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How to Repair Oversized PST File
http://www.outlook-pst-recovery.com/ - Repair Outlook PST file corrupted due to oversize problem. This video shows an easiest way of fixing oversized PST file after Outlook fails to open.
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Repair PST File when Scanpst Fails to Fix
http://www.howtofixpstfiles.com/scanpst-fails.html - Hi Friends, Today, I will show you how to repair Outlook PST file when it is corrupted due to virus attack, abrupt Outlook shutdown or when the PST file size exceeds its size limit. To repair your PST file, you can try Scanpst tool, which comes along with MS Outlook. You can get this inbox repair tool at the locations I am showing you here. First, open Scanpst.exe & provide the location of your corrupted PST file. It will then try to repair your data file. However, this tool works only in case of minor corruption in PST file. In case of severe damage, it tries to repair the file & even shows that it has repaired it; but most of the time, it fails to do so. You may also get errors like this when you try to use it. So, in such cases, I usually prefer any third party utility to repair my corrupt PST file. Now, I will show you about one such software which is called Remo PST Repair Tool, which I think is the best one to trust upon. To get this software, you need to go to the site "howtofixpstfiles.com" & download the software using this. After installing & launching, this is how it will look. Now, follow the steps I am going to show here. As you can see, software will then start scanning your PST file & a list of Outlook items can be viewed on its window. Upon completion of scanning, you can view the confirmation message. Then, click on Destination to view the location of repaired PST file. This will complete the repair process of your damaged PST file. You can then add this PST file to your existing Outlook profile & access your data. To know how to do this, watch carefully the steps I am showing here. That's it for the day friends. Hit Like if you feel this video was helpful & let me know, if you have any issue with your Outlook or PST file. You can try this software by visiting the link provided in video description. Thanks for watching this video, Good Bye.
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Recover Shift Deleted Emails from Outlook 2007
Outlook 2007 Emails Missing? http://bit.ly/rec-shift Hi all, Today in this video I’m going to show you how you can recover shift deleted emails from Outlook 2007. Deleting your emails by just hitting the delete key will move those particular emails to ‘deleted items’ folder which can be recovered whereas by shift deleting the emails, you permanently delete them from your Outlook profile. Now, I will show you about a PST repair tool using which you can recover all your shift deleted emails from Outlook 2007. You can download the application from the site mentioned above in the description. Once the software is downloaded on your system, launch it. On the main screen, select ‘Open PST File’ if you know the exact location of your PST, choose ‘Find PST File’ if you aren't aware of the PST file location and want the application to locate it for you or ‘Select Outlook Profile’ option if you have multiple user accounts on your system. Upon choosing any of these options, click next. Select either smart scan or normal scan and select the destination folder where you’d like the new PST file to be saved. Click on ‘Repair’ after the destination folder is specified. Software then begins to scan the PST file to recover each and every file that is deleted from your Outlook profile. At the end of scanning process, you will get this window showing a list of recovered emails & other Outlook attributes. Finally, a dialog box appears which will confirm that the PST file has been successfully repaired. At the bottom of the dialog box, you’ll find a link which will take you to the destination folder with a single mouse click. To access the deleted emails, you need to restore the repaired PST file on your Outlook profile. Click on this link to know the restoration process. That’s it, it’s this simple to get back access to all your deleted emails after they were permanently deleted from your profile. Thanks for watching the video and visit the link in the description above to download the repair software. Good bye.
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Best way to Transfer Outlook to New Computer - Safe & Secure Method
http://www.migrateoutlook.com/?ref=yt - Hello there everyone, In this video, I will show you how to transfer your emails, contacts & other Outlook attributes to another computer. You can use these steps if you want to migrate your Outlook data to higher version of Outlook or on the system with higher version of operating system. There are plenty of third-party utilities that can be used for this, but the main problem arises when you try to access the data migrated using these tools. Suppose you have migrated Outlook 2007 data to Outlook 2010 on a different computer. You will not be able to access the data due to incompatibility issues. So, here comes Remo Outlook Migrate tool that will solve all your problems in a few simple clicks. All you need to do is, download this easy-to-use software on both the computers. Software starts taking the backup of your Outlook data, this process will take some time to complete, depending on the amount of Outlook data. Once it completes the backup process, you can view the detailed summary. Now, go the location where backup file is saved & copy it on your USB drive or any other external storage device & save it on the computer on which you need to migrate it. Note: This new system should have this software installed on it.
