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Flight of the Conchords: Business Time
Jemaine imagines himself settling down with, and making love to Sally.
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Flight of the Conchords- Business Time
Flight of the Conchords performing their song "Business Time."
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Business Time - Flight of the Conchords
Flight of the Conchords Business Time. From their new album.
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Flight of the Conchords - It's Business Time
Flight of the Conchords, a musical comedy duo composed of Bret Mckenzie and Jermaine Clement, best known for their work on the HBO Emmy award nominated TV series Flight ofthe Conchords, bring their comedy rock to the stages of the Montreal Festival. SUBSCRIBE For More Stand Up: http://bit.ly/1ShFiDP J4L on Facebook: http://bit.ly/1qbX9p0 J4L on Twitter: http://bit.ly/1RG2uuI Just For Laughs Homepage: http://bit.ly/1pFZ2d1 Just For Laughs is the world's premiere destination for stand-up comedy. Founded in 1983, JFL produces the world’s largest and most prestigious comedy event every July in Montreal, as well as annual festivals in Toronto and Sydney.
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Flight of the Conchords - Business Time - Dallas, TX 10-26-2016
Flight of the Conchords perform Business Time in Dallas, Texas on October 26, 2016.
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Flight of the Conchords - The Most Beautiful Girl (In The Room)
Taken from the first episode of HBO's show, Flight of the Conchords.
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Flight of The Conchords - Business Time - Album Version
Album version of Business time
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Flight Of The Conchords - Jenny
Flight Of The Conchords - Jenny
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Flight of the Conchords - Hiphopopotamus vs. Rhymnoceros
Taken from the third episode of HBO's show, Flight of the Conchords.
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Flight of the Conchords (Live) - Business Time
Live Conchords - Business Time
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Flight of the Conchords - Business Time
Music video project for Videography/Digital Editing class.
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Flight of the Conchords - "If You're Into It" [HQ]
Buy Flight of the Conchords DVDs @ http://tinyurl.com/FOTC-HBO-Store
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How to play Flight of the Conchords Business Time on guitar
Ah yess, you know what time it is...
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Hiphopopotamus vs. Rhymenoceros - Flight Of The Conchords
Hiphopopotamus vs. Rhymenoceros Flight Of The Conchords HBO One Night Stand Bret : Yeah uh-huh yeah yeah They call me the, Rhymenoceros not because I'm fat, Not 'cause I got birds on my back But because I'm horny, (I'm Horny!) When I'm on the mic I'm like global warming you can't ignore me, In bedroom, I'm the gentleman the ladies come before me, Check your Yellowpages I'm a registered Rhymenocologist Now I'm passing over the mic to the, Hipopopotamus! Jemaine : Yeah they call me the Hipopopotamus, my lyrics are bottomless Bret : Sometimes, my rhymes are polite like, "Thank you Mrs. Johnson for dinner that was delicious, goodnight." And other times they are obscene like a pornographic R-18 dream, about bitches smothered in margarine, haa haa haa haa, haa, (Gun Noises) Jemaine : They call me the Hipopopotamus, I got flows that glow like phosphorous, popping off of the top of this esophagus, I'm not a water-dwelling mammal from Africa that's moved to the metropolis and been taught how to break dance, where did you get that preposterous, hypothesis, did Steve tell you that? What's he got to do with it? What kind of rapping name is