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Comparing Perfect Competition (PC) to a Monopoly Graph
Describes how to locate Perfect Competition (PC) on a monopoly graph and how to compare the different output, prices, economic profit, efficiencies, and the consumer and producer surplus
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elasticity monopoly
Describes how to find the different elasticities on the D-Curve of a monopoly from the MR Curve.
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Comparative Advantage
Describes how to calculate comparative advantage and terms of trade.
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Derived Demand
Defines derived demand and what factors shift the resource demand curve
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Perfect Competition (PC):  Economic Profit and Loss
Describes how to show on the Perfectly Competitive (PC) graph economic profit and loss. Also shows how to calculate economic profit and loss
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Shortages and Surpluses
Locating shortages and surpluses on a graph because of a shift in demand
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Marginal Cost vs. Average Variable Cost
Describes the relationship of the MC and AVC curves
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Explaining Market Failure of a Monopoly
Explains the cause of the market failure of a monopoly.
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Monopolistic Competition - Short Run (SR) to Long Run (LR)
Describes the graph of Monopolistic Competition as it looks in the SR and moves to the LR.
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Monopoly - Demand Curve
Describes why the demand curve for a monopoly is downward sloping and the MR curve is less than the D-curve
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Marginal Physical Product vs. Average Physical Product
Discusses the relationship between the MPP and APP curves.
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Foreign Exchange Markets Impact on the Loanable Funds and Money Market Graphs
Describes the impact foreign exchange in the Loanable Funds graph and the Money Market graph.
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Unit 2 - taxincidence
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LRAS screencast
Describes LRAS and classical approach
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Lump Sum vs. Per-Unit tax
Describes the difference between a lump sum and per-unit tax and how this affects the cost curves and profit maximizing quantity in the SR. Describes the result in the LR from these taxes.
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Maximizing Marginal Utility (MU)
Shows how to determine how much of 2 goods a consumer should choose
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Describes the graph of an oligopoly
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Natural Monopoly
Describes the graph of the natural monopoly and the different production possibilities, along with their trade offs.
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Comparing Monopolistic Competition to Perfect Competition (PC)
Compares the graphs of monopolistic competition and perfect competition. Compares allocative efficiciency, productive efficiency, break even, and dead weight loss (DWL)
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Describes the Monetary Equation of Exchange. Explains what the different variables stand for and that it measures nominal GDP.
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Increasing Opportunity Cost
Explains how to describe what increasing opportunity cost means
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Marginal Thinking
Describes the economic way of marginal thinking.
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The Demand Curve
describes the shape and relationship of the demand curve
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Perfect Competition Labor Market
Describes the graph of the PC Labor Market and how to find the optimal quantity of workers.
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Balance of Payments   Current and (Financial) Capital Accounts
Describes what categories go into the current account and the capital account and how the government balances it.
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Land and Capital in the Factors Market
Describes the graphs for these resources and the payment they are measured in.
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Monopolies 4 Life I Rockonomics 2018
Music Parody of Love the Way you Lie by Eminem
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Money Market Graph
Describes the Money Market graph and the measurement of the nominal interest rate.
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Describes the difference between the short run and the long run and the different components of these 2 cost curves.
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Explaining Curves of Externalities
Explaining relationship of the social and private cost and benefit curves in an externality
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MR = MC is the Profit Maximizing Output (P.M.O)
Describes why MR=MC is the profit maximizing output and why the output before and after is not the profit maximizing output
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Positive Externality
Describes the graph of a positive externality and how to correct it.
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Monopsony Labor Market
Describes the look of the Monopsony labor market and how to find the wage rate and the optimal number of workers.
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Negative Externalities
Describes the graph and how the government corrects for negative externalities
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Economic vs. Accounting Profit
Describes how to calculate the two profits and compare their different values.
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Taxes, Elasticity, and DWL
Describes the impact a tax has on DWL based on the elasticity of demand and supply
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Intro to Economic Indicators & the Circular Flow Diagram
Intro to major economic indicators: GDP, Unemployment, Inflation. The Circular Flow Diagram explained on the macroeconomic level
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Fiscal Policy
Describes the tools of government spending and taxation used by the government to reach full employment
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Perfect Competition (PC):  Long-Run Equilibrium
Describes Perfect Competition (PC) getting to long-run equilibrium and the efficiencies achieved.
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Welfare Analysis CS PS TS
Describes Welfare Analysis for Consumer Surplus, Producer Surplus, Producer Surplus, and Total Surplus
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Money Multiplier Screencast
Describes how money is created through loans in the Fractional Banking System
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The Supply Curve
describes the shape of the supply curve and it relationships
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MU and Consumer Surplus
Explains how to solve for utility maximization and then figure out consumer surplus
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Loanable Funds Market
Describes the loanable funds graph and how it is measured by the real interest rate
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Factors Market Demand Curve
Explains why the Demand for Labor or MRP looks the way it does
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Shifting the Supply Curve
Describes the determinants of supply and how they shift the supply curve.
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Explains what goes into the asset and liabilities sides of a T-account.
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Bilateral Monopsony
Describes the graph of a Bilateral Monopsony and the goals of unions.
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Ceilings and Floors
Describes Price Controls set by the government and the impact it has on Consumer Surplus, Producer Surplus and Deadweight Loss
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Foriegn Exchange Market
Describes the depreciation and appreciation of currencies during trade.
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