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Global Biometric Point of Sales Terminals Market 2016-2020
Link to Report: http://bit.ly/1OKCi0d Biometrics refers to the identification and authentication of an individual based on their unique biological and behavioral characteristics like fingerprint identification, palm-vein identification, facial recognition, iris recognition, retina recognition, and voice recognition. Technavio’s market research analyst predicts that increasing cases of fraud at merchant POS terminals will accelerate the market for biometric point-of-sales (POS) terminals in the forecast period. Hackers are increasingly targeting vulnerable POS terminals to steal payment card data via several methods. For instance, hackers install skimmers at POS terminals. The skimmers read and transmit data from swiped cards on POS terminals.
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2020 Foresight Report Best Practices in Implementing Mobile Payments
The report provides information and insights into the changing landscape of the payment industry, including mobile payment solutions and industry best practice: • Provides information on global market size of mobile payments in terms of value of transactions for both the historic and forecast period • Provides insights into card payments through mobile devices in selected countries and a comparative assessment with total card payments • Analysis of consumer technology, business trends and drivers highlighting key operational opportunities • Analysis of key issues faced by central banks, commercial banks and new market entrants while dealing with mobile payment solutions • Provides insights into best practice followed by market players to target consumers as a strategy to maximize their revenue • Discusses regulatory developments in key regions and analyzes the structure of the mobile payment ecosystem View more details @ http://www.bigmarketresearch.com/2020-foresight-report-best-practices-in-implementing-mobile-payments-market Scope The increased use of mobile devices to manage day-to-day activities and the rise in the use of social media has encouraged a number of organizations to build business and product strategies around mobile platforms. Banking institutions and non-banking startups are increasingly targeting consumers with new mobile payment solutions, allowing consumers to transfer funds and make payments at any time and in any location. Technological developments, changing consumer preferences and an increase in competition among stakeholders in the payments value chain have been the key drivers in the development of new platforms. To promote mobile payment products and services, financial institutions and payment companies are adopting multiple strategies, focusing on mapping changes in consumer behavior, applying the relevant technology and capitalizing on new trends. Summary • This report provides a comprehensive analysis of developments in the mobile payment industry with a primary focus on consumer oriented products and services • Provides forecast data for global mobile payments and country level data for card payments made through mobile devices in selected countries • It covers key trends expected to reshape the payment landscape over the next five years • Provides insights into key technology and business drivers responsible for the growth of mobile payment solutions • It covers key challenges faced by central banks in regulating, commercial banks and non-bank payment companies in introducing and sustaining mobile payment services • It provides insights into the implementation strategies and best practice adopted by both banks and non-bank organizations to drive revenue generation with the help of detailed case studies Enquire About Report @ http://www.bigmarketresearch.com/report-enquiry/313950
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Global Contactless Payment Market
Contactless payment systems are credit cards and debit cards, key fobs, smart cards or other devices, including smartphones and other mobile devices, that use radio-frequency identification (RFID) or near field communication (NFC) for making secure payments. The embedded chip and antenna enable consumers to wave their card, fob, or handheld device over a reader at the point of sale terminal. The report highlights the adoption of Contactless Payment. Based on the device type, the Contactless Payment market is segmented into Mobile Handsets, Point of Sale Terminals, NFC Chips, Smart Cards and Others. Based on the Solutions type, the market is segmented across Payment Terminal Solution, Contactless Mobile Payment Solution, Device Management Solution, Transaction Management Solution, Data Management Solution, Security & Fraud Management Solution, Hosted Point of Sale Solution and Analytics Solution. Full report: https://goo.gl/TXHgSo
card payment solutions
We, at vision payments solutions, are fast growing merchant account provider with experienced management team having experience about 30 years. We suggest card payment solutions service with quick easy authorization of all payment forms at very rational rate.
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The POS Terminal Market 2021 Forecasts
Global POS Terminals Market Research Report 2021 ( http://emarketorg.com/pro/global-pos-terminals-market-research-report-2021/ ) talks about Ingenico, Verifone, PAX Technology, SZZT, CyberNet, Equinox Payments, First Data, NCR and Spire Payments. Focusing primarily on North America, China, Europe, Japan, Taiwan and Korea, this report provides information on production, consumption, revenue, market share and growth rate of POS Terminals in these regions, from 2011 to 2021 (forecast).
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Global mPOS Market – Market Study 2016-2020
Link to Report: http://bit.ly/1LAWOic Technavio’s market research analyst predicts the global mPOS market to grow tremendously at a CAGR of 50% during the forecast period. The growing demand for mobile payments is the primary growth driver for this market. The increasing mobile internet penetration enables the users to quickly process mPOS and close the sales process. Moreover, the rising adoption of tablets and smartphones across the globe allows the retailers and merchants to integrate mPOS into their payment process.
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Walmart SWOT analysis 2018
This video will analyze Walmart company using a SWOT analysis. It will discuss the key Walmart strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats that affect the company in 2018, which might help you get a better understanding about the Walmart and its business. The most important strength Walmart has is being the largest retailer in the world, with unmatched scale of operations and strong market power over suppliers and competitors. Walmart is the world’s largest company by revenue and the largest retailer in the world. The company is a retail market leader in the U.S. and is a major competitor in all geographic markets in which it operates. What does ‘being the largest retailer in the world’ mean to Walmart? Economies of scale; Efficient and effective use of resources; Huge gains from implementing best practices; Experimenting with less risk; Market power over suppliers and competitors. As for the disadvantages, Walmart’s major weakness is overdependence on sales from the domestic U.S. market. Walmart’s sales from its domestic operations (includes Walmart U.S., Sam’s Club and other revenues) were US$380.580 billion in 2018. In 2018, 76.1% of all company revenue and more than 85% of its operating income came from the U.S. Walmart’s reliance on sales from one market weakens the company, as decreasing demand in the U.S. may seriously affect the company’s growth. Let’s move on to the opportunities and the key opportunity for Walmart is the e-commerce market, which is forecast to reach US$4.5 trillion by 2021. The e-commerce market is expected to expand significantly faster than the traditional retail sector, from US$2.290 trillion in 2017 to US$4.479 trillion by 2021, a growth rate of 95.6%. Based on these forecasts, e-commerce will account for 14% of total retail sales by 2020. Most of Walmart's ecommerce businesses are experiencing strong growth in e-commerce, especially in the U.S., China and the UK. Therefore, the company should focus on improving its e-commerce capabilities to take advantage of the growing online shopping market. One of the threats that affect Walmart is a growing risk of data breaches. For almost every transaction, the company collects customers’ credit or debit card information, either through in-store payments or online. It stores that credit/debit card data and protects it from theft. Nonetheless, data breaches can occur and customer data does get stolen and exposed from time to time. With the growing number of data breaches, there is always a potential risk of Walmart being breached again. These are the key Walmart SWOT strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. If you’d like to access many more of them, please visit our website https://www.strategicmanagementinsight.com/swot-analyses/walmart-swot-analysis.html and purchase the Walmart SWOT analysis from there. If you liked my analysis, agree or disagree with it please comment and subscribe below.
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Mobile payment forecast
FBN’s Charles Payne on the future for mobile payments. Watch Charles Payne talk about Ecommerce and Gadgets on Making Money With Cpayne and Paynes Playbook.
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The true mobile payment revolution - Customer Satisfied
The True Mobile Payment Revolution: The Customer Satisfied. When Mobile Payments application news began popping up all over the Internet with the simplistic view that just installing an app or a card reader adapter into an I Phone or Android creates a viable, secure mobile payment solution, it was much the same as thinking that having a label stuck inside the battery compartment of cell phone with a RFID chip turns it into a mobile payments device. Most of the mobile payments solutions out there are far too simplistic, and worse, have totally disregard for patents pending and intellectual propriety rights that were established years ago, and whose software remains part of solutions that are undergoing careful and structured deployment. But, then again just take the magnetic stripe on the back of most credit cards. Any of today's apps are certainly light years ahead in terms of the security. But business is a multi-dimensional thing, and therefore, all its dimensions have to be taken into account. Mobile payments solutions are certainly getting a lot of attention from established institutions, creating the "mobile payment" revolution that is going on right now. However, contrary to popular understanding, it is not being driven by the mobile (the device in the hands of billions of people), yet; in the United States. In the United States, the conversation about the mobile payments revolution is still mostly about the interchange fees charged by the credit card companies to process payments. While in much of the world, especially in the developing countries, the conversation is about adding real value to end users and businesses. The telecom companies obviously want a piece of the pie since they most often supply the mobile telephone and its connectivity, and usually have a direct relationship the mobile phone manufacturer. Of Course, the credit card companies and the banks, as providers of the currency of exchange that makes mobile payments work, see it quite differently. Of course, big retailers, as the providers sellers of the majority of the goods that consumers will use their mobile payments currency to purchase, see themselves as having the largest interest in the mobile payments revolution, and, as a result, have begun to press the credit card and banking companies to lower their transaction fees, even if that represents to really totally losing their business focus at a time they cannot afford it. Cost reduction is one thing; destroying their business by losing the focus is really insane. The true mobile payment revolution is going on silently, almost underground, and it will quite literally explode in the face of these people, if they do not get they act together. It is too big an opportunity to be ignored. Those who do not act now, will, quite literally, miss the boat. The opportunity to create a true global payment solution that enables business (financial and non-financial), telecom companies, governments, and most importantly the users of these services, to really benefit from this innovation, is right here now; and we can lead that effort. In the end, more money will be made for everyone, and as always, financial institutions and big businesses (including the telecoms) will make more money than ever with the new way of doing business. They just need to embrace it, and tap into its true potential right now!