Steve? Steve... Bret : Other rappers (Dis Me) Say my rhymes are (Sissy) What? What? Why? What? What? Why? Why? Why? What? Be more constructive with your feed back. Why? What? What? Why? What? Why? Bret : What 'cause I rap about reality? Like, me and my Grandma having a cup of tea. Bret and Jemaine : There ain't no party like my Nana's tea party, Hey! Ho! -FreeStyle Begin- Bret : Freestyle! Hipopopotamus! Freestyle, Hipopopotamus Style! Jemaine : I'm Freestylin'! Just saying what comes into the top of my head! Like it's just, R-Random! R-R-Random! Umm, Oooooh! Ooooh! There's a picture of New York! There's a picture of New York! There's a big, fat, crazy picture of New York! I'm just free- New York! Fre-Freestyling the- Picture of New York! Freestyling! Sometimes When I freestyle, I loose confidence.... -FreeStyle Ends- Jemaine : My rhymes are so potent that in this small segment, I made all of the ladies in the first two rows pregnant. Yeah that's right sometimes my lyrics are sexist, but you lovely bitches and hoes should know I'm trying to correct this cause... Bret : When I say "Oooh" all the ladies go "Ahh", "Oooh" ("Ahh"), "Oooh" ("Ahh"), When I say "Oooh" all the fella's go "Arf Arf", "Oooh", ("Arf Arf"), "Oooh", ("Arf Arf"), But keep it really sexy fella's, "Oooh", ("Arf Arf"), "Oooh", ("Arf Arf"), That's my dogs When I say "Oooh" all the ladies got "Oooh, Flight of the Conchords, You're so Big!", "Oooh", ("Oooh, Flight of the Conchords, You're so Big!")... Ooh, Wow. Thank You, Wow. Jemaine : Thank You ladies, you didn't have to say that.
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Maculate | Flight of the Conchords - Business Time (WBBL & Father Funk Remix)
Maculate video for Father Funk and WBBL's remix of Flight of the Conchords - Business Time. Free DL: https://soundcloud.com/father-funk/business-time Father Funk: http://soundcloud.com/father-funk http://www.facebook.com/fatherfunk http://www.rocstar.co.uk/agency/ WBBL: http://www.facebook.com/pages/WBBL/24... http://soundcloud.com/wbbl Maculate: http://www.facebook.com/djmaculate http://www.youtube.com/users/djmaculate http://soundcloud.com/maculate
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Bret McKenzie & Jemaine Clement Are Back! | Flight of the Conchords: Live in London (2018) | HBO
Bret McKenzie and Jemaine Clement are ready to shake and roll. Premieres Oct 6 on HBO. #FOTC #HBO Subscribe to the HBO YouTube Channel: https://goo.gl/wtFYd7 Don’t have HBO? Order Now: https://play.hbonow.com/ Get More HBO: Get HBO GO: https://play.hbogo.com/ Like on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HBO Follow on Twitter: https://twitter.com/hbo Like on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/hbo/ Subscribe on Tumblr: http://hbo.tumblr.com/ Official Site: http://www.hbo.com
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Business Time (Flight of the Conchords cover)
Business Time (Flight of the Conchords cover) at Clearfield CAST's Friday Night Live
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Flight of the Conchords - Business Time
London 25th May 2010 Wembley Arena
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Flight of the Conchords (Live) Business Time
Flight of the Conchords perform Business Time live in Cary, NC 7-18-16
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How to Play BUSINESS TIME Easy Ukulele Lesson Flight of the Conchords Chords Strum
It's Business Time!!! 3 chords! So fun! Learn to play Flight of the Conchords' "Business Time" on ukulele - easy chords, strums, all the laughs!! Lesson info below... Recorded in Cusco, Peru Lesson Schedule Intro / Demo : 0:00 - 1:05 How to play the hook: 1:05 - 2:25 Accidental Toni Braxton Mashup 2:25 - 2:43 How to play the storytelling/rap part : 2:43 - 5:15 Bye miss you already! 5:15 - End Chords: Cm Dm Gm Alternate: key Fm Gm Cm Another alternate key: Dm Em Am Yet another alternate bc I LOVE U: Gm Am Dm Basic strum 2: https://youtu.be/lGM8ic7IMdo www.brookepalmermusic.net
