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Understanding Liquidity Ratios

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This BeeBusinessBee video focuses on the topic of liquidity ratios. It looks that the concept of conducting ratio analysis from a set of financial accounts, specifically what would be required if you were being asked to assess the liquidity of an organisation? This video forms part of a series of videos on this topic and has been designed with questions that will test your knowledge and understanding. It is important to remember to pause the video when you reach a series of questions. Remember that additional resources and materials can be found online at; www.beebusinessbee.co.uk
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Daina (11 months ago)
u r amazing! u explain everything so well, thank you for ur time and effort sir. :)
Md.Mazedur Rahman (1 year ago)
Very effective,thank you sir for publishing this.
Aaron Singh (2 years ago)
I need help in assessing the performance please... I said that the current ratio has improved, as has it's ability to pay of debts/liabilities, making it far more efficient than it was in year 1. As for liquid capital ratio, I wrote that it suggests the number of current assets has increased significantly, and that it has a superior amount of current assets relative to it's current liabilities... Also, is liquid capital ratio the same as the acid ratio test? Thanks!!
Bee Business Bee (2 years ago)
Liquid Capital Ratio is the same as the Acid Test. Sounds like you are making some valid points above!
amy grant (2 years ago)
Need help in appropriation accounts

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