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Digital Payments in China
Predictions are that digital payments will account for 20% of all Chinese retail purchases by 2020, a staggering amount and one that is challenging not only the banks, but China UnionPay and regulators themselves. The China Digital Payments 2016 report looks at how new business models, market entrants and regulations are rapidly transforming China’s gigantic payment industry. Many familiar changes are afoot, such as significant improvements in the speed and convenience of payments as well as greater point-of-sale acceptance of both card and digital payments. These developments, however, highlight important considerations about how the payments business model is evolving. Payment Service Providers (PSPs) used to make money by directly charging fees to their customers. But will that be enough for the future? Or should PSPs actually offer these basic payment services for free while recouping their costs in other ways, such as through gathering consumer data and using it to offer other related services?
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Global Mobile Wallet Market is Expected to Reach $5,250 Billion by 2020 - Allied Market Research
Mobile wallet is a system that allows consumers to pay by phone during travel, from any location, anytime. The global mobile wallet market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 127.5% from 2012 to 2020. The key driver for the growth of the market is it to provide consumers with greater convenience for payment. It is estimated that more than 70% smartphone users are willing to adopt mobile payment modes and 15% have already completed the adoption. However, the payment method can be used till the mobile has power and battery backup. Therefore, when the battery of the mobile is down, the mobile wallet cannot be used. This is one of the key restraints for the growth of the market. Smartphone users have multiple applications on their phones which consume power and the chances of battery outages are high. This limits the usability of the mobile wallet application. An important challenge for technology providers is to make the advances in the emerging NFC technology, as it is expected to have high demand among consumers. http://www.alliedmarketresearch.com/mobile-wallet-market
2020 Global IC CARD MANAGEMENT SYSTEM Market Analysis & Forecast
http://bit.ly/1xJYS70 - The Report "2014 Market Research Report on Global IC CARD MANAGEMENT SYSTEM Industry" provides key market data on Global IC CARD MANAGEMENT SYSTEM market.
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David Hogan -- Payments Industry -- Smart Card Alliance Perspectives: The Expert Series
David Hogan, Executive Technology Advisor, National Retail Federation, discusses trends in the U.S. payments industry in this Smart Card Alliance Expert Series interview. Mr. Hogan outlines key driving issues for the payments industry in the next two to three years. Mr. Hogan concludes by offering his perspectives on the key issues and opportunities that merchants are looking at for their payments infrastructure. This video is one of a series of interviews that are part of the Smart Card Alliance Expert Series.
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The Consumer Shopping Experience of Tomorrow
The payments industry is in the midst of a generational change due the rise of different technologies, including mobile phones and tablets. Unlike plastic cards, mobile devices can put the payment transaction into context and, as result, enable companies to deliver a tailored experience to each consumer. It is this type of personalization that consumers of tomorrow will demand.
XRP American Express Card? - XRP Credit Card! - When?
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Global Mobile Payment Market - Industry Analysis 2015-2019
Link to Report: http://bit.ly/1UG4zJj Mobile payment is a form of payment where an end-user can initiate a transaction using a mobile device for goods and services through communication networks or technologies. Mobile payment allows consumers to use a mobile device to pay for goods and services instead of using cash, check, and credit/debit cards. It is also referred to as mobile money, mobile money transfer, and mobile wallet.
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Unique Insights into the Top Payment Trends
TNS' most recent webinar gave an insight into the top payment market trends facing merchants in 2014. The topics covered were: - Focus on security and risk management - The acceleration of change in the payments ecosystem - Sea change taking place at the POS - Impact of BIG Data on payments - Insourcing vs. outsourcing
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Discounted Cash Flow - How to Value a Stock Using Discounted Cash Flow (DCF) - DCF Calculation
Discounted Cash Flow Calculation 2:13 - When to use Discounted Cash Flow (DCF) 3:33 - Where to Find the Data for Discounted Cash Flow 4:43 - How to Calculate Free Cash Flow 7:17 - Forecast Free Cash Flow 13:17 - Required Rate of Return (WACC) 20:15 - Finding Shares Outstanding 20:53 - Perpetual Growth Rate 21:47 - Calculate Present Value of Free Cash Flow 22:04 - Calculate Terminal Value 23:39 - Calculate Present Value of Forecasted Free Cash Flow & Fair Value of Stock 24:48 - Issues with Discounted Cash Flow Calculation Excel DCF Template: https://www.investorsgrow.com/2019/05/21/what-is-dcf-discounted-cash-flow-calculation-made-simple/ What is Free Cash Flow: https://youtu.be/AYXGcDGbaKo What is WACC: https://youtu.be/0inqw9cCJnM What is CAPM: https://youtu.be/-fCYZjNA7Ps Margin of Safety Video: https://youtu.be/6Lu71eyaLoo In this video, we walk through how to perform a discounted cash flow analysis of a company with the ultimate goal of trying to determine what the company’s intrinsic value is. Every investor should have a basic grasp of the discounted cash flow (DCF) technique. We go through the actual discounted cash flow formula and then we walk step by step how to perform the DCF calculation and where to get the information needed to calculate the intrinsic value of a company using DCF. In this example, we analyze Apple’s stock and perform a Discounted cash flow analysis on Apple to see if we can determine what the intrinsic value is. ★☆★ Subscribe: ★☆★ https://goo.gl/qkRHDf Investing Basics Playlist https://goo.gl/ky7CJq Investing Books I like: The Intelligent Investor - https://amzn.to/2PVhfEL Common Stocks & Uncommon Profits - https://amzn.to/2DAV8h9 Understanding Options - https://amzn.to/2T9gFSp Little Book of Common Sense Investing - https://amzn.to/2DfFGG2 How to Value Exchange-Traded Funds - https://amzn.to/2PWSkRg A Great Book on Building Wealth - https://amzn.to/2T8AKZ1 Dale Carnegie - https://amzn.to/2DDAk8w Effective Speaking - https://amzn.to/2DBncAT Audible Membership I Use (Audio Books): https://amzn.to/2LCorAY Equipment I Use: Microphone - https://amzn.to/2T7JxL6 Video Editing Software - https://amzn.to/2RQM1vE Thumbnail Editing Software - https://amzn.to/2qIUAgP Laptop - https://amzn.to/2T4xA8Z DISCLAIMER: I am not a financial advisor. These videos are for educational purposes only. Investing of any kind involves risk. Your investments are solely your responsibility and we do not provide personalized investment advice. It is crucial that you conduct your own research. I am merely sharing my opinion with no guarantee of gains or losses on investments. Please consult your financial or tax professional prior to making an investment. #LearnToInvest #StocksToWatch #StockMarket
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Mobile Payment Industry Analysis 2016 and Forecast to 2020
Inquire more at http://www.rnrmarketresearch.com/contacts/inquire-before-buying?rname=795999 Major Global Mobile Payment Users are PayPal, Paytm, Stripe, MobiKwik, Adyen etc. Major Chinese Mobile Payment Enterprises are AliPay, TenPay, 99Bill, YeePay, IPS, Lakala, MPay, LianLianPay, PinganPay, Smartpay, Qiandai, CHINAUMS etc. Mobile banking finds the largest transaction size, accounting for 83.1% in 2015 and estimated to decline to around 80.4% in 2020. China Construction Bank ranked first with a 23.1% market share, followed by Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (20.0%) and Agricultural Bank of China (13.9%). Faced with challenges and pressure from payment APPs, the banks will strengthen competitiveness by introducing differentiated services and products, such as joint issuance of cards and large payment with banking expertise. With regard to third-party mobile payment, the transaction volume in China reported RMB21.96 trillion in 2015, an upsurge of 167% from a year ago, 90% of the market seized by Alipay and Tenpay. Supported by business data, third-party payment companies will continue to expand service functions, finally forming a development pattern of O2O (Online to Offline) services.