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Flight of the Conchords - Business Time - Rock Band 4 DLC Expert Full Band (October 4th, 2018)
This Week 151 DLC (October 4th, 2018): https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLC9JqAjqpnayOZjfgBtaIEIkUMY3uUk6m Last Week 150 DLC (September 27th, 2018): https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLC9JqAjqpnayglJTdhko0XOhD1cI2umB6 Expert Full Band Chart of the song "Business Time" from the band "Flight of the Conchords", album "Flight of the Conchords" on the game Rock Band 4, it was released in October 4th, 2018 in the Rock Band 4 era. This song is available to buy as a single for $1,99, or in the "Season 8 Spotlight Pass" for $16,49 (This Pass is only available while the Season is going, once the Season is over the Pass will no longer be available, single only). You can buy it inside of Rock Band 4 and inside your console store (Xbox One & PS4 links below) it's not possible to play the song on the other games of the franchise. The song was also released on Rock Band Network 1.0 on April 29th, 2010, here's the full band video: https://youtu.be/nMBrY5624zc TWITTER: @SpectroRockHero https://twitter.com/SpectroRockHero FACEBOOK: Spectro's Rock Hero https://www.facebook.com/SpectrosRockHero Links to buy the song for Xbox One: Single: https://goo.gl/LS22Y3 Season 8 Spotlight Pass: https://goo.gl/FKqYGC Links to buy the song for PS4: Single: https://goo.gl/NtCZ5j Season 8 Spotlight Pass: https://goo.gl/uaLD55 Playlists for Full Band: *NEW*Rock Band 4: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLC9JqAjqpnayxMK8EmImisi8vJ4IoAazB *NEW*Rock Band 4 DLC: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLC9JqAjqpnawnwdV-VKF_ZxmfUvqX9PgA Legacy Songs: Rock Band 1: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLC9JqAjqpnayJF89ijvBstzAQxzr0jHXz Rock Band 1 DLC: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLC9JqAjqpnaxdW-yvirZSBLeyc5bOBhM7 Rock Band 2: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLC9JqAjqpnaxUGs2RErBsZdhe8_swMjfR Rock Band 2 DLC: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLC9JqAjqpnaxvJQk4FJgQy1qELAIlIDP0 AC/DC Live: Rock Band Track Pack: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLC9JqAjqpnayPRTmMpHSAjN_qIuar3fF7 The Beatles: Rock Band: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLC9JqAjqpnaxKA1ykVYI-Ud6EvZua4LJh LEGO Rock Band: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLC9JqAjqpnaz5tLRGbSw6I1n-dvd2nO3U Rock Band Network 1.0: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLC9JqAjqpnazUK42OHg5xOB86faAlXxYN Green Day: Rock Band: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLC9JqAjqpnawZu0Bs9b-gjXMB0Beqobno Rock Band 3: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLC9JqAjqpnaw0AqS99ZywzpU5zUB2cJur Rock Band 3 DLC: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLC9JqAjqpnaxonibz6yQyNzyb3AriSiiU Rock Band Network 2.0: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLC9JqAjqpnazOa5B_WS93yICC5ahE9y4s MORE PLAYLISTS like all the ROCK BAND BLITZ Playthrough, ALL SONGS Difficulty Warmup to Impossible, and all the difficulties separately, Warmup, Apprentice, Solid, Moderate, Challenging, Nightmare and Impossible: http://www.youtube.com/user/SpectrosRockHero/playlists
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How to Play Business Time (Flight of the Conchords)
Requested by my buddy Dan.
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Ben Hammond - Business Time (Flight of the Conchords Cover)
Singer Songwriter Beatboxer Ben Hammond doing his version of "Business Time" and a little bit of "Hiphopopotamus" solo acoustic at the Hub Baja Grill on Siesta Key in Sarasota, FL. Using a Boomerang Loop Pedal to loop a little bit of the beatboxing (vocal percussion). Recorded on Kodak ZI-8.