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Best Way to Recover Deleted Folders in Outlook 2007 - Outlook Folder Recovery
http://www.outlookrecovery-tool.com/ - Hi friends, this is Robert here. In this video, I will show you how to recover the deleted folders from your Outlook 2007 profile. Outlook folders can get deleted accidentally by you while deleting some other unwanted folders. Another cause of deletion is the use of anti-virus application. During anti-virus scanning, there are some chances of emails & folders getting deleted. Apart from this, folders can also get lost due to a corruption in Outlook PST file. Due to virus intrusion or any other reason, PST file may get corrupted & some of the Outlook attributes may go missing from your profile. In all these cases, you can make use of the software about which I have explained here in this video. This tool will repair the PST file & recover deleted folders, emails, contacts, etc from it & create a new PST file. You can then use this recovered PST file on your existing Outlook 2007 profile & get back deleted folders. Get the software from the link provided in the beginning of this description. Good bye..
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Transfer Outlook Emails from XP to Windows 7
http://www.migrateoutlook.com/migrate-outlook-from-xp-to-windows7.html - Hi guys, In this video, I will present you a software that can migrate Microsoft Outlook emails from one operating system to another operating system, say XP to Windows 7. You can do this manually by copying & then importing your PST file on Windows 7 Outlook, but this will not help you due to compatibility issues with different versions of operating systems. So let me show you how to do this using Outlook migration tool. Before upgrading your operating system, you need to backup your Outlook profile using this software called Remo Backup & Migrate. To download this, go to the site "migrateoutlook.com". Later, install it on your system. When you launch the software, you will get this main screen where you need to choose Backup module. Then, choose Smart Backup to select entire Outlook profile to migrate. Now choose the location to save the backup file. Here, you can use Scheduler & other options if required or else move to the next screen. Software will then start taking backup of your Outlook profile. Wait till this process completes. Upon its completion, you will get a detailed summary of the backup process. At this point, copy the backup file to any safe location on your hard drive or any external drive. Then, upgrade your operating system to newer version. Upon that, install this software once again on your system & launch it. This time, choose Migrate option among the three options. Then, browse the backup file created using the same software & hit Next. On the coming window, select the Outlook items you want to migrate and hit Next. On hitting next, you will see the software proceeding with the migration process. Once this process is finished, you can see the migration summary. In this way, you can safely transfer your entire Outlook profile from XP to Windows 7 without missing any of the attributes. Later, check your Outlook to see entire data present on it. So guys go ahead and download this useful software. You can download this software from the link provided in the beginning of this description. If you are satisfied with the software, purchase its full version. Thanks for watching this video. Hope this video helped you in some way. Make sure you like this video and comment. Most important is subscribe my channel. Thank you guys.
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How to Convert OST to PST File - Recover Emails from OST
http://www.convert-ost-pst.net/?ref-yt-desc - Hello friends, This video tutorial will let you know how to convert Outlook OST file to PST, in order to get access to emails, contacts & other attributes. You need to convert OST to PST, if MS Exchange crashes or your mailbox got deleted or when you take OST file with you & delete your account while leaving the company. In the last case, though you have OST file, you cannot access it without the account on which it was created. So what will you do in such cases??? At this point, you need proper tool which can convert your OST file to PST, so that you can use this PST file on your Outlook profile & get back your emails & other data. Now, let me show you one such software, it is called Remo OST to PST Converter. Visit the site "convert-ost-pst.net" & download the tool. Choose the path to save the PST file created from OST. Finally, click "Convert" button. Now, software begins the conversion process, it will take time depending on the size of your OST file. Upon the completion, you can see the output folder with the converted file. That's it guys, now you can add or import this PST file to your Outlook profile & access your data. So give this software a try & overcome all your worries. Visit the site mentioned in the description to get Remo OST to PST converter. Subscribe my channel to view more videos on MS Outlook.