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China MASSIVE Monetary Injection To Prevent Painful Crash! Economic Slowdown
LOOK THROUGH MY BOOKS! http://books.themoneygps.com SUPPORT MY WORK: https://www.patreon.com/themoneygps PAYPAL: https://goo.gl/L6VQg9 OTHER: http://themoneygps.com/donate ————————————————————————————————— MY FAVORITE BOOKS: http://themoneygps.com/books ————————————————————————————————— AUDIOBOOK: http://themoneygps.com/store STEEMIT: https://steemit.com/@themoneygps T-SHIRTS: http://merch.themoneygps.com ————————————————————————————————— Sources Used in This Video: https://goo.gl/YpU9nm ————————————————————————————————— #money #china #debt
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Global Palm Vein Biometrics Market 2016-2020
Link to Report: http://bit.ly/20WR5h5 Palm vein recognition is a contactless, biometric authentication technology that compares the palm vein scan stored in the database with the image of palm veins of an individual captured at that instant. With the emergence of mobile biometrics, the market for palm vein biometrics has a positive outlook over the forecast period. The increasing adoption of mobile devices across various sectors including healthcare, government, enterprises, BFSI, and transportation is prompting the introduction of palm vein recognition for securing access to data on mobile devices. Furthermore, mobile biometrics can be used to identify individuals at locations such as schools, banking stations, prisons, patrol cars, and battlefield to provide them authorized access to services.
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Future Telecom Crisis: business model broken, multichannel marketing, mobile payments - Keynote
Future of telecom companies and smartphones, mobile devices and why the telecom business model is broken. Patrick Dixon conference keynote speaker on telco issues and customer experience. Where will future telecom revenues come from and risks to future strategy. Future customers will be even more impatient about waiting for -- web pages to load, calls to be answered, software to update, mobile devices to reset. Future of customer services and customer relationship management. Technology convergence or divergence and why all innovation is divergent. Ethical issues when companies sell hardware or software that they know contains significant bugs eg failure to reliably synchronise PC and phone data. Why risky to believe results of market research as guide to future trends -- because customers change rapidly. Converging on features, quality and price results in spiral to bottom on profits and return on equity. Cloud-based computing and impact of cloud software on enterprise system design. New revenue models for telecom companies -- enterprise solutions, cloud-based data management, mobile payments and financial services. 90% of all Microsoft R&D is cloud-related in some way. Radical opportunities to provide free mobile devices, handsets, ipads etc, bandwidth, calls, SMS and online content, free storage of photos and movies in the cloud, in return for agreement to use mobile device almost exclusively for card transactions. Paid for by commissions on mobile transactions charged to retailers, and also by charges for credit, loans, insurance and related financial products. Biometric mobile payments -- using screen detection of fingerprints. Most debates about future are about timing of predictable events -- eg date by which costs of mobile devices falls so low that they can be provided for free by a financial institution. Impact of regulation and compliance. Why bandwidth use will be dominated by video -- which already consumes more than 70% of all bandwidth in some European nations. Impact of YouTube and BBC iplayer in the UK. Why telcos are being overtaken by video streaming as primary use of mobile and landline data. Dwarfing all voice calls, SMS, emails etc. Geopositioning and multichannel marketing, impact of Big Data on smart direct marketing campaigns. RFID tags in the internet of things. Concerns about privacy from data harvesting of consumer information to produce accurate insights about future purchasing decisions. Impact on mass market, fast moving consumer goods (FMCG). Future of Google and other search engines and impact of social networks such as Facebook and Twitter on future search listings, and what appears on Google Pay per Click adverts. How social network recommendations are winning trust over corporate websites, and why sites like TripAdvisor are dominating consumer decisions. Winning trust, or restoring trust, is the most important challenge facing many corporations. The only product or service a bank sells is trust and without trust you have no bank. Without trust, it may be that you have no government either. Why opinions of complete strangers are more influential over most consumers in some industries than official marketing information. Why traditional marketing is dead in the third millennial, multi-dimensional online world. Video recorded in 2013 for global leaders of enterprise technology and innovation for one of the world's largest telecom companies.
Its Official: The Gulf HoneyMoon Days Are Over - New Expenses New Taxes & New Employment Rules
Its Official: New Expenses New Taxes & New Employment Rules The Gulf HoneyMoon Days Are Officially Over https://youtu.be/zvdCMMHyPBQ #loymachedo #thinkpersonalbranding #personalbranding #UAE #dubai #saudi #GCC #uaenews #jobsinDubai #jobsinUAE #lifeinUAE #lifeindubai Saudi Company Shut Down, 10,000 employees unpaid https://bit.ly/2CVERBo Construction giant Saudi Oger company owned by Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri has forced thousands of its expatriate workers among 10,000 of them to exit the kingdom without months of unpaid wages and end-of-service benefits ************************* Dubai's Long-Awaited Stats Show Economic Growth Slowed Below 2% https://bloom.bg/2WNruLb https://bit.ly/2uHcTos UAE economy rebounds in 2018, but more slowly than expected despite a boost from higher oil prices Its slowest pace since a contraction in 2009 UAE predicted 3 percent for 2018 but achieved less than 2% Dubai's economy expanded at slowest in nine years in 2018 ************************* Arcane Pollution Rule May Cost Saudis and Neighbors Billions UN Law Could Damage GCC Ability To Mint Money Via Oil Production https://bloom.bg/2HHe0NE The world’s biggest oil-exporting region may lose billions of dollars in annual revenue United Nations makes a new law low-sulfur fuel could dent sour-crude demand For ships to burn cleaner fuel takes effect next year. Saudi Arabia, Iraq and other Middle Eastern suppliers of heavy, high-sulfur crude Will take a hit Lose $1 to $5 less per barrel of oil You will say Oh, only $1 - who cares? Middle Eastern producers selling about 20 million barrels a day could lose anywhere from $7 billion to $37 in annual revenue, ************************* GCC employment policies threaten livelihood of 25m expats https://bit.ly/2YKdJ1w According to the latest data, more than 25 million foreigners live in the six Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries, representing nearly 50 per cent of the region’s 51 million population. Foreign employment in Qatar is 91% UAE with 89 per cent, Kuwait at 72.15 per cent and Bahrain with 54 per cent. Policies pursued by the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries to reduce the number of expatriates and replace them with local citizens Now they are forcing Private Sectors from employing them Unofficially around 2 million have been sent back. ************************* New Taxes To Hurt Business? https://bit.ly/2OzJmGi Fresh round of taxes may hurt UAE retail market After an excise tax of 100 per cent on tobacco and energy drinks, and a 50 per cent tax on carbonated drinks, which went in to effect in October 2017. Sales have dropped by 65 per cent More broadly, governments tend to tax items for which an increase in prices would not cause a significant difference in local currency. In the case of UAE, the next item could be fast food, crisps, and sweets Currently they are conducting a study with Oman & Saudi ************************* TO SUPPORT MY CHANNEL Please send money via paypal to [email protected] ------------------------------- TO CONTACT [email protected] | +66-92-541-4784 ------------------------------- MORE ABOUT ME? Google "Loy Machedo"
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What Will Happen To My Debts In A Dollar Collapse?