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Flight of the Conchords - Business Time
Live at Wembley Arena, 18.05.10
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Flight of the Conchords - Business Time (HD) Hamilton, New Zealand 14th June 2012
Flight of the Conchords - Business Time Founders Theatre, Hamilton, New Zealand 14th June 2012 Recorded with - Panasonic DMC - ZS7
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Sierra Eagleson – Business Time (Flight Of The Conchords Cover)
10|02|18 Socials: https://www.instagram.com/sierraeagleson/ https://twitter.com/sierraeagleson https://www.facebook.com/sierraeaglesonmusic https://soundcloud.com/sierraeagleson More: https://www.youtube.com/user/guitargirl2449 https://www.twitch.tv/sierraeagleson https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/solace-ep/1352499139 https://open.spotify.com/artist/44QpdEMnHG1Lb3PXZwDZg3?si=SkwE0tGvS1GlvmEsxjrKxQ ========================== Russian fans socials: https://vk.com/sierraeagleson https://vk.com/benhowardmusic #SierraEagleson #TunageBruh #BusinessTime #FlightOfTheConchords #Twitch #TwitchMusic #SierraEaglesonMusic #SIerraEaglesonCover #FlightOfTheConchordsCover #BusinessTimeCover #acoustic #cover #musicvideo #livecover
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Flight of the Conchords -  Business Time (live at Melkweg, Amsterdam)
Live at Melkweg Amsterdam, 3.5. 2010
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Business Time by Flight of the Conchords (full version)
Business Time by Flight of the Conchords (full version)very funny song by a new zealand group my favorite
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It's Business Time Launch - 11/11/2018
Rocket Lab successfully launched 'It's Business Time' at 16:50 NZDT (03:50 UTC), Sunday 11th November.
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Flight of the Conchords - Business Time (Rjd2 remix)
Μεταφορτώθηκε απο τον δωρεάν βίντεο μετατροπέα από την Freemake http://www.freemake.com/free_video_converter/
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Flight of the Conchords - Business Time - St. Louis 4.30.09
Jemaine & Bret live at the Fox Theatre in St. Louis, Missouri. Business Time was requested by the audience, and they gave in! Team Building Exercise '99! Pardon the shoddy camera work, I was trying to watch the show and tape at the same time. I don't recommend it.
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Business Time by Flight Of The Conchords - Full Band FC #974
It's Wednesday, you know what that means? That it's in-between Rivals weeks and it's the time we FBFC, it's all part of the 4Play process. You love 4Play. I can see the comments now: "Is that it?" I know what you're trying to say. You're trying to say "aww yeah, that's it." We're down to our socks cause it's business time Guitar- Amar Bass- Sean Drums- Brian Vox- Chris
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Business Time - Flight Of The Conchords - Zarek & Albi Cover
One of the last shows of the Zarek & Albi European tour 2017. This took place in Cardiff, Wales. It was our first and last unplugged show of the tour so we thought it was fitting to pay a little tribute to some New Zealand legends - Flight Of The Concords. Film Credit goes to Andy Wain (great job mate!).
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Flight of the Conchords--Business Time
Santa Barbara County Bowl. May 22nd, 2009
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Business Time - Flight of the Conchords (Cover)
Jonathan Crews, Austin Patterson, Levi Baer and I (Melanie Lech) at Crossroads Open Mic Night 4/24/13, song 4 of 4 my main channel: http://youtube.com/thespartanchannel thespartanchannel, App State, Business Time - Flight of the Conchords cover No copyright infringement intended.