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How to Repair Corrupt Outlook 2010 PST File
Fix Damaged PST File of Outlook 2010 http://bit.ly/cor-pst Hi Friends, Welcome to the tutorial. Today I will show you how you can repair your corrupt Outlook 2010 PST file. Virus infection, power surge while using outlook, network failure or may be PST file exceeding its maximum limit can cause your PST file to get corrupt. So let's start with the tutorial of repairing corrupt PST file. First, you need to go to this site. You can also get this link from the description section of the video. Here you can see download button. Just install the software and launch the program. When you will launch the program you will see three options. For repairing corrupt PST file you have to choose "Open PST File". Upon choosing the option, a window will ask you to select the location of your corrupt PST file. You just need to browse the location of your corrupt PST file. And proceed to next step. Here in this window you can see two options one Normal Scan and the other Smart Scan. If you PST is are deeply corrupted or broken then choose Smart Scan option. Choose Normal scan option if your PST is just refusing to open. Choose the Normal Scan and provide the location for saving the repaired PST file. After providing the output location, proceed to next step. Here you can see the software performing its task. Recovery process is initiated that will recover the data from your corrupt PST file and will save the file to the output location that you have provided. After the recovery process is completed, a window with all details of recovered data is listed. Click the destination folder to view the recovered PST file. Here the recovered Outlook 2014 PST file is!! Now you can easily import it into your outlook by just following the few steps. First open your Microsoft Outlook. Then on upper left corner, select File option. Here you can see import and Export option. Click on it. New window opens up asking you to select the file type to be imported, you select "Import another program or file" and hit next. In the next window, you can see file type to be imported. Select "Person Folder File(.pst)" and hit next. Next window asks you to browse the file to be imported. Provide the location of the recovered PST file by the software. Select "Allow duplicate to be created" and hit next Here they are!! All data recovered from corrupted PST file. To use this software just visit the video description section of this video. Thank you for watching. Good bye
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How to Recover Pictures from Memory Card Error
How to Retrieve Pictures from Memory Card Error http://bit.ly/car-error Want to recover photos from your memory card that is showing you an error? Just download the recovery software from the link given above and retrieve back all your files from your SD card. The above available recovery software has the ability to recover photos, videos, songs and all your other media files from a SD card that is either corrupted or is asking you to format it before using it. Download the SD Card Recovery software from the link given above. Thanks!
How to Repair PST File when Scanpst not working
How to Repair PST File when Scanpst not working http://bit.ly/scn-pst Want to repair PST file when scanpst stops working? Then just visit the above link and download the PST repair tool on your computer. This PST repair tool can fix all errors on your PST file and lets you to recover all the data from it. This is also the best software to recover all emails from your Outlook PST file in a safe and efficient manner. It doesn't change or modify any content on your PST file making sure that your PST file is fixed and handled in a safe way. All you have to do is just visit the above link and download the PST repair tool on your computer.
How to Recover Deleted Photos from Olympus Digital Camera
How to Recover Photos from Camera Memory Card http://bit.ly/oly-rec Want to recover deleted, lost or missing photos from your Olympus digital camera? Then visit the above link and download the photo recovery software on your system. The above photo recovery software can retrieve deleted, lost as well as missing photos from your Olympus camera's memory card in just a matter of minutes. It uses a powerful recovery algorithm for your Olympus digital camera recovery making it one of the most recommended software for photo recovery. So, visit the above link and download the recovery software today! Thanks!
Recover Deleted or Lost Outlook contacts
http://www.microsoftpstrepairtool.com/ - Have you lost or deleted contacts from your Outlook profile & searching a tool to recover the same? Watch the video to know a way of getting back Outlook contacts lost due to pst file corruption, interruption in compacting operation, virus attack, etc. Also, can recover deleted contacts on Outlook.