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Why the 10 year bull market almost didn't happen
Jared Blikre of Yahoo Finance breaks down the 10 year bull market with Yahoo Finance's Adam Shapiro, Julie Hyman, Rick Newman and Tendayi Kapfidze of Lending Tree. Subscribe to Yahoo Finance: https://yhoo.it/2fGu5Bb About Yahoo Finance: At Yahoo Finance, you get free stock quotes, up-to-date news, portfolio management resources, international market data, social interaction and mortgage rates that help you manage your financial life. Connect with Yahoo Finance: Get the latest news: https://yhoo.it/2fGu5Bb Find Yahoo Finance on Facebook: http://bit.ly/2A9u5Zq Follow Yahoo Finance on Twitter: http://bit.ly/2LMgloP Follow Yahoo Finance on Instagram: http://bit.ly/2LOpNYz
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Increasing numbers of untact marketing services in Korea
퍼져가는 `언택트(untact) 마케팅`...무인주문•결제 봇물 A growing number of retail stores in Korea are letting customers in around the clock... so they can browse and shop by themselves. No salespeople or cashiers at all. Kim Hyesung reports. Using a credit card to verify their identity, customers can enter a jean store that has no employees. Customers can freely look around, try on the clothes, and then buy them to go or get them delivered. "Open 24 hours, people can come to shop anytime they want. Located in Hongdae, visitors come after work or a drink. They can also choose a pair of jeans and get it delivered the very next day, no need to carry it around. Since opening last October, sales have continued to double on-month." Called 'untact' marketing, meaning 'no contact', these stores avoid face-to-face contact between the seller and buyer. They are growing rapidly in Korea and across the world... from Amazon Go stores that have no cashier... to movie theaters and restaurants where customers use touch-screens to choose what they want and pay the bill. "In most stores, sales assistant usually follow me around, asking me what I want. It makes me a little uncomfortable. But in self-stores I don't have to feel pressured to buy a product that the sales assistant recommends. I can just look for goods I had in mind myself, try them on for myself and see what really suits me." According to a survey by Daehaknaeil, one out of four Koreans in their 20s prefer messenger chats to face to face conversations. "Millennials, the so-called mobile generation, those in their teens and 20s, rely heavily on smartphones. They are more individualistic and want speed and fast transactions. Eating alone, drinking alone and shopping alone instead of people-to-people services. This is becoming a global t0-000111rend." The rising minimum wage, which went up by double digits in the last two years, is also pushing retail owners to adopt untact marketing services in Korea. While this untact marketing trend is set to grow even further, experts also warn that it could lead to job losses and an 'untact divide', leaving behind those who are not familiar with the new technology. Kim Hyesung, Arirang News. Arirang News Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/arirangtvnews
666 Mark Of The Beast Mastercard Biometrics 2017.
WARNING: WARNING: WARNING: WARNING: WARNING: WARNING: ATTENTION: ATTENTION: ATTENTION: ATTENTION: ATTENTION: Washington Monument Capstone Fitted: 6th Dec (216) 1884. Barack Hussein Obama 18 Letters 6+6+6 Born "8.4" on the 216th Day of the Year 6x6x6. Master by Definition. A Man who has people working for him, especially SERVANTS or SLAVES. Lord, Overlord, Lord and Master, Ruler, Sovereign, Monarch, Liege. Mastercard changed its Logo 14th July 2016. Its the same symbol represented as the previous symbol for MasterCard with a slight design difference of no Lines where the two circles connect. Why change it Now? Because: Obama "The Master" as written in The Message Bible. Reference: The Mystic Mess. 14th April 2016. + 21 Days 6 Months (216) Movie Pi "Faith in Chaos" = 4th February 2017. Obama Born 4th August 1961 + 666 Months Six Hundred and Sixty Six Months = 4th February 2017. If people can't get a copy and read Zenith 2016 I Suggest that they watch Thomas Horn on U Tube discuss the contents of his book. MasterCard on Thursday 20th April Mastercard Official Website Industry News 2017 Announced its GLOBAL Rollout of its Biometric Payments Bank Card. 2 Months 16 Days (216) after Obama's 666th Month Anniversary = 4th February 2017. Obama 4th February 2017 = 666 Months old. + 2 Months 16 Days (216) = Thursday 20th April 2017 Mastercard announces Biometric Mark of the Beast Biometric Hand/Fingers DNA card. Biometric Payment systems is the Mark of the Beast. DNA used Hands Fingers Eyes for Payments is using and taking the Mark of the Beast. Revelation Chapter 14… Revelation chapter 15:2 Revelation chapter 16 Vs 1 and 2. The Bible has warned us! Why don't most Christians and Non Believers who are awake choose not to Believe this? Because the Lie of the Obamacare chip (That dosen't exist) The Lie of the NBC Brian Williams Health care chip news clip by 2017. The fact that a few people in Sweden are chipping themselves. The Prophesy says The Hand and the Forehead. No one is getting Chipped in the Forehead. Biometric Payment systems is taking the world by Storm. With projected models of Growth to 2020 to be in the Billions for Tech companies. Pope Francis spoke at the 25th Sep 2015 United nations 17 Sustainability Goals 2030 Agenda. Within the Goals is the World Bank ID4D Criteria Goal 16.1. "Biometric Id from Cradle to Grave for ALL of the Earths Inhabitants. He Pope Francis "Blessed this accord and Endorsed this" on this day fulfilling what is spoken of the Second Beast Rev 13:11-12 - 16 - 17. This is the UN ID4D Program instituted by the World Bank. Please Do the Research yourself. Biometrics institute Find Biometrics Planet Biometrics Biometrics Update UN 2030 Agenda 17 Sustainability Goals. Do not be Deceived into using the Biometric Payment system. Read Deuteronomy chapter 6. "Frontlets " is the Forehead of an Animal. A BEAST. "THE EYES" The Bible HAS WARNED US VERY CLEARLY IN THE ABOVE MENTIONED PASSAGES OF SCRIPTURE. JESUS SHED HIS PRECIOUS BLOOD TO FORGIVE THE WORLD HUMANITY OF THEIR SINS. DO NOT USE YOUR IRIS, RETINA, BLOOD VEIN PATTERNS, FINGERPRINTS INTO THE LIVE INNER LAYERS OF THE EPIDERMAL SKIN, YOUR PRECIOUS GOD GIVEN DNA THAT DIRECTLY DEFINES YOU INDIVIDUALLY FROM ANYONE ELSE IN THE WORLD to make Payments within this Globalist Luciferian New World Order. Mastercard. Making Slaves in this Life and the Next. Why don't we here about it Everywhere within Church? Because the "Church" HAS FAILED IN PREACHING THE WHOLE BIBLE COVER TO COVER. THEY HAVE FAILED IN THEIR "DUTY OF CARE" TO THEIR CONGREGATIONS TO PREACH THE WHOLE COUNSEL OF THE WORD OF GOD. THEY HAVE NO DISCERNMENT WISDOM UNDERSTANDING OF THE TIMES AND SEASONS THAT WE CURRENTLY LIVE IN. THEY ARE MOSTLY ASLEEP AT THE WHEEL. So the Mark of the Beast Obama is here NOW… God WARNED US IN HIS HOLY BOOK: THE KING JAMES BIBLE. TAKE HEED. Revelation 14:12. HERE IS THE PATIENCE OF THE SAINTS: HERE ARE THEY THAT KEEP THE COMMANDMENTS OF GOD, AND THE FAITH OF JESUS. Revelation 12:17. And the Dragon (Satan, Lucifer, The Devil) was wroth with the woman. and went to make war with the remnant of her seed, WHICH KEEP THE COMMANDMENTS OF GOD, AND HAVE THE TESTIMONY OF JESUS CHRIST. Obedience Faith is required to enter the Holy city. "Do not take the Mark"
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Global ATM Market (Solutions, Type and Geography) - Segmentation and Forecast, 2013 - 2020
Market Research Reports, Inc. has announced the addition of “Global ATM Market (Solutions, Type and Geography) - Size, Share, Global Trends, Company Profiles, Demand, Insights, Analysis, Research, Report, Opportunities, Segmentation and Forecast, 2013 - 2020” research report to their offering. See more at- http://mrr.cm/4os
Global Wireless POS Terminal Market Size, Analysis, Share, Research, Forecast 2014-2018
Get Full Details On: http://www.researchbeam.com/global-wireless-pos-terminal-market About Global Wireless POS Terminal TechNavio's analysts forecast the Global Wireless POS Terminal market to grow at a CAGR of 7.7 percent over the period 2012-2016. One of the key factors contributing to this market growth is the increasing necessity to improve hospitality and reliability among customers. The Global Wireless POS Terminal market has also been witnessing the increasing organized logistics sector in emerging countries. However, the profit compromising POS gateway charges could pose a challenge to the growth of this market. TechNavio's report, the Global Wireless POS Terminal Market 2012-2016 has been prepared based on an in-depth market analysis with inputs from industry experts. The report covers the Americas, and the EMEA and APAC; it also covers the Global Wireless POS Terminal market landscape and its growth prospects in the coming years. The scope of the report includes a discussion of the key vendors operating in this market. It includes the market for wireless POS terminals across end-user segments. The markets that are not covered in this report are: • Any support, maintenance and services that are offered for/with wireless POS terminals • Components that are used in the manufacture of wireless POS terminals • Any product that does not fall under wireless POS terminals • NFC POS terminals • POS 13, software, firmware, solutions, components and integrated circuits ICs.