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AMV - Evangelion 0.22 - Shinji does (Not) Mean Business
This is the first joint project by PixelBlended Studios and the editors who worked on this project were l33tmeatwad and snapxynith. With the initial vision and rough cut by l33tmeatwad, snapxynith joined in and handled all of the text and other effects for the project, adding a very much needed flare and visual punch to the video. Special thanks to Minstrel & Sumasan from amvnews.ru for translating and timing Russian subtitles. The English and Russion caption timing were redone, but the translations came from their script. Download Link: http://www.a-m-v.org/video/183273 Anime: Neon Genesis Evangelion Song: Business Time Artist: Flight of the Conchords Software Used: Notepad :) AviSynth After Effects VirtualDub Technical Details: The rough cut was completed using AviSynth and Adobe After Effects was used to add the remaining text and effects. Video Percentages: Blank Opening: 2% (Frames: 129) Evangelion Footage: 75% (Frames 4415) Text Art Only: 23% (Frames: 1317) Total: (Frames: 5861) (Note: The text art only percentage is for areas where there is nothing but text on the screen.) Contests: Otakon 2011 AMV Contest [Won Best Comedy & Best in Show] San Japan 4TW AMV Contest [2nd Place Editor's Choice Comedy] San Japan 4TW AMV Contest [2nd Place People's Choice Comedy] AnimeFest 2011 (Dallas) [Won Best Comedy] Nan Desu Kan 15 AMV Contest [Comedy Finalist] Anime Weekend Atlanta 2011 Pro Contest [Won Best Comedy] Another Anime Con 2011 AMV Contest [Won Best Comedy] NYAF 2011 AMV Contest [Won Best Comedy & Best in Show] Anime Vegas 2011 AMV Contest [Won Best Comedy] PMX 2011 AMV Contest [Won Best Comedy & Best in Show] Anime USA 2011 AMV Contest [Won Best Comedy & Best in Show] A-M-V.org 2012 VCAs [Simifinalist in Lip Synch, Special Effects, Storytelling, and Video of the Year] A-M-V.org 2012 VCAs [Collab/Comedy/Parody Finalist]
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The Flight Of The Conchords - Business Time live in Amsterdam 2010
Business Time live by The Flight Of The Conchords in Melkweg in Amsterdam, on the 4th of May 2010. This was the first time Jemaine and Bret played in Holland. They played 2 shows that were sold out immediately. This footage is from the second night.
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Flight of the Conchords 'Business Time' Philly '08
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Flight of the Conchords- Business time
live in Milwaukee, WI 5/2/09
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RB4 DLC Review: "Business Time" - Flight of the Conchords (Guitar/Bass/Pro Drums)
Support us on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/fatemedia Chat with us on Discord: https://discord.gg/nWkcHnM Like & Subscribe for more! Check out Fatemedia at Social Media : https://www.facebook.com/FateMedia/ https://twitter.com/FateMediaNet My things: http://www.twitch.tv/gegetv https://www.facebook.com/GGTVHerdULiek/ https://twitter.com/HerdULiek Fate media is a group of content creators dedicated to giving you the best in gaming content available.
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Flight of the Conchords "Business Time" Live @ Marymoor Park Redmond, WA 6/22/16
Flight of the Conchords "Business Time" Live @ Marymoor Park Redmond, WA 6/22/16
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It's Christmas Time (parody of "Business Time" by Flight of the Conchords)
- video upload powered by https://www.TunesToTube.com
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Flight of the Conchords- Business Time (Live)
This is Flight of the Conchords performing Business Time live on radio enjoy.
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Flight of the Conchords - Business Time
16th May 2010 London Hammersmith Apollo
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Flight of the Conchords - Business Time
Flight of the Conchords at the Hollywood Bowl, May 30th, 2010
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Ukulele - Business Time - Flight of the Conchords - Sheet Music, Chords, & Vocals
Start learning how to play your favorite songs today with FREE online music classes. Get started here: https://goo.gl/6mM5zn http://bit.ly/1PHnySa Ukulele sheet music, chords, and vocals of Business Time - Flight of the Conchords Learn to play Business Time and play along! Like us on Facebook: http://on.fb.me/1afe0JJ Follow us on Twitter: http://bit.ly/1afdYl1 Follow us on Pinterest: http://bit.ly/1apIz1W Follow us on Instagram: http://bit.ly/1apL58r
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