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How to Recover Emails from Outlook PST File
How to Recover Emails from Outlook PST File http://bit.ly/pst-rec Want to recover deleted emails or know how to recover deleted emails from your Outlook PST file? Then just watch the above video on how to retrieve deleted emails from Outlook and download the email recovery software from the above given link. The above used Outlook recovery tool has the ability to perform a successful outlook recovery and retrieve all your lost as well as deleted emails from Outlook. Download the software from the above link and recover deleted emails from Outlook in just a matter of minutes!
Tips to Backup and Restore Outlook Profile on Windows OS
http://www.backupoutlookmail.com/ - This video illustrates an easy way to backup & restore Outlook profile on Windows operating sytem. Most of us are aware of the fact that we should always have a backup of data that may come handy in case of any unfortunate situation. In the same way, a backup of your Outlook profile should also be there to help you out in scenarios like corrupt PST file, Outlook malfunction, deletion/loss of emails, etc. Here, in this video, I will discuss about a software which I found quite good in taking a backup of my Outlook profile & also in restoring it back. Use "Smart Backup" option to backup entire Outlook in a single click; or use "Advanced Backup" module that allows you to select the items for backup. With the help of this software, youwill have the backup file of your Outlook profile, which you can use to restore Outlook on your computer in case of any problem. Then, it shows you how to use this backup file to restore your Outlook on the same computer using "Restore" option. In this way, your Outlook will be restored to the time when the backup was taken & it was working fine.
How to Fix Errors in Outlook PST File
How to Fix Errors in Outlook.pst File http://bit.ly/out-pst Want to fix errors in outlook pst file on your computer? Then visit the above link and download the PST repair tool to fix all errors on your Outlook PST file in just a few couple of minutes. Thanks!
How to Recover Deleted Emails from Outlook
http://www.mailrecovery.org/ - Upon watching this video, you will come to know how to recover deleted emails from Outlook. The software help you get back emails deleted by hard deletion method or by emptying Deleted Items folder on Outlook.
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Cheapest Email Recovery Software - Recover Outlook Emails
http://www.emailrecovery-software.com/ - Cheapest Email Recovery Software Hi Friends, In this video, we will talk about which software to use to recover deleted or lost emails from MS outlook. You should be very careful in choosing any free email recovery software because most of these applications don't give back your PST file & emails in working condition. Rather, they damage the files in such a way that it becomes impossible to recover further. Now let me suggest one email recovery software which does not costs much & safely repair damaged PST file and recover your deleted/ lost emails from Microsoft Outlook. The site where you can get this tool is "emailrecovery-software.com". Download it from here and install on your system. When you launch the software, you will see this screen. Here you see 3 different options, from this select Open PST file. Then, browse the damaged PST file which you want to fix and click next. Here, select Smart scan option and provide a location to save new healthy PST file to be created by this software & hit Repair. Then, software starts repairing process. Wait for a while until it completes this process. Upon completion, you can see a pop up message confirming about the repair process. Click on Destination to view the new healthy PST file. Later, you can import this new PST file on your Outlook profile to access your recovered emails. So friends, get this handy software & recover your deleted emails, notes, calendar, etc from Microsoft Outlook. For any other info, visit the link provided in the description below this video. If you have any problems, please get in touch with me. Like this video if you feel it was useful and subscribe my channel. Thank you Friends. Good Bye.
How to Bring Back Deleted Emails on Outlook
How to Bring Back Deleted Emails on Outlook http://bit.ly/rec-email Want to bring back deleted emails on Outlook? Then visit the above link to download the outlook deleted email recovery software for your computer. This is one of the most recommended outlook deleted email recovery software which guarantees to recover every deleted email from Outlook PST files. You can also recover lost emails from outlook by making use of this outlook email recovery software. It uses a simple email recovery technique that has the ability to bring back deleted emails on outlook in just a few minutes. It uses an interface that requires lesser mouse clicks to bring back deleted emails on outlook. All you'll have to do is just visit the above link and download the deleted outlook email recovery software onto your computer to bring back deleted emails on outlook.