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John McAfee on the run / Bitcoin 1000 then 10 Million? Stocks drop on China Trade War
WolfPack Cryptos [Educational channel NOT investment advice, consult your financial advisor] Crypto Currencies are highly volatile assets WPC highly recommends you consult your financial advisor and do your own research. All gains and losses are due to your own decision making and WolfPackCryptos LLC is geared towards creating an educational community in the realm of investing within the CryptoCurrency market and cannot guarantee any profits or losses. You should never risk any money you cannot afford to lose this is a new market full of scams and start-up ventures hence high-risk assets with a high failure rate. A trader from WolfPack Cryptos Investment Strategies talks about trading Bitcoin Altcoins and what the future holds for the crypto market. Our affordable Private membership includes Trading Signals, Altcoin fundamentals research and ICO analysis. Instagram: mastermind_group Laszlo's Twitter: @MMG_invest Come check out WolfPack Cryptos Website, Telegram, Twitter For Private Members area please visit our Website and email us or contact Admin in the Free Telegram room. WPC Website: https://www.wolfpackcryptos.io/ WPC Free Telegram Group: https://t.me/wolfpackcryptos WPC Free News Room + Market Updates: https://t.me/WolfPackCryptosNews WPC Twitter: https://twitter.com/WolfPackCryptos NordVPN Service, 2 years of service for the low price of only $95.75 in total, or $3.99 per month. This deal gives users an exclusive 66% discount., surf the web anonymously and securely. VPN are easy to use and available for your smartphone as well, protect your data and shield yourself from Hackers. Link: https://go.nordvpn.net/aff_c?offer_id=15&aff_id=14644&url_id=902 Protect yourself from AI and algorithms and mass data collection on everything you do, have you ever noticed when you shop online prices sometimes change for the same products you are searching for "prices always go higher" this is because algo's can determine how much you are willing to pay rather than find the cheapest bargain. Most of the time they put on the screen the prices you are willing to pay or paid advertisement assuring you do not even see cheaper prices from all competitors, a good example is Amazon it always populates your feed first when searching google because they buy prime real estate on the web. Using VPN when shopping can help mask who you are and help you find the cheapest prices. VPN discount Link: https://go.nordvpn.net/aff_c?offer_id=15&aff_id=14644&url_id=902 Being based in Panama, NordVPN falls under the country’s jurisdiction and Panama has no data retention laws; A strict no logs policy . We want to ensure user privacy and security, therefore we never log user activitvity Military-grade AES-256-CBC encryption and a variety of protocols to choose from: OpenVPN (UDP and TCP), PPTP, L2TP/IPSec, IKEv2/IPSec; Risk-free 30-day money-back guarantee Unlimited bandwidth and data; 2832 servers located in 59 countries (the server number is always growing); Fast speed servers that are also reliable and consistent; Multiple ways to contact 24/7 customer support (live chat, email, ticket system); A CyberSec feature that blocks dangerous websites and lets users avoid annoying An automatic kill switch (can kill individual processes or kill whole internet connection); 6 simultaneous connectionsP2P friendly; Works in countries (China, the Middle East countries) where internet access is restricted, and strong censorship is in place; Double encryption to ensure top-level privacy and security TradingView best FREE charting software and discounts for PRO members with access to all indicators and charting tools: https://tradingview.go2cloud.org/aff_c?offer_id=2&aff_id=11798 For extra security get a burner phone number to use everywhere when signing up to Telegram and social media: https://www.burnerapp.com/ For Organic meat at affordable prices delivered to your home [PROMO FREE Lifetime Beef] visit http://fbuy.me/j5SSD for $120 you can receive whole months worth of organic free range grass fed poultry. A healthy diet is essential for healthy brain function, to look good, feel good and to avoid cancer and hormonal imbalances. (only available in the US)
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#Goldmoney (TSX: $XAU) Advances the Use of #Gold in X-Border Commerce
Investorideas.com, a global news source and investor resource releases track session video coverage from the recent fintech and payment conference, Money 20/20, held in Las Vegas, featuring Darrell MacMullin, CEO of Goldmoney Inc. (TSX: XAU) .In his session Darrell tells the audience, “Money has become a technology and gold is money without borders.” In his discussion, Goldmoney Advances the Use of Gold in X-Border Commerce, he shares insight on how their global network for savings and payments uses 100% reserved physical gold. With their technology, customers can instantly buy vaulted gold with any currency, send and receive international payments using gold, and spend gold at point-of-sale or withdraw local currency at ATMs with a prepaid Goldmoney MasterCard. About Goldmoney Inc. Goldmoney Inc. (TSX: XAU) is a mission-driven financial technology company that operates the world's largest 100%-reserved gold-based savings and payments network. Goldmoney® provides financial services as a trusted third-party, combining the unique attributes of gold with technology-driven innovation. Through the Goldmoney Network, comprised of Goldmoney Personal and Goldmoney Business, anyone with internet access can buy, sell, transfer, earn, or redeem physical allocated gold. Goldmoney Wealth offers bespoke precious metals custody and wealth services, trading and execution, card services, tax-free retirement accounts and independent research to high net worth individual investors and institutions. Goldmoney Inc. has more than 1.27 million user signups from more than 150 countries and $1.8 billion in client assets under administration (as at October 24, 2016). Goldmoney Network is registered with the Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis Centre of Canada (FINTRAC). Goldmoney Wealth is regulated as a Money Services Business by the Jersey Financial Services Commission. For more information about Goldmoney, visit goldmoney.com. About Money 2020 Money20/20 organizes the largest global events enabling payments and financial services innovation for connected commerce at the intersection of mobile, retail, marketing services, data and technology. With 10,000+ attendees, including more than 1,000 CEOs, from over 3,000 companies and 75 countries, expected at its 2016 U.S. event, Money20/20 is critical to realizing the vision of disruptive ways in which consumers and businesses manage, spend and borrow money. Money20/20 will be held at The Venetian in Las Vegas, October 23-26, 2016. In just four years, Money20/20 fundamentally disrupted the status quo and established an entirely new and ground-breaking scale and standard for industry events. https://www.money2020.com About Investorideas.com - News that Inspires Big Ideas Sectors we cover in include mining, energy, renewable energy, water stocks, food and beverage (including organic and LOHAS, wine), defense and security, biotech, technology and mobile. We have also expanded our global coverage to include Latin American stocks, the Middle East, sports and entertainment. Follow Investorideas.com on Twitter http://twitter.com/#!/Investorideas Follow Investorideas.com on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/Investorideas Follow stocks in your favourite stock sector with Investor Ideas stock directories http://www.investorideas.com/membership/ Disclaimer/Disclosure: Investorideas.com is a digital publisher of third party sourced news, articles and equity research as well as creates original content, including video, interviews and articles. Original content created by investorideas is protected by copyright laws other than syndication rights. Our site does not make recommendations for purchases or sale of stocks, services or products. Nothing on our sites should be construed as an offer or solicitation to buy or sell products or securities. All investment involves risk and possible loss of investment. This site is currently compensated for news publication and distribution, social media and marketing, content creation and more. Contact each company directly regarding content and press release questions. Disclosure is posted for each compensated news release, content published /created if required but otherwise the news was not compensated for and was published for the sole interest of our readers and followers. More disclaimer info: http://www.investorideas.com/About/Disclaimer.asp. Contact Investorideas.com 800-665-0411
The $920M travel insurance segment that brokers should pay attention to
Michael Tauber, CEO, Travel Card says that the size of the travel insurance market in Australia is more than $920 million and brokers only have a 6% market share. Tauber believes that the broking community can take this share up to 40% and will be sharing more insights in his interview in the August issue of NIBA's Insurance Adviser magazine as well as the 2018 NIBA Convention in Hobart, Tasmania. Register here for the NIBA2018: https://www.nibaconvention.com.au/registration/
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Does Africa Owe Reparations To African Americans?
