 5 minute charts, so far M5 3 minutes trade seems a better option for me. M5 has lot less market noise so less wrong trade. I am still testing both M1 and M5 will keep you posted. Thanks again man nice work!!
GOOD BYE OTM (2 years ago)
Kepp it up buddy.
Denny Wells (2 years ago)
Hello, what platform do you trade on?
Liam Twine (2 years ago)
a lot of the trades on my chart that go oversold remain oversold for 6 minutes at least so theirs a lot of OTM here
Jacques Hugo (2 years ago)
If you want a similar percentage for over bought and over sold it should be 80,20 or 90,10 or 100,0 not 100,10.
Allan Emery (2 years ago)
Thank you for the video! I found using Fibo levels useful for additional confirmation to enter a trade.
ivo kuznecovs (2 years ago)
is working for 24 optoons 2?
William Dunlop (2 years ago)
Do u wait till they cross on the overbought or oversold line or just UNDER the overbought or oversold lines
William Dunlop (2 years ago)
thanks for your help and your strategy it works amazing ::))
Steve Austin (2 years ago)
Nice video and nice advise on money management as well because it is all too easy to wipe out your account without it
GOOD BYE OTM (2 years ago)
You got it right
tony boyland60 (2 years ago)
just watch this thaks for the vid i would like to no more about the signals group your with please
GOOD BYE OTM (2 years ago)
Please follow us here at: Facebook GROUP: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1794396230780773/ Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/GoodbyeOTM/
William Dunlop (2 years ago)
Do you trade 5min with your startegy or is that too long to trade
GOOD BYE OTM (2 years ago)
It is recommended to trade from 3 to 4 minutes expiry trades. Need to find a broker that offers those expiries, such as 24Option - IQoption - 10Markets - Wynn Finance. etc.
William Dunlop (2 years ago)
and do u wait till candle closes to take the trade
GOOD BYE OTM (2 years ago)
If the CANDEL gives me a great OBVIOUS size, then i don´t wait until it closes, but if the candle is moving normally then i wait until it closes.
William Dunlop (2 years ago)
do u take trades on every oversold alert that u get or no
GOOD BYE OTM (2 years ago)
YES !!! Because we also implement a Money Management with this strategy, meaning that in case of LOSS, then we increase the trade size on our next trade and once we recover with the Money management, then we go back to our MINIMUM trade size again, and so on.
Zidi S (2 years ago)
Interesting I will check it
THE 1 MILLION PROJECT (2 years ago)
Hey, which broker do you use and which one is the most reliable one for you ?
GOOD BYE OTM (2 years ago)
24Option - 10Markets - topoption are really reliable.

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