THE STAR REPORT is hosted by Troi Torain aka STAR. Torain made the national stage as a writer for the SOURCE Magazine (1995-1998) and on MTV’s Beat Suite in 1999. His popular radio show Star & Buc Wild on NY's Hot97 & Power 105 (2000-2006) secured his place in media history. In 2011 STAR was also inducted into News Ones Top 20 greatest radio personalities of all time. Super Chat with STAR https://streamlabs.com/troitorain100 Paypal Donations - [email protected] Donate via Cash App - $starreport ($5 dollar minimum) #AfricanAmerican #Reparations #Africa
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Germany Orthopedic Prosthetics Market Outlook to 2020
http://www.rnrmarketresearch.com/germany-orthopedic-prosthetics-market-outlook-to-2020-market-report.html This new report, "Germany Orthopedic Prosthetics Market Outlook to 2020″, provides key market data on the Germany Orthopedic Prosthetics market. The report provides value, in millions of US dollars, and volume (in units) and average price data (in US dollars), within market categories Lower Extremity Prosthetics and Upper Extremity Prosthetics. The report also provides company shares and distribution shares data for each of these market categories, and global corporate-level profiles of the key market participants, pipeline products, and news and deals related to the Orthopedic Prosthetics market wherever available. The data in the report is derived from dynamic market forecast models. The researcher uses epidemiology and capital equipment-based models to estimate and forecast the market size. The objective is to provide information that represents the most up-to-date data of the industry possible
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Global Cloud Billing Services Market 2015 Share, Size, Forecast 2019
Global Cloud Billing Services Market 2015-2019 http://www.marketresearchstore.com/report/global-cloud-billing-services-market-2015-2019-6623 Billing management systems enable telecom operators to effectively handle all tasks and processes related to financial transactions. It facilitates customer account operations and provides invoicing flexibility for multiple payment models, methods, and channels. It also supplies tools for personalization of billing services and customized invoice calculation. It also enables resolution of end-to-end billing-related disputes. With changes in technology, vendors are shifting toward customized platforms on the cloud. Cloud billing is the method of generating bills from restored data using billing policies. The cloud billing services caters to both functional and non-functional requirements. The functional requirements include policies, payment schedules, user IDs, and conversion functions. The non-functional requirements include security, scalability, and standards. Global Cloud Billing Services market to grow at a CAGR of 27.61 percent over the period 2014-2019. Covered in this Report This report covers the present scenario and the growth prospects of the Global Cloud Billing Services market for the period 2015-2019. To calculate the market size, the report considers revenue generated from sales of cloud billing services including subscription and update charges. Moreover, the revenue includes: Billing services on cloud Billing of cloud services It also presents the vendor landscape and a corresponding detailed analysis of the top four vendors in the market. In addition, the report discusses the major drivers that influence the growth of the market. It also outlines the challenges faced by vendors and the market at large, as well as the key trends emerging in the market Table of Contents 01. Executive Summary 02. List of Abbreviations 03. Scope of the Report 03.1 Market Overview 03.2 Product Offerings 04. Market Research Methodology 04.1 Market Research Process 04.2 Research Methodology 05. Introduction 06. Market Description 06.1 Introduction to Billing Systems and Cloud Computing 06.2 Cloud Computing Ecosystem 06.3 Opportunities in Cloud Computing for Telecom 06.4 Billing on Cloud 07. Market Landscape 07.1 Market Overview 07.2 Global Cloud Billing Service Market 07.3 Global Cloud Services Market 07.4 Global Cloud Billing Services Market as a Segment for Global Cloud Services Market 07.5 Five Forces Analysis 08. Market Segmentation by Application 08.1 Global Billing Services on Cloud Market 08.2 Global Billing of Cloud Services Market 09. Market Segmentation by Technology 10. Market Segmentation by End-users 11. Geographical Segmentation 11.1 Global Cloud Billing Services Market by Geographical Segmentation 2014 11.1.1 Cloud Billing Services Market in the Americas 11.1.2 Cloud Billing Services Market in the EMEA Region 11.1.3 Cloud Billing Services Market in the APAC Region 12. Buying Criteria 13. Market Growth Drivers 14. Drivers and their Impact 15. Market Challenges 16. Impact of Drivers and Challenges 17. Market Trends 18. Trends and their Impact 19. Vendor Landscape 19.1 Competitive Scenario 19.2 Market Share Analysis 2014 19.3 Other Prominent Vendors 20. Key Vendor Analysis 20.1 Amdocs 20.1.1 Key Facts 20.1.2 Business Overview 20.1.3 Business Segmentation by Revenue 2013 20.1.4 Business Segmentation by Revenue 2012 and 2013 20.1.5 Geographical Segmentation by Revenue 2013 20.1.6 Business Strategy 20.1.7 Recent Developments 20.1.8 SWOT Analysis 20.2 CGI Group 20.2.1 Key Facts 20.2.2 Business Overview 20.2.3 Business Segmentation by Revenue 2014 20.2.4 Business Segmentation by Revenue 2013 and 2014 20.2.5 Geographical Segmentation by Revenue 2014 20.2.6 Business Strategy 20.2.7 Recent Developments 20.2.8 SWOT Analysis 20.3 Computer Science 20.3.1 Key Facts 20.3.2 Business Overview 20.3.3 Business Segmentation by Revenue 2013 20.3.4 Business Segmentation by Revenue 2012 and 2013 20.3.5 Geographical Segmentation by Revenue 2013 20.3.6 Business Strategy 20.3.7 Recent Developments 20.3.8 SWOT Analysis 20.4 Oracle 20.4.1 Key Facts 20.4.2 Business Overview 20.4.3 Business Segmentation by Revenue 2013 20.4.4 Business Segmentation by Revenue 2012 and 2013 20.4.5 Geographical Segmentation by Revenue 2013 20.4.6 Business Strategy 20.4.7 Recent Developments 20.4.8 SWOT Analysis 21. Other Reports in this Series
Consumer Finance in 2018: Key Industry Themes
Euromonitor International’s latest research on Consumer Finance shows strong consumer card and electronic payment growth globally from 2017 to 2018. Accelerating card payments have largely come at the cost of cash, which continued its absolute value decline. Driving the growth of cash alternatives has been adoption of payment policy, incentivizing paper payment alternatives as well as the shift of retail online. Debit card payment value grew the fastest among card functions, but credit value is expected to gain share over the forecast period. The total value lost to fraud from financial cards continued to increase largely driven by counterfeit cards and card not present categories in the US.
Mobile Payment Market, Users Worldwide & Countries Forecast to 2014(www.renub.com)
http://www.renub.com/report/mobile-payment-market-users-worldwide-countries-forecast-to-2014-59 In a world where technology can be used for multiple exchanges, the use of mobile phones is no longer limited to simple voice communication functions. Mobiles are now providing access to a growing number of services. Mobile payment or M-payment is a service which is continually gaining in popularity as there are huge number of mobile phone users and bank card holders. This service therefore has great potential as new economic market brings; together disconnected banking and telecom sectors. The number of mobile payment subscribers worldwide was nearly 2 Billion users in 2011. The total value of mobile payment market is expected to cross US$ 500 Billion by 2014. North America and Asia is expected to become the most important markets; together both of them accounting for more than 60% of the total market share and 80% of mobile payment users. In North American region, United State is expected to dominate the mobile payment market volume with more than US$ 200 Billion by 2015. In Asian region Japan will lead the mobile payment market due to higher per capita income. It will be followed by South Korea, China and India in the 2nd 3rd and 4th position respectively. In Latin America Brazil holds the mobile payment market with 90% market share in 2011. Western Europe mobile payment market is forecasted to grow with a CAGR of 68.17% with the spanning period of 2011 -- 2015. But, in terms of mobile payment users, China is the leader in Asian market. China is expecting to have nearly ten times more mobile payment users than Japan. India and Eastern Europe & Middle East & Africa are expected to have more than 100 Million and 150 Million mobile payment users by 2015. In mobile payment methods, NFC based mobile payment market is growing tremendously. NFC based mobile payment market is likely to grow with a CAGR of 118% in the spanning period of 2011-2015. Mobile Ticketing is expected to capture around 40% share of the total mobile payment market by 2014. The premium SMS market share is predicted to decline due to consumer trend moving towards NFC enabled technology. The report covers the following points • Studied growth forecasts and worldwide mobile payment market sizing from (2011 to 2014) • Analysed growth forecast and worldwide mobile payment users from (2011 to 2014) • Worldwide mobile payment market share and users share from (2011 to 2014) • Digest regional (North America, Latin America, Asia, Western Europe, Central and Eastern Europe, Middle East & Africa) mobile payment market Share and users share (2010 -- 2014) • Country-level mobile payment market and users analysis (2009 -- 2014) • Explore and identify opportunities in the exciting m-payments market • Analyse data forecasts and commentary on NFC-capable Handsets; NFC Payment Market; Mobile Ticketing Users - and Market; Mobile Money Transfer Market and Users (2011 -- 2014) • Understand the drivers and inhibitors within the m-payments ecosystem • Review regional trends and key developments region wise • Learn more about key players like Google -- Google Wallet, E-Bay -- PayPal, ISIS, Visa - Visa Wallet, American Express -- Serve Key Players Analysis This section covers the key facts about the major companies that play an important role in Mobile Payment Market. The companies analyzed in this section are -- Google -- Google Wallet, E-Bay -- PayPal, ISIS, Visa - Visa Wallet, American Express -- Serve. All the companies have been analyzed from three headings 1) Companies Initiative or Strategy Mobile Payment Industry 2) Strength of the company in mobile payment industry 3) Weakness of the company in mobile payment industry Contact Us Andy Hill Sr. Manager - Publisher Relation Sales & Marketing Div. Renub Research Email: [email protected] Phone: +1-678-302-0700 (USA) , +91-120-4219-822, +91-120-254-5750 (India) Web: http://www.renub.com/
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Global Retail RFID Market Outlook 2016 2021
Source: http://www.researchbeam.com/global-retail-rfid-outlook-2016-2021-market Enquire at: http://www.researchbeam.com/global-retail-rfid-outlook-2016-2021-market/enquire-about-report SUMMARY Gens report, Global RETAIL RFID Market Report: 2016 Edition provides detailed market and segment level data on the Global and Chinese consumption of Retail RFID. The report provides historic, forecast and growth patterns by company, country and type/application from 2016 to 2021. This report delivers an extensive overview of Global Retail RFID market with a focus on China. It also acts as an essential tool to companies active across the value chain and to the new entrants by enabling them to capitalize the opportunities and develop business strategies. It also helps the companies to better understand the trends of Soups market to seize opportunities and formulate crucial business strategies. With this report, you will get access to: 1. Market overview including definition, industrial chain (upstream & downstream), manufacturing technology details and the costs analysis from the aspects of raw materials, labor costs and depreciation.
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Hosting + Cloud Strategies = Software-Defined Data Center Disruption
Hear from global industry leaders about their collaboration and their diverse perspectives on the Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC). You’ll learn about the latest service provider market trends and data, real world customer success stories as well as how Software-Defined Storage has played a pivotal role in helping clients choose the right platform and performance criteria for a variety of IT workloads.
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Generational Differences in Mobile Payment Preferences
http://blog.euromonitor.com/ One of the most important things to consider when launching a mobile wallet is the end user, and a mobile wallet will rarely find success if it does not cater to the millennial generation. According to Euromonitor International Survey data, there are stark generational differences in the needs and wants of mobile wallets. Although all age groups expect an in-store mobile payment app to bring about increased security, have the ability to gain rewards and be easy to use, older consumers say they prefer to buy products in store.
Apple Invests $2B on Data Centers in Europe
Feb. 23 -- On “Before The Bell,” Bloomberg’s Betty Liu, Olivia Sterns, and Bob Ivry run down the top stories of the day. They speak on “In The Loop.” --Subscribe to Bloomberg on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/Bloomberg Bloomberg Television offers extensive coverage and analysis of international business news and stories of global importance. It is available in more than 310 million households worldwide and reaches the most affluent and influential viewers in terms of household income, asset value and education levels. With production hubs in London, New York and Hong Kong, the network provides 24-hour continuous coverage of the people, companies and ideas that move the markets.
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Global Mobile Payment Market 2015 – 2019
Global Mobile Payment Market 2015-2019 is the latest addition to Sandlerresearch.org industry research reports collection. The analysts forecast global mobile payment market to grow at a CAGR of 36.26%, in terms of transaction volume, over the period 2014-2019. In terms of number of end-users, the market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 18.10% during the forecast period. Single User License: US $2500; Buy the Report @ http://www.sandlerresearch.org/purchase?rname=43560 Alternatively can get Discount on the Report @ http://www.sandlerresearch.org/discount?rname=43560
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How We Got to 5G, Explained
Make your passwords secure today! The first 200 signups get 10% off Dashlane Premium, and you support #UnoDosofTrace! Just sign up with this link: http://dashlane.com/trace #5G networks have so much hype right now, but should you ACTUALLY care? How did we get here? I explored the long road of #cellphone technologies that started way back in World War II and might reach perfection with this next generation network. A big question I had is, what IS 5G? Like, compared to 4G is anything REALLY going to change or are we looking at a software update — and this is a much bigger deal than that. So interesting! This video is huge, so I hope you love it and share it with anyone who wants to know more about 5G! 📱 Love you, fam! Quick note: My goal in every video is to make you *feel* something, *think* something, or *talk to a friend* about what you learned. If any of those apply to you, please consider subscribing to the channel, or sharing the video with your friends on social media! A few seconds of effort on your end really goes a long way, and thanks for even reading this paragraph, it means a lot. 💕 Music by Epidemic Sound: http://epidemicsound.com/creator Much of the stock footage provided by talented artists who graciously posted their work for open access on Pixabay, Pexels, and Unsplash. Thank you! ~~~ 👾 SOCIALS 👾 ~~~ Join my patreon to help grow the show 📍:: http://patreon.com/tracedominguez Follow me on the tweet-machine & instagrammy: 📷:: http://instagram.com/tracedominguez 🐤:: http://twitter.com/tracedominguez 😐:: http://facebook.com/official.tracedominguez 🎮:: twitch.tv/mrtraced ~~~ 🐱 LYNX 🐱 ~~~ Rather than describe each link to you, I thought I’d just paste ALL my links that I used for this story (there were so many!) I cited this paper heavily when it came to dividing the Gs into groups, because different people might do it differently. There ARE standards that we can go by for some of the divisions, but others are historical. http://citeseerx.ist.psu.edu/viewdoc/download?doi= HISTORY PHYSICS https://www.engadget.com/2018/07/23/how-5g-makes-use-of-millimeter-waves/?guccounter=1 1G-5G https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/3G https://www.pcmag.com/article/345387/what-is-5g https://www.verizon.com/about/our-company/5g/what-5g DEFINING TERMS https://www.pcmag.com/encyclopedia/term/55406/cellular-generations https://www.digitaltrends.com/mobile/what-is-5g/ http://citeseerx.ist.psu.edu/viewdoc/download?doi= https://pdfs.semanticscholar.org/4dfd/40cc3a386573ee861c5329ab4c6711210819.pdf STANDARDS https://www.howtogeek.com/273745/what-is-4g-lte/ https://futurenetworks.ieee.org/tech-focus/june-2017/standards-for-5g-and-beyond https://whatsag.com/g/who-is-inv https://www.theverge.com/2018/6/15/17467734/5g-nr-standard-3gpp-standalone-finished https://www.pcmag.com/article/345387/what-is-5g https://www.itu.int/en/ITU-R/Documents/ITU-R-FAQ-IMT.pdf https://www.3gpp.org/about-3gpp/about-3gpp https://www.itu.int/en/ITU-R/study-groups/rsg5/rwp5d/imt-adv/Pages/default.aspx https://www.itu.int/osg/spu/imt-2000/technology.html SPECS https://www.mediatek.com/blog/5g-what-are-embb-urllc-and-mmtc https://www.pcmag.com/news/300986/cdma-vs-gsm-whats-the-difference https://www.pcmag.com/news/293905/3g-vs-4g-whats-the-difference https://www.pcmag.com/article/345387/what-is-5g https://www.pcmag.com/encyclopedia/term/55406/cellular-generations BROADBAND https://www.itu.int/dms_pub/itu-r/oth/0a/0E/R0A0E0000D40001PDFE.pdf === 😘 SPECIAL THANKS 😘 === To you, because without YOU I couldn’t be doing this. If you want to support and help me pay rent, take a second and join the patreon (or if budgets are tight, share the videos with friends, because that is just as valuable). http://patreon.com/tracedominguez ~~~~~ 🐣 EASTER EGGS FOR READERS 🐣 ~~~~~ P.S — Funnily enough, AT&T turned off their 2G coverage last year here in San Francisco and it caused quite a stir! See the city buses had networked GPS connections that would tell the network when the next bus would arrive and where each of the buses were. However, even after being warned that the 2G network was going away (allegedly multiple times) the MTA didn’t upgrade. When the day came, and AT&T switched it off, there was chaos. No one knew when the buses were coming, or where they were, all the apps were broken because they relied on that data (even Google’s) and it was hilarious. P.P.S — Eventually it was resolved, but in the meantime some apps created some crowdsourced bus solutions that I really appreciated (looking at you Transit!) and then (after a while) the buses upgraded and are back to normal. A city of IT nerds without updated IT infrastructure. 😂 Typical. Love you, #nerdfam! Stay #curious!
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Healthcare Fraud Detection Market, By Component, 2015–2022 (USD Million)
Healthcare Fraud Detection Market report categories the global market by Application (Prepay, Post payment, Insurance Claim), Component (Software, Service), Delivery (Cloud, On-premise), Type (Prescriptive, Descriptive), End user (Private, Public, Insurance Payer) & Geography. Discount On Report : https://www.marketsandmarkets.com/discountreports.asp?id=221837663
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The Actor: A Novel by Douglas Gardham
It is 1991 when Ethan Jones finally wins the role of his dreams in an upcoming, big screen movie. With the envelope holding the script clutched in his hand, he arrives at his California apartment where he can hardly wait to tell his live-in girlfriend the exciting news. But when he finds the door unexpectedly ajar, he has no idea that in just a few seconds, the life he has fought so hard to obtain will be shattered. Eight years earlier, Ethan is attending university in Ottawa, Canada. One evening after seriously contemplating suicide, he finds his way into a club where he meets Mila Monahan, a beautiful acting student who saves him from himself. After he watches Mila rehearse a university play, Ethan catches the acting bug and decides to pursue his own creative passions, causing a collision with his more secure ideals. But when Mila suddenly disappears, Ethan vows he will never stop chasing the dream she inspired in him believing in a world entirely different from the one he is living in. Eight years earlier, Ethan is attending university in Ottawa, Canada. One evening after seriously contemplating suicide, he finds his way into a club where he meets Mila Monahan, a beautiful acting student who saves him from himself. After he watches Mila rehearse a university play, Ethan catches the acting bug and decides to pursue his own creative passions, causing a collision with his more secure ideals. But when Mila suddenly disappears, Ethan vows he will never stop chasing the dream she inspired in him believing in a world entirely different from the one he is living in. The Actor is a gripping tale of rejection, hardship, tragedy, and overwhelming joy as one man embarks on an unforgettable journey of self-discovery learning to portray anything he can imagine.
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GREED of Banks - Wells Fargo CEO told "You Should Be Fired" | Bitcoin To Disrupt Banks
Why was Bitcoin created? Because of distrust in the banks. And this video shows the GREED that banks have and how things never change. ▶Channel Sponsor Datalight.Me - If you're looking to get more insight into the market with social and data tools no one else offers, check out https://datalight.me/?utm_source=youtube&utm_medium=referral&utm_campaign=cryptosrus ▶Become a CryptosRus INSIDER to gain exclusive insight on the market, get reviews and analysis on undervalued cryptocurrencies and get access to valuable tools that will help you excel in the crypto market click here: https://insider.cryptosrus.com Bitcoin Tip Address: bc1q9pgkr27u8n2kjmmhzwhsfeq8z79duxxgpertpa Download the Brave Browser - https://brave.com/cry292 ▶CryptosRus Shop - Buy all of your favorite T-shirts here: https://cryptosrus.com/shop/ ▶New Channel for Car Enthusiasts: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCIaT-n9zE44QLTIwFq1xldQ ▶New Channel for Side Jobs / Hustles: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLHQPXzjwEEsXFOK7wQYLMg ▶How to Build a Cryptocurrency Portfolio: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qK_hP... ▶How To Buy Guides: https://cryptosrus.com/how-to-buy/ ▶Buy Bitcoin & Ethereum: https://cryptosrus.com/buy-bitcoin-wi... ▶Bitcoin Wallets: https://cryptosrus.com/bitcoin-wallets/ ▶ITunes Podcast: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/c... ▶Audio Podcast: https://player.fm/series/cryptosrus ▶Facebook https://www.facebook.com/cryptosrus/ ▶Twitter https://twitter.com/CryptosR_Us ▶Instagram https://www.instagram.com/cryptosrus ▶Full Disclaimer: This video and its contents are for informational purposes only and do not constitute an offer to sell or trade, a solicitation to buy, or recommendation for any security, cryptocurrency, ICO, or related product, nor does it constitute an offer to provide investment advice or other related services by CryptosRUs. CryptosRus may have a financial investment with the cryptocurrencies discussed in this video. In preparing this video, no individual financial or investment needs of the viewer have been taken into account nor is any financial or investment advice being offered. Any views expressed in this video were prepared based upon the information available at the time such views were written. Changed or additional information could cause such views to change. #bitcoin #cryptocurrency #crypto
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Legendary hacker Kevin Mitnick shows off in China
How easy is it to hack into a bank? Legendary hacker Kevin Mitnick shows you how. At the Cyber Security Summit 2017, hosted by one of the country's largest Internet company, Tencent, he demonstrated how to exploit a bank's security flaws. Mitnick mainly used an NFC suite and a piece of malicious code to break into both the card security and a password-protected laptop, astonishing hundreds of Chinese tech fans. After his show, Mitnick sat down with CGTN reporters to share how to strengthen security on the web. Subscribe to us on YouTube: https://goo.gl/lP12gA Download our APP on Apple Store (iOS): https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/cctvnews-app/id922456579?l=zh&ls=1&mt=8 Download our APP on Google Play (Android): https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.imib.cctv Follow us on: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ChinaGlobalTVNetwork/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/cgtn/?hl=zh-cn Twitter: https://twitter.com/CGTNOfficial Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/CGTNOfficial/ Tumblr: http://cctvnews.tumblr.com/ Weibo: http://weibo.com/cctvnewsbeijing
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JSB Market Research: Iron Ore Mining in Australia to 2020
The Iron Ore Mining in Australia to 2020 report provides historical and forecast data on iron ore production (and also by form), reserves, consumption by end use and trade to 2020.
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News: John McAfee Launches Visa Bitcoin Debit Card
For the most complete data on all crypto currencies check: https://coincheckup.com | The crypto research platform. Full credits for this video to BitcoinNews.com who listed the info in this video on an article on their website: https://bitcoinnews.com/?s=.comJohn%20McAfee%20Launches%20Visa%20Bitcoin%20Debit%20Card -------- Transcript: 0:00:00 John McAfee Launches Visa Bitcoin Debit Card 0:00:04 This update is brought to you by "CoinCheckup News Updates" and was originally published on "BitcoinNews.com". 0:00:10 The ubiquitous John McAfee, needing no introduction to crypto converts, is never far from the news and his latest piece of that is a McAfee crypto debit card. 0:00:19 The card, naturally adorned with the cryptocurrency entrepreneur’s photo, just so users know exactly who created it, has been issued by Visa, and will enable users to use their crypto for purchases or to obtain cash. 0:00:31 A teaser for what is coming soon: The first crypto credit card accepted EVERYWHERE! 0:00:36 Originally advertised, and since corrected by McAfee, as credit cards, they clearly are not, but such debit cards play an essential role in enabling holders of cryptocurrency to use their Bitcoin as originally intended; as a source of purchasing power and convenience. 0:00:50 As a reminder, unless newsreaders have forgotten, McAfee is up as a 2020 presidential candidate, if only to offer himself a platform for talking about cryptocurrency and its place in the world. 0:01:01 A further reminder is offered with each issued card with the 2020 presidential run logo, along with his photo is printed on each card; a very clever piece of canvassing. 0:01:11 However, he did add that only the first 12,000 of such debit cards would carry his photo on them. 0:01:17 After the first batch of 12,000 cards have been released, the others will be without his images. 0:01:22 Sorry - "Credit Card" was a misnomer. 0:01:25 More like a debit card. 0:01:27 You load it with Bitcoin then use it anywhere. 0:01:30 We convert to local currencies. 0:01:32 It is unclear which financial institutions will honor the cards at present, given his lack of popularity with the US authorities in general, particularly the IRS, who would reportedly like to talk to him about several millions of dollars in unpaid returns backdated to 2010. 0:01:48 However, his popularity is assured with an impressive crypto community following, who hope that this is another little push designed to drag Bitcoin into the mainstream rather than a nonstarter publicity stunt. 0:01:58 Thanks for watching this video. If you wanna read the whole article you can go to CoinCheckup.com or go to: "BitcoinNews.com", who originally published this news update on their website. -------- Other Credits: Background music: Runaways by Silent Partner https://soundcloud.com/search?q=Silent%20Partner Creative Commons - Ask Silent Partner for permission if you want to use this song. Music promoted by Audio Library https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCht8qITGkBvXKsR1Byln-wA * Created with https://content2video.com technology | Creating videos out of your